Monday, October 29, 2012

Reiki for Hurricane Sandy


I thought you might like to hear about the healing that I just sent to the geographic area of Hurricane Sandy. It looked like a giant white snowball. Kind of dirty snow.

Then I saw a large vortex the width of the area, going from the clouds deep into the earth.

There was something to do with three D and five D and the transition, as if both dimensions were superimposed and being tacked down.

It drew in much Reiki, but I 'get' that the heart center and psychic opening of the masses is going to result from this storm.

As I watched, and gave Karuna Reiki, a bright yellow light shone up from the bottom of the vortex. It expanded to fill the vortex, with a single lime-green line down the core, or center line of the cylinder. It then transformed to a snowball that was like the sun, glowing and emitting golden yellow Light, the same size and shape as before, but now as clear, crisp, clean yellow.

I also sent the transition symbol to aid anyone left whose time it is to pass on, due to their Life Contract, as a function of this cataclysmic event called Sandy.

Best wishes, Love and Light! Know you are protected, and much Good is going to emerge from all this.


Reiki Doc