Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ascension Signs I See Both Within Myself and Others

I am starting to see signs of Ascension around me besides in the O.R. There is a widespread lovingkindness that is growing in myself, and seen in others as I interact with them. Here are some examples:

  • The owner of the pet store that I shop at gave me at ten percent discount because I am a good customer.
  • The server at the teppanyaki (Benihana-style) restaurant we go to accepted my buy-one-get-one-free coupon that expired September 30.  (I keep one in my wallet, always, but forgot to update)
  • The hostess at the tea house who had said it was a ninety-minute wait, moved us up when she saw that our friend's boy was special needs, and had trouble walking.
  • I haven't heard the Drama 101 Neighbors since I gave them Reiki Energy during their last argument on wednesday.
  • There have been no loud parties or people yelling at sports on the television either; quiet weekends are a rare event.

The more noticeable signs have been changes in myself:
  • On Thursday, mental clarity 'opened' at work--I could see 'wasted steps' in my anesthesia care, and quickly found ways to increase efficiency by removing unnecessary steps. The face mask, I put on my anesthesia machine, is just fine on the pillow next to the head. It saves two steps by not putting it on the machine and then back on the pillow during the case.
  • The loneliness went away.  Since age four, I have longed for 'someone like me'. I remember that day in High School where I realized no boy would ever be a 'good match' for me: I was different. Not just smart, cute, and athletic, but deeply spiritual beyond my teenage years. I was an 'old soul', and there just weren't many of them around.
  • I have no interest in the newspaper beyond using it to line my birdcage.
  • I realized that Disney Channel is full of triggers for alters. It just 'hit' me.
  • At the teppanyaki place, when the meat went on the grill, I felt revulsion for it, for the first time.
  • Tonight I ate wok'ed vegetables. I made frozen chicken nuggets (organic, whole grain) for my son, but I couldn't even muster a bite. The desire to avoid meat is that strong now, and is new.
  • A sense of the poignance of moments in everyday life that fill me with joy, for example, playing with the 'little green army men' with my children, and feeling like such a girl because I have no clue how to play with them. I felt lucky to have their trust and have a chance to see how they play.
  • Instead of 'automatic no' I am stepping back and saying 'yes'
  • Connection to Spirit is Wide Open: two deceased communicated with me, I saw three ascended masters off and on throughout the day, and I opened a vortex over Mission San Juan Capistrano while taking visitors there today. Why? To bring in the Light and rid it of any historical Darkness. I saw a big blue light come up from the earth and go up to the sky. It was beautiful.
  • There are times recently, off and on, that I feel waves of tingles, or 'downloads'.
  • I have no desire whatsoever to 'connect' with some websites I used to 'follow' for 'alternative news'. What's done is done. I am ready. I don't need to know how or what or when. All I like now are the original sources: pleadiandolphininfo, Mike Quinsey (Salusa), Sheldan Nidle, Montague Keen, and Matthew's Messages. And this is only when it resonates, especially if I am to share it with you. 
  • My vibration feels 'right', 'normal' and 'like is should be'. This is new.
  • I feel less of a 'need' or 'desire' to 'hide who I am'. I am 'coming out' as Reiki Doc in my private life and professional life in a big way, in 'little bits' here and there, consistently.
  • I feel like those horrible technologies that have been used against us (making us apathetic, confused, confrontational) are being 'switched off' one by one. It is hard to describe, but I would liken it to going scuba diving and dropping weights off the belt one at a time, and feeling more 'up'.
  • The push to write is less urgent. However, the confidence to teach others how to find their own path, and of course, the enthusiasm to be their loudest cheerleader is gaining strength by leaps and bounds.
  • I look at the rising gas prices and somehow know it isn't going to be like that for much longer.
I hope you have the best 'rising up' all the way around you and within you. If you are noticing subtle changes as we increase our Light and accelerate forward into the higher Dimensions, would you minds sharing in the comments section? I know it is hard to do the 'verification thingy', but I have a sense your findings will be of use to others.

Take care and Blessings,

Reiki Doc