Monday, October 8, 2012

Releasing Rat-tachments

The Spiritual Growth Cycle has two phases. Yesterday I wrote about the 'muscle building' part: the lesson, the feelings that go with it, and the surrendering phase where ego is acknowledged and consciously is made to 'let go'.

Today we have the 'pleasure' side, where once the 'letting go' is accomplished, and the new growth is obtained, we look at our 'new selves' and realize, I am a different person!

Mama Rat had fifteen babies  with Papa Rat five weeks ago. As you may recall, Mama Rat and Papa Rat were deeply in love, and would fall asleep with their little arms around each other in the cage. Papa Rat had some neurological event, and passed away before the pups ever got to know him. This is just as well, because being separated from Mama Rat while she had her litter used to really stress him out.

The first litter they had together was six pups. There were no takers when I offered them as pets. But my local pet shop where I buy mice for the snake accepted them 'no questions asked'. I did what I had to do.

But this litter, especially with their cuteness and more mellow behavior than the litter before,  touched my heart. At work, there is a scheduler in the O.R. whose daughter is  dating a man who runs 'rat rescue'.  Yesterday they came and took the rats for adopting to good homes. I was ready to give them all, out of a genuine wish for them to be loved and bring joy to others who would really value them.
(Note; if you are interested in a genuine Reiki Rat, once they are on the Rescue web page, I will post it and also forward it to Reiki Fur Babies. Just please don't let them know how you know me, or that I am Reiki Doc.)

The two who had the hardest time with them leaving were the bird, and my Reiki Master seven-year-old boy. His psychic nature knew at once that these people, who asked for a cage from us and only fed their rats dog food so that the poop would be less icky, would never be feeding them crepes and french toast that they love. "I am not scared of rats any more, Mom!" he cried out. I had anticipated this, and decided to keep two males, for they tend to be most cuddly, and to allow Mama Rat to stay with her babies as they all left.

The parrot was screaming and my son was saying, 'Not Mama Rat! Not Mama Rat!'. So we kept Mama Rat, and her daughter as well. The boys are in a separate cage, the girls in another, officially known as boys and girls as confirmed by the Rat Experts. Reiki Rat Babies are no more, for now. I will have to buy a bigger cage for the boy rats. And the bird will have plenty to watch during the day.

Releasing attachments is an important phase of the Spiritual Learning and Growth Cycle.

Sometimes letting something go is difficult because it is too hard to accept the new--for example, I had put off getting a new printer for two years, and kept hating the old one, simply because the purchase and set-up of a new printer really stresses me out. Yesterday due to the Alaska State Project due at school this Wednesday, I took the plunge. I grumbled, I got a terrible bruise on my left index finger but I did it! It sits beautifully on the desk next to me here, all shiny and new.

Sometimes letting something go is difficult because of old emotional patterns--for example, I have a sister who only calls when she wants something. She is not aware of it, but I am. She also is the one who at the Holidays when there was a buy one, get this cheaper thing 'free', would give me the cheaper thing she got for free as my Holiday gift. We had a family photo shoot, everyone got a disc of the images, and I bought the package because I have a nice head shot for this page. But after I drove 45 minutes to where she and mom have their homes, and delivered her photographs to mom, she called. Where is the 'retouched images disc'? There was only one, and I hadn't downloaded the pics. She wanted me to go to the store with the disc and have them burn a copy for her. Yesterday at lunch, I gave her the disc. We had not seen each other, nor the cousins, since that July photo shoot. That disc didn't matter, and hopefully she would get it back to me, although I doubt it. I totally sidestepped her 3D nastiness as easily as if she were throwing me a punch and I Kung Fu stepped out of the way.

Sometimes letting go is difficult because of the desire to have happiness--I have my children's favorite outfits in a footlocker. Some of the baby toys are still in a box. There are unfortunately not going to be any more babies, and I loved baby time! I still have my Beautiful Chrissy Doll I got when I was four, in her  original box. All last week whenever I got a thought about my latest 'crush', I would see lots of the number 6. Earthly, not heavenly. Stop! But when I accept that Spirit is ready to give me a gift, of whatever brings me the BEST happiness, I have in fact emotionally let go, and allowed my perception of 'what makes me happy' to rest. I can go more and share my beloved baby rats to good homes.

Sometimes Spirit sends you a bonus, like a star sticker your teacher used to give on your assignments.
I got two. The first was a sign I have been waiting for since 1992. I was on the steps of St. Brigid's Church in Pacific Beach, California. I was in medical school. All during meditation after communion, I felt about my Twin Flame, and his coming back. 'Send me a sign! Send me a sign!' I kept asking. I got it--a cricket with a back leg missing and an energy surge from looking at it that was unmistakeable. You see, I have to wait for the End of The World to get to meet him. It's a long story, and I won't go into it today. I got the sign yesterday on my garage floor! I am so excited! I will be getting something old and familiar I have waited for  a long time along with the shiny new 5D Gaia!

The second sign was a kanji sign that came to me in my dreams. It looks like a box with a plus sign in it, making four little boxes. I looked it up, and the first place I noticed it was in the symbol for happiness. I looked further, and the meaning of the sign by itself is rice field. I will take that as a sign for abundance.


Reiki Doc