Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Captivate With Joy!

You are an angel in disguise.

How many times have you heard something similar to this in your life?

I've been called an 'Earth Angel', 'Angel', 'Joy-spreader', 'Gioia', and had people ask with wonder, 'how did you know I really really wanted this (gift)?'...

I didn't think anything of it at the time.

I just went on with my life.

It's probably the same for you, isn't it?

What if it's true?

What if you really are an incarnate angel?

What if you are a very high ranking angel, with lots of expert training, the equivalent from Heaven for a Ranger or a Navy Seal (elite military teams) for coming to a place like Earth that is going to Ascend in this lifetime?


Well, if you were, in fact, an incarnate angel, and the end goal of Ascension is for everyone alive on the planet to be an incarnate angel (many plants and animals already are incarnate angels)--you would be the one to recognize first the energies which make you feel more comfortable, 'like home'.

And you would be the first to begin to recognize your 'gifts' which are useful in the higher recognize your 'gifts' coming back online.

Today I'm going to talk about these gifts.

Yesterday I had a breakthrough. I was able to see with my heart who at work needed bracelets. The charge nurse who felt unappreciated. The nurse first assist who is going through divorce and ended up with her ex's daughter because he's not a good spouse OR parent.   I felt it! And I didn't worry about he money because there was a need to be filled.

I got a surge of energy and a sense of purpose with this. It made me happy to know I could help.

When I was up in Council, I was guided to a certain exercise. I will talk you through it, because now I remember it.

I looked all over, I scoured my photo site. It is very difficult to find an image of 'twins' that isn't a mirror image or a male/female set.

Please direct your attention to the lower left hand corner, and ignore the fact that the letters on the shirts are not identical too.

You will see that what I am going to share next isn't even comprehensible to artists at this time. It just isn't. That's why I ask for a little help and understanding with these images I present.

My Council had me split into two copies of me.

That one is easy. I can be aware both here and in the spirit realm at the same time. Not sure how I do it. But on both sides I sense I have a 'body' that looks like my own, and I can experience sensations with each of them.

So there is was, two copies, facing them, both under the control of my Consciousness, 'me'.

(Ross says it's like doubling down a bet in Blackjack. Thanks for the comments honey! LOL)

Again, both were identical, not like this drawing. Identical in every way, and also, in mood and affect and emotion.

They my Council asked me to make one more.

A total of three.

THAT one I had to concentrate very hard. I split the one on the left and placed on the other side of a gap on the right.

It took a lot of energy from me. My Council told me I had done well. Ross was at my side, supporting me as I did this.

Then I was 'done' and collapsed them all back into one 'me', which technically was the 'spiritual me' who stands before the Council.

Ross can do twelve. My teacher has seen it.

In the blink of an eye he can do this.  Probably twice as many as this photo if he wanted.

They all look the same and move the same and sound the same as him.

I can sense his energy signature stronger in the master copy of him. I am exquisitely sensitive to his energy signature, as I am his Twin. I can sense his Consciousness directing this, and it's dazzling. There is when I've seen it, like a connection of energy from the master copy to the duplicates.

This is one thing Spiritual masters can do.

Some of the saints have been known to be able to be with two sick people at the same time.

Some of the saints neither drink nor eat too. Here is one--the wiki isn't like what I've heard through the church but here it is:

Here is another--lol--in a museum of 'hoaxes'!--what if it's true? Ross doesn't eat and drink like we do, me and Anthony. I've seen him in the kitchen of our home back in the Higher Realms. It's more like a keurig device, he will take a little liquid...but eating...even when I've offered cookies and lemonade to my Council they didn't really seem interested in it.  Please note that she didn't sleep, either, which is what spiritual higher vibrational beings do. They 'rest', I've seen Ross go to rest, but it's not an every night thing. I've heard that Adama from Agartha hasn't taken any rest at all since the project began to help bring us Home.

According to Ross, 'eating is a can but not a must' and doesn't want any of you to worry about 'starving' back in the higher realms.

Here is another one you may have heard about:

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Here is a wonderful video for you.

I like the part about the pinkie finger.

It's true!

And one more, if you are interested, on Traditions:


Our vine is about to bear fruit.

For those of you who have grown up or made a visit to the orchards where grapes are grown, the vine is a fascinating example of the likes of the incarnate humans.

With roots deep into the ground, together these very special plants are nourished by the soil, watered by the rain, and also by the carbon dioxide which is present in the air. With all of this, sunshine is added as the energy of the sun which makes the plants flourish and thrive under the right conditions.

Although there are birds and other insects who wish to eat the grapes when they come in, along with other animals, for the most part the grapes are ready there should be enough for everyone who is interested in the grapes. Both for table grapes, and for vineyard grapes.

I want you to see how the miracle of the grape comes from particular plants--who are together in one purpose--and who communicate with one another by spiritual means along with the fairies who tend to them and the angels of the soil, of the air, of the rain, and of the sunshine.  Everything is working together, along with the unseen hands of the farmer and the worker who pick them and tend to them and trim the vines and nourish them with what helps them to grow.

All of this goes into the making of grapes--one grape!

Similarly, our 'vine' is the purpose of the Spirit to help all the brothers and sisters (including the fallen ones who are in dark SRA)--to have equal and fair--the SAME chance to awaken, and to rise up to the Higher Realms.

Everything is accounted for, and everything has been measured and calculated with great care from those of us in the Higher Realms who are responsible for the outcome of this 'adventure'.

Including you.

Your heart, your mind, your soul, your health, and your well-being.

Everything is in the plan.

And now we go! (he gestures up). It is time for all of us to move smoothly and together into the highest realms of sustenance.

And sure we will have a big feast to welcome you and no animal will be harmed (we have replicators) and you will be quite content upon the arrival of the Higher Energies.

I wish you a happy Wesak too, as this time on the earth is special, special indeed!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple who are Founders of Doctors With Reiki.

P.S. Carla is home sick today with Anthony. Both have a viral condition, please excuse them from participating in their usual events, including for Carla, being online. I will sent the healings for us and Carla is going to post them at a later time.

P.P.S. This one is from Ross is it brand new fresh out from Hans Wilhelm today:

He doesn't want any of you to 'get stuck'.