Sunday, May 27, 2018

No Turning Back

Ross picked the title for this one.

I've had to cut way back on my activity as of late. I had thought once the jet lag was over I'd be okay to resume normal activities.

I get these funny chills. And I sweat.

I also have nausea and don't want to eat.

I realized yesterday my body is still trying to 'shake something', but I don't know what. I asked a friend to check into my health and energy remotely. Already I had been craving Buddha Wood aromatherapy, and a warm bath.

My lungs are still struggling with the air pollution I was exposed to. After my epsom salt bath, I went to chant/meditate as Ross guided me to do.

I was asked by my Council what is getting me down?

I blurted out, 'people are MEAN!'

The examples I gave are of TWDNHOBIAH taking over so much, planets even.

My Council clarified, and asked me to explain.

I said, 'It's the SHOCK of seeing it all, that they would do it. It's horrifying. Nothing like this ever could happen in Heaven!'

They understood.

I saw an image like this, grown up alone in a bumper car ride made for kids.

Perhaps this image is better?

What I understood instantly is that Earth was made for a certain age of souls, to enjoy and to grow, and basically someone like a teenager 'crashed the party'.

I also understood was that changes were put in place to ensure that children (all people designated for Earth experience) are going to be free from such intruders in a short time.

When I first woke up today, I also heard, 'they are NOT human'.

I interpreted this to mean that a lot of the actions seen by 'mean people' are actually influenced by not-nice spiritual beings/attachments. And a friend said too that they could be reptile souls too.

It is a virtual free-for-all online right now.

Sources on YouTube and elsewhere are just all over the map.

I don't know who to trust.

There's profound psychological operatives against LightWorkers right now. Some have gone so far as to say Q is a psy-op called 'Pied Piper' to take people away from their movement.

I saw one by Robert Sepehr about Wiffleball. How there's goat origins back to antiquity. How the eyeball represents union between Divine Feminine And Divine Masculine. They went so far as to say how Wiffleball means Sophia.  I was crushed.

The comments made me see how many are ready to openly embrace the Wiffleball.

But I knew that Truth will win out. Heaven is real. And everything else is Illusion.

Here's an example of something David Icke on Shapeshifting. Perhaps truth will come out when everyone can see in any paradigm.

I don't know.

What I do know is to follow your path, your joy is of highest importance at this time.

I also went outside, lay on the ground and got some sunshine. I don't know why I have this nausea, this tiredness, and these chills.  I don't want to expose my family to it.

And even though the house sure could use a good cleaning, it's important at this time to take care of our health first.


Carla is having a hard time.

Those she loves up here in Heaven, for example, her sister Catherine, have been assaulted very much by TWDNHOBIAH. Catherine told her that she has made the dark ones go away, she is fine, and loves Carla very much.

Today Carla's brother Aaron, and my 'brother in arms', told Carla he is very proud of her.

Another, Van, a radiology technician, when alone in the operating room, said that she greatly admires Carla for putting the patients first every time. She said that Dr. Z did her epidural--he's very gregarious and 'easy to work with'--but the first one didn't work. He promised her 'we'll see' and that he would change it for her, but he never did. Van was unhappy with her care. But she had wanted to tell Carla for a long time, that even though she is not as 'gregarious' like the others, her patients are 'lucky to have her' as she always puts their needs above her own. Every time.

She even gave Carla a hug.

And a total stranger, somewhere, on the recent trip or return to the hospital, told Carla she has 'perfect eyebrows'. This one made her smile, as she'd never put any thought to it. When the fashion was thin ones, Carla remembered her next-door-neighbor Ruthie Croson growing up. Ruthie complained she had over tweezed hers and had to draw them with crayon. Ruthie warned Carla not to do it, and Carla listened, maintaining her own 'fashion' as the trends changed back and forth. Who would have thought anyone would notice? But they did.

Carla had a hard time yesterday with paying her bills. She didn't feel like it, but she knew she must. One was due today, and another in her automatic bill-paying was on 'insufficient funds'. She had thought there was overdraft protection on that account, apparently not, and wasn't able to use her bill-paying function.

So she wrote checks.

Wistfully, Carla longed for the days where bills and checks were by hand, people used stamps, and everything was a little slower than they are.

She also noted that her income is much less than it once was, and that her being assigned the shortest calls which on the one hand are improving her quality of life and sleep--are taking its toll in the finances.  The 'No Turning Back' on the title is how Carla is realizing that her days of taking lots of overnight call are coming to an end, and that something has to 'give' in the future.

Carla is calm.

And Carla has an upset stomach from China still. Indigestion, last, nausea...

The worst is that the government started taking money out of her bank account, and she doesn't know why--did her tax man authorize it? She has to check.

Carla is at the lowest of low about her appearance, about her health, about her age, about her housekeeping...and in this Carla has become more beautiful to me.

I asked her this morning what she loves best about me?

She said 'your lips! They are so kissable!'

Carla knows that with time, and with effort, her nausea will resolve. First things first! And it doesn't do any good to take care of the house and force it until her chills and sweats go away.

With time, and with effort,  the weight will drop and she will have more energy and feel better about her appearance.

And with age, well, acceptance is a must. In a short time Carla will be fifty-four. She is no Spring Chicken but she is not ninety and done yet either.

Menopause was probably the worst thing that ever could have happened to Carla. The loss of her fertility shook her to her very core. It also changed her body and her energy. Fortunately, in Spirit, our bodies are different, and never age.

Why have I written about Carla like I have done?

I see everything.

All of us here see the ups and downs in you, very clear. So for all of your shortcomings for which you berate yourselves and wish it would pass, it makes you all the more lovable to those of us up here in the higher realms.

We love you for everything!

And thank you for taking the call of service.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki