Sunday, May 20, 2018

Facing Forward

We invite you to take a look at this symbol.

Have you ever seen anything like it?

This symbol is called a Martin Luther Rose in the photo service.

I've never heard of it.

Our subconscious communicates through symbols. Dreams are often symbolic, right? That's the subconscious talking to us in our dream time.

Man has also discovered the usefulness of symbols, and has been using them--ones which are known, and ones which are known only to the hidden few in TWDNHOBIAH--on the public for years.

For various reasons.

Tell us, what do you see?  Do you see the flower first? It looks like a dogwood in the petal color and shape, doesn't it. But dogwood has four petals and this one has five.

Could the white be for purity or grace?

Could it be an upright star in a circle of gold? That would be a pagan symbol, wouldn't it?

How about the leaves? Do they make a star too? One that is in the same circle and goes the opposite direction?

We notice that one the most; it gives us concern over the true meaning of this symbol.

What about the heart? Will some people see the heart and the cross as total opposites? The cross is surely a loaded symbol, isn't it? Everyone seems to have some experience with it.

Depending on what has been told to them about it, right?

The patient will always tell you the diagnosis. They might not speak it in concise medical terms. But if you truly listen, you will quickly arrive at the diagnosis by listening to what they say. The physical will help you to confirm it.

There is a video game which is insanely popular among young men right now. Mothers are dismayed at how it's the first thing the kids think of when they wake up. They could play it all day. And it's the last thing they think about before bed.

I've been asking myself, 'what makes this game so unique to the youth right now?'

Anthony told me. He didn't realize it. I am letting him show me more about his 'world', and to help me learn.

He said, 'it makes a really neat sound when you get a kill, mom. I like it.'

That's the hook.

In video games, there are rules. Kids like games that have rules.

In this game, there's also things that are cool you can collect. Skins. Weapons. Dances. So there's the Beanie Baby effect. You want more.

Then, you chase. And you get many rewards. You find supplies. You go up levels. You can play with friends. And you can 'break the rules' of normal social expectations.

It's an even playing field where only skill sets you apart.

(On Battlefront, the Star Wars game, it used to be skill, but now, you can buy your way to points and level up faster, Anthony says with longing for the days of old.)

I read today in the Triton that males can detect motion better than females. Females, to gather things, have better color perception and can see more colors.

So this game is designed to engage the male brain. And people keep coming back for the intermittent, unpredictable, but relatively easy to get 'rewards'.

It's that dopamine 'hit' again, isn't it? It keeps you coming back for more!

And in real life, Anthony would be patient and kind to someone new and show them the ropes. But today, I saw a new player--just signed on yesterday--join their group. At first he was kind to the newbie. But then he tired of him 'no listening to his advice', quit the game, lied and said, 'he had to go', then he started an invitation-only group with his friends. Unfortunately, one of his friends didn't know and invited the newbie to the new group. Then Anthony notice and in a millisecond quickly cut the newbie out of the group. He laughed and said, 'now he will go cry'...and justified his actions by saying, 'I got tired of explaining things to him and I just want to play.'

This isn't the energy of Heaven, or even that of Heaven on Earth with this game. It's glaringly obvious. It teaches children quite the opposite.

Recognize this?

We wanted to give you a breather from the cross and heart thing. That's why we brought up the stuff with Anthony.

People have died for this story, and it's truth is very personal to everyone who sees this image.

Some purists may argue, 'where are the shepherds and the animals?' Others might point out the presence of the Three Kings and their many gifts. Others might question the absence of the angels.

This is a very personal story to just about everyone on earth.

The Tao, with its Yin and Yang, is deeply meaningful to a good portion of the world.  In China, there are Buddhists  and Muslims and Christians in the minority, and the majority is Communist.

Yet we hear in China, the celebration of Christmas is very popular. People give gifts, sing carols, and decorate trees. 

It's more of an expression of love and family than anything else. They are still not Christian.

(BTW Halloween and Thanksgiving are celebrated throughout China when the west celebrates them, too).

Ganesh is a symbol highly meaningful to one of the oldest countries on Earth, with the second greatest population following that of China.

This symbol here is for both Feng Shui and Acupuncture. The five elements. The cycle of construction (black) and destruction (red).

This is REAL to an entire culture! You see its influence everywhere, in buildings and in health. They drink warm water to keep the chi moving. Cold water is very bad for the chi (life force energy).

This symbol means so much to a great part of the world, too. So much that people deny themselves food and water to demonstrate their love and commitment to this belief system.

Even in Japan, Shinto is another belief system, deeply meaningful to a large part of the culture there, too.

No matter what you feel about them, wouldn't you agree that these symbols have a deep cognitive and subconscious 'connection' to large numbers of people...?

And that these feelings and connections have deep roots which go back in time?

We want you to remember the anguish Carla felt when she saw Jared falling in love with Alexa, fourteen years after her getting pregnant and breaking up with him.

Carla had only dated Jared for six months, and she had known him with a good friendship for two years prior to that. Yes, there was a past-life shared soul connection. A possible 'twin soul' in the sense that Carla was almost twenty years older and many 'twin flames' share this age gap.

Carla had 'healed' and built her own world and made a new life and even created an 'Anthony first' positive relationship for coparenting with Jared that is rare. Extremely rare.

And yet, within two weeks, all of this work was emotionally in the toilet and Carla was in agony for a good portion of the trip.

It took Ross' intervention like we wrote about to get her on an even keel, and confident and trusting again.

It took five days of chanting in Buddhist help her to sever the attachments to the father of her child in this situation.

Can you imagine how people are going to feel when Carla pops up into the equation as who she is when just about everyone on this earth has some pre-conceived 'notions' about Ross?

And how about our Star Family? Hmmmm? Divine MOTHER with Divine Father, to compose the joint term, 'Creator of All That Is'?

The whole world is going to go topsy-turvy, isn't it? Not just with what it hidden coming out into the open, but also, for the greater spiritual truths which had been deliberately obscured from us all!

Just like Carla who quickly lost her self-confidence, her bearings, because she felt surrounded by colleagues/supporters of  Alexa and there was NO ESCAPE from China and their group for the trip? A Truth she didn't want to face but had to find a way to endure it, accept it and 'save face' herself?

You are surrounded by a field of Love--nurturing, warmth, love and compassion--which is far stronger than anything that could resist it.

Imagine you are near death, and you are seeing the tunnel and going towards the light. You might see angels. You may encounter Jesus. And you will know in your heart of hearts exactly who he is, and what goes on in Heaven.

There is never any argument or question when one soul reaches Heaven's doorway. It is overwhelming.

Soon, a lot of people are going to be 'taken down to the foundations' and are going to have to face eternal facts without going through the near death process where they go outside their body and float up and see it from that perspective.

We ask you to remember Carla's pain...over her seeming 're-rejection' by Jared.

It is what it is, and clearly, his respect for her is much less than she had surmised. We can tell this by his actions and his choices, and also those of Alexa, on what turned out to be more of a Love Boat and less of a 'chaperoning experience'.

We want you to remember your love for her in all of her agony, how you cried with her, and sent healing to her, to help her 'right herself' and 'cope with the unthinkable'.

We want you, when the truth comes out, both about us and about everything, to remember that all are God's Children, and Gaia's too.

Remember to anchor yourself in the new energies, put your own oxygen first, and then assist others.

Just like the man who volunteered to give free haircuts to those in Pahoa who have lost their homes and are staying at the shelter.

We are OHANA. Everyone is auntie, uncle, and cousin to us all.

Pele has to do her thing.

She needs to clean and clear and also to rebuild.

The people on Big Island respect that.

They LOVE Pele, even though she takes their home.

For in fact, it wasn't their home to begin with, even if they paid for it. They were living WITH her, as their families had done with her for generations.

Whatever you do, whatever is your gift, you can share when the time is needed for it to be shared.

As for now, we do what we do, heal and write, and also, are an anchor for the many who boldly draw the line and stand up for Truth.

In everything.

That is all we have to share with you tonight.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

P.S. Please be sure to read every word on that that last picture. And to save it to your electronic device. You might have to share it at a later time.