Sunday, May 6, 2018

Think Twice

On March 20, 2018, I was giving anesthesia care to a patient having surgery in the operating room.

A part of the care team you may not realize is the sales rep for the surgical instruments/technology/hardware used in the case. These people are highly useful, very well trained, and I've seen them help save a case by talking a surgeon through a difficult part in using their equipment.

They also are 'in sales', and are different in their typical interaction with the team than the other team members. They are always trying to make a connection.  In the past they used to give pens or mugs, and bring meals. They are always trying to seek common ground and to build a relationship--with anyone in the team.

Here is a quote, a direct quote, from a rep who was talking about the tornadoes seen in the news, that may have been in tornado alley or somewhere else in the country:

"I need Alexa to follow me around all day and tell me the news and what I need to know."

How do you get a dolphin to do this behavior?

Dolphins have been highly studied and trained by the military to run bomb retrieval underwater and other dangerous missions.

Dolphins are big animals!

They don't have to do anything they don't want to do!

So how do they train them--assuming they are in captivity?

You make it fun.

Please go to slide eight of this slideshow.  You can see the rest if you like, too, it's a wonderful presentation. The book helped me to raise Anthony. This method really works.

The answer to the question is, you make it a game, make it fun, and give a reward. A reward can be a kind word, a rub on the skin, snow, gelatin, fish...something the trainers know the dolphin enjoys.

(It's not like they have a choice, they are in a tank, and who blames them for wanting to make the best of it?)

Dolphins are social creatures.

Just like me and you.

And the 'bonding' and 'fun' come from social interactions.

Check this out:

It's the dopamine!

It's the dopamine hit to the brain...and I'll admit, yesterday, cleaning the kitchen, I was drawn to the computer many times. Almost as if I have ADD.

There's a certain part that's my work on it, running the page, taking care of the communications on every platform, from TDWR to my personal page to DWR, and other parts...I've always been conscious of the need to 'like' every comment because it helps people to know I have seen their comment and appreciate it. It's important for people to sense a connection to Ross and me through our work. We understand this.  We also understand the importance of something good--something solid--something reliable--in this world where everything shifts and is Illusion and constantly a struggle. We are that 'rock'.

What I didn't know is how the whole system we do our outreach upon is built, and what it's designed to do. 

What I can share that I do know and have always known, but perhaps you might not have thought about it, is that FB and Blogger both 'measure' statistics of our work. For example, it shows who is looking at what blog posts by geographic location. Little dots on a big map. We can look at it by 'now', day, week, month, and all time. We can see the browser types used on a pie graph. And fortunately, we just passed the two million all-time views mark this week! It's encouraging for us to know we are reaching the world with our message. People can count on us. And we don't make ads. There is no monetization. We are the real deal.

On FB, they want me to 'boost' items. Even though we have over ten thousand 'likes'/followers/members in our community, typically only a hundred or so see any given post. The more people comment, the more the post gets shared around the ten thousand 'members' news feeds.  If I were to spend twenty dollars to 'boost' a post, then perhaps, one thousand more people than usual would see it. I can pick how to target it. Followers. Followers and their friends. Women. What age group. There's a special page I can look to see this information.

I hardly ever look at it. 

They want me to pick a page and compare my performance to it, like to benchmark...I decline.

There isn't anything else like this on the internet. Anywhere! 

Which brings me to our next point. This one that followed.

Watch the part at 3:20 if you are in a hurry. On how to trap a wild pig. I tried to cue it up to there for you.

The need of the pigs was met, and they were conditioned to enslavement.

"Here is the list from military intelligence on how to manage people. In military intelligence, they keep files on people where they identify which subconscious desires of people are important to the person at the time.

All this information is kept in SOFT FILES--which are not official files, so these files have never officially existed and are not given up even to Congressional subpoenas. The Intelligence agencies know that if they find out what the person wants above all else in life, they can control the person.  The nine areas that are monitored to see if they are important at the moment are:

  1. emotional security
  2. recognition of efforts or reassurance of worth
  3. creative outlets
  4. a sense of personal power
  5. a sense of roots--belonging somewhere
  6. immortality
  7. ego-gratification
  8. love in all its forms
  9. new experiences
Once they monitor these areas and then they determine which needs are priority needs for the person, they they will use what they call 'the depth approach' to subconsciously gratify those needs in a way that they gain control over the person. Modern companies are doing this too. Dough mix isn't sold, but making a family memory with the children is. Soap isn't sold to get the dishes clean--but rather, soft beautiful hands are sold. Cosmetic companies don't sell an item--they sell you hope or an image. Fruit dealers don't sell fruit, they sell health and vitality. Car dealers don't sell carts, they sell prestige and images. Freezers aren't sold, emotional security from having a full freezer is sold. They have learned to genuinely appeal to the nine subconscious desires."--How the Illuminati Create An Undetectible Total Mind Controlled Slave  by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier.

As you engage in your daily activities, above all else, remind yourself that Spirit and the Divine Plan is for you to have your sovereignty 24/7, for all eternity.

Remember there are tricks of the trade from people who study the mind.

Try to get into the habit to think for yourself, and question everything.

Remember the pigs.

Remember we are working together for the highest good of all, and we have unlimited support from the Higher Realms--all of our teams on what I call 'Sky Crew' (we are 'Ground Crew').   They will send discernment, energy, healing, and emotional support. Our nine subconscious needs can all be met through Creator of All That Is when we align with the Divine.

So...Go Zen!

Do what you need to do to strip away all the fluff and distraction, to find the clarity to discover your purpose (even if it is to be a continuous source of Reiki where you are--this is HUGE! Not everyone has to blog to make a difference, you know?), and do what you LOVE.

This is what is asked of you.

It's easy in this day and age to reach for the internet because there's so many things we need to know and look up. It's fast and it's convenient. Just know that there's money involved with everything, and sometimes, a little more 'twisted'--so what you are shown might not the the 'whole story'. Even with a chest X-ray you need an anterior-posterior and lateral view to confirm what you are seeing. So follow your gut, use your intuition, and as long as you remember to be in the habit to 'think twice'...we will be in the Higher Realms in a jiffy!

(Ross came up with that one, in a jiffy. I sure love him. He's mastered our slang and everything. He works so hard...and always is perpetually positive! It's rubbing off on all of us, his good cheer!)

He wants me to make breakfast for Anthony now. He waves and smiles. 'All is on track and all is good. And for Hawaii? He is sorry for the inconvenience and he appreciates your helping/aloha to all.)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The founders of Doctors With Reiki