Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Ace In The Hole

My, the jet lag has been major for Anthony and me since we got home on Friday! On Saturday morning, at two a.m., after conking out at five p.m. on the couch, Anthony woke up and was ready to start his day!

We watched Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, to pass the time, drinking tea and having toast with nutella.

I went to bed at sunrise, and woke up around eleven a.m. Anthony stayed up and did video games the whole time. 

At least I am thankful he entertains himself!

I've also had some GI upset since the flight home. The airline was not an American one, it was from the other country. The food in coach was pretty sketchy. Also, though, Jared had intestinal upset and couldn't eat during the trip. I might as well have picked up a stomach flu on the bus or airplane too. 

The most notable thing on arriving home was I was super cold and couldn't get warm. And I noticed not only were my legs swollen, but I was having trouble breathing going up the stairs. 

Last night I got sick. Dinner and everything came up around midnight. We had been up anyways. Anthony was trying to teach me how to play his video games. 

I slept poorly since, but feel better, and forced myself to awaken at my normal four thirty a.m. time, because that's what I must do for work tomorrow.

Our Twins know us, better than anybody.

Ross intervened.

I was going this route over the Jared/Alexa thing...not really over him in particular, but reverberations of the old rejection wound from when he broke up with me. It was actually twice he did, once there was a letter under the front door on the day I found out I was pregnant. I found out he broke up with me in the letter once I came home. I would have loved to have just kept Anthony a secret!  After much soul searching and realizing the child would hate me for not telling them about their father, I let Jared know. And then only four months later we broke up again, against my wishes to have him let me save face through the pregnancy and break up with me quietly after the baby was born.

Ross reminded me of something very important--Jared's unique sexual preference for 'the back door'.

I always refused it.

He didn't pressure me, but I knew he was disappointed. 

So, besides dying, and besides surgery, the yet undisclosed third cure for Hanahaki 'disease' is 'The Ace In The Hole'. 

God spared me a lifetime of having to provide that kind of back-door sex to that man...

Alexa can have him!

After much laughter, and joy with Ross for his wisdom and love for me, even to help me through this last hurdle--together we blessed Jared and Alexa. 

They are going to need it!

This video yesterday helped me too. 

This one here helps to explain the differences between people like Jared and Alexa--with their fast and furious romantic attachment on the trip--and people like Ross and me who take our sweet time because we know good things are ahead for us.

I have been seeing the Buddha a lot lately. And in my half-sleep after midnight, he came to me. He guided me to his house, and invited me to a room where I was always welcome. Here I could meditate and heal.

As I was meditating, I saw a vision.

Earth had a layer on her, made by 'the builders'--you know, TWDNHOBIAH.

She took it off like you would a wet bathing suit or an old skin. As it was on the ground at her feet, the same old game kept playing. But it was going to stop because it ran out of energy.

No sooner than she took a breath than BLAM!

The very highest archangels had placed a protective grid upon her, ensuring that what happened to her could never happen again.

Just like this guy, there were many sitting on top of her, and pumping lots of energy into the new grids.

That's when Ross showed up.

He took me by the elbow to see Divine Mother. We went down a hall. She was in a room and I spoke with her, so grateful to see her.

But I wasn't done. There was one last thing Ross had forgotten I needed to do. So he took me further down the hall. I was in a little alcove at the end, just me.

This thing showed up--no purple, twice my height, and long silver in the face. Definitely not human.

I was supposed to tell it something. It had to hear it from me.

I thought to myself, I don't like this game, I don't want to play it any more, I just want this thing to go home.

Then I got an idea,

I made a sound/heard a sound, and I told it, 'Your mom is calling you! It's time to go home!'

You see, Divine Mother is it's mother too. She is mother of everything. So I'm not sure if she was in on the game from the start, or just following my lead.

It turned to go, the ugly thing, like a mean teenage that didn't realize the game it played with me was NOT FUN.

I sensed from Ross I needed to say one more thing.


Then it tossed icky, dirty, gross things on the floor like tiny toys stuck to an old dusty blanket.

Then it left.

Ross picked it up and gave it to the crews to disinfect and clean it and separate anything bad from all the original things that began with me.

Then I woke up.

Remember how I said yesterday that night is for sleeping, and checking with your Council?

Night life isn't cool?

Triton magazine, Spring 2018, Volume 15 no 2 page 12, article As The World Turns--Circadian Rhythms Could Be Key To Unlocking Our Lives, paragraph two, sentence two, 'In humans, circadian rhythm governs so many functions of our body that disruptions to this rhythm are thought to pose a higher risk of disease, including cardiac disorders, cancers, and infertility. '

TWDNHOBIAH know this. That's why the 'night life' is promoted in their culture they foist upon us--it doesn't affect them but weakens the human body to make 'attachments'--to put it mildly--more accessible to them.

They also know this-- drag their feet to fix it.

And in the same Triton, on page 13, article, Skin Deep Secret--Does good skin start in the gut?--paragraph 3, sentences 1 and 2, 'The microbiome is very important for our health. When our body's microbiome gets disrupted it typically results in a disease, including skin diseases,' Rasocheva says. 'When the microbiome is brought back into balance, health can be restored.'

These researchers are correcting something that our standard diet--which is far-removed from what our ancestors ate--creates--havoc to the microbiome.

Last, I'd like to mention Joyce Cutler-Shaw. I learned in the Triton she had passed in March. She was our in-residence artist at the school of medicine. She was in the cadaver lab, wearing black, holding a sketchbook, and drawing US as we worked. She wore a jaw bone on a cord around her neck. She let us know back in 1992 and 1993 that she had willed her body to science, and what we were doing to the cadavers one day students would do to her. I liked her. She had big black glasses and looked like an owl. I can't think of anyone I knew who was more ready for death than she was.  She had something like Parkinson's. Hmmm. 

One of our classmates, Dr. Shade, openly embraces patient-directed end-of-life assistance since the law was passed. I'm sure Joyce made an impression on her. She doesn't advertise it, but she helps people who are seeking this kind of assistance. She is a leader in her field.

Everything is connected.

P.S. for information on biodegradable algae-based footwear (flip flops) email to find out when they hit the market soon!

I think I'll take a short nap. 

With so very much love,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

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