Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How to Be On Track for Ascension

This is from Ross and me to you with so very much love:

  1. LOVE WHAT IS  your Life Experience has been especially designed for your fulfillment. There are bigger things at stake than what meets the eye or what one first perceives. Life is meant to be a joyful experience! (For help on this topic, we refer you to the work of Byron Katie or Hope Johnson, both are excellent leaders in making a 'break' with expectations and meeting life head on.)
  2. CLEANSE AND PROTECT YOUR ENERGY DAILY and ALSO CONNECT WITH SOURCE ENERGY  Imagine your aura as an egg. Daily, take the time to invite the whiter than white light from Heaven into your aura. It will come in through the top of the head. I have seen it, and it's blinding and beautiful at the same time. Ross says to ask for it from The Guides of Compassionate Healing, from Ross and his teams, or from Creator Divine of All That Is. You will feel it. There must be a commitment on your part to be working towards The Highest Good. Otherwise without this commitment the maximum protection and energy transfer will not be possible--you will get some energy protection but a little less than what is possible or desired. We also recommend that you also breathe in this energy, and blow it to reinforce the inner layer energy of your shell. This shows your commitment and effort. Do these two steps as often as needed, preferably twice a day.  For the cleansing, ask Ross and his teams to go through your energy with a fine tooth comb, with the same loving energy that a mother would or teacher would use to check her child's hair for be that thorough. Anything you may have picked up will be removed from your energy system. Do this once or twice a day, preferably at waking and sleeping.  (source, Kerth Barker, his book on Psychic Development)
  3. KNOW THAT SPIRIT AND LIFE AS WE KNOW IT ARE ONE Fundamentally, there is no difference between beings here on Earth, and elsewhere in the Heavens. All Life is a gift from Creator Divine. We might not be able to detect the realm of Spirit while incarnate on Earth, however, we are not alone, we are cared for tenderly by Divine Mother and Divine Father, and will be welcomed Home by loving beings who know us and care for us when we die. Some go so far as to say that over There, which is Forever, on The Other Side, is what is Real...and here is just a dream. Either way, with Ascension, this Welcoming will happen and we will know in our hearts with no doubt whatsoever that we are uniquely loved for who we are, and cherished--by the unseen family who is cheering us on in our race towards Home.

clap! clap!

Ross also says that the more time you can spend in quiet meditation, the better--a little is good, a little more is better, and setting the intention as you go throughout your day to be as connected to Source as much as possible in addition to your quiet moments--will help you off to a good stride.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki