Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Healing Power of Community

Everything happens for the best. When you are on a roll in partnership with Spirit, everything, even the things you think are set up to work against you, work out.

I have been dealing with my own shit. 


I had originally been angry and upset to have only two days to work on the schedule this week. What am I, a placeholder for the money-makers in the group to keep things going for them when they are on vacation? Huh?

I needed those days! Anthony and I have been sick, very very sick, and even now my body is exhausted.  We appear to have contracted giardiasis. I think it came from Japan, to be honest, because suddenly after Spring Break I developed a terrible gas problem and diarrhea. It went away and came back. Anthony says he only had it this once. 

I'd like to give an example of our this community has helped us to heal. This one, and our Spirit one. This is not to say that our community is the only healing community there is. I bring it up for you to see patterns.

Number one, when I'm sick, all my 'doctor' training goes out the window. I feel sick and miserable and don't know what hit me and is slowing me down.

People close to us, online, cared.

J and A hit the nail on the head--we think you need a parasite cleanse Carla. (It's funny how when I dropped Anthony off for the weekend, I had wanted to do a juice cleanse, my inner knowing sensed it might help).

Many offered remedies that helped them, including colloidal silver. (I think if we still used proper silverware perhaps people wouldn't get so sick). 

C also did remote healing, and sent supplements like probiotics and oregano oil to help us. She is a physician who does it all--Reiki too.

My symptoms were headache, dizziness (almost passed out twice on Friday), epic burping and farting--super embarrassing, chills/sweats/fever, foggy brain, and horrible diarrhea.

I basically curled up in bed and let the house go, thinking that rest would cure it.

Please ignore the bitcoin in this photo.

Thank you.

Ross healed me twice. The first time I lay on the couch and he put his hands over my tummy, soothing it. He didn't touch me. He just gave a form of Reiki. I felt the energy flow.

The second time I was half-awake and half-asleep.

He asked, 'may I enter you?'

It's not what you think. Spirit beings don't follow the physical like we do. He went, all of his soul, inside my chest, and looked around.  He had on these big red gloves like in the picture. I could see him moving his arms like QiGong or Tai Chi, in my abdomen. Then he would bring the hands out, and all these hard tiny black things like BB gun shot would fall off the gloves and hit the floor. I could hear the noise of the particles falling.

He did it several times, then came out of my chest and talked to me normally again.

Spirit is real.

I know that if you get the feeling a deceased loved one is in the room with you, like you get a vibe, the common perception is that you are going crazy.

If you can't see it, taste it, hear it, touch it, or smell it, especially in a scientific reproducible way--it didn't happen, right?

That's what's 'out there' for us to believe.

I beg to differ.

Those nudges, those feelings in your gut, that fragrance of your aunt you noticed out of the blue even though she's passed years ago...are just as real, as things your eyes see, your ears hear, your skin touches, your tongue tastes, and your nose smells in your ordinary 'experiences'.

Spirit is always with us.

However, Spirit communicates in symbols, just like in dreams.

What Ross was telling me, is that 'something was there' in my small intestine that needed to come out.

Lots of it.

So I contacted our doctors through the computer. No response. No openings.

I knew by researching online that a single two gram dose of tinidazole taken once will kill it, and that metronidazole is 'off formulary' but commonly used, and unlike tinidazole, has only a seventy-percent success rate.

I also knew that tinidazole isn't good for the liver.

I knew that the disease comes and goes at two week intervals. It comes and goes and isn't easy to get rid of.

In the best of all situations, we would start treatment with a prescription. Since we both needed treatment, perhaps we should go to the new Urgent Care in the neighborhood? I checked the reviews--lots of stars, except for a simple one star review that said the doctor 'didn't care'.

I have been reading Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD. I highly, highly recommend it. I haven't finished it yet, but he wrote it in 1979 and it's right on the mark for today.  There's a term in there called, 'iatrogenicide'...and that's exactly what has been going on without our being aware of it for decades. Did you know in some places when doctors went on strike the death rates plummeted? Then when they came back to work, the death rates returned to their usual levels? He talks about the importance of family, about how 'science is a religion', and how hospitals are virtual temples of doom. He brings up a good point how poor families have strength (someone to remain with the loved one who is ill) and rich ones are weak (everyone is working and can't stay)...his point being that a loved one must be present and WATCH over the sick one and ask lots of questions. Even his own brother was taken to the OR by mistake, too early for his hernia surgery. There had been a mix-up and the only reason he didn't get the wrong operation is that the operation was a hysterectomy and he was male!

So at the Urgent Care, the place is new, and spotless. The workers--why is it that the one who takes your money/copay is always the one who is the most on-the-ball? Everyone else moves at sloth speed except the one who takes the cash? There were five pages of forms, two sided, many signatures--for each of us making ten.

We got weighed in and our complaints/history taken by an unnamed medical tech.

Then our physician came in, and announced his name--that of a president who has been dead like, one hundred years! We were taken by surprise. He seemed to understand the problem, did exams...I noticed he had Dupuytren's contracture of the right index finger. That part of being a physician never turns off in my brain. Always watching and noticing what's what.

He wanted stool samples. And THAT took a long time for the office, who had apparently never given these out to people--kits--to put together. They did a fine job, I had all the supplies. I double-checked and made sure I understood what was asked by looking at lab websites too.

We couldn't start our prescription until after three days of specimens!

This is where Dr. Robert would have said, 'I prove my point'--we couldn't start treatment for three days (by the book, but when I had campylobacter in the ER, it started right away--I've just done three sets of specimens)...Dr. Robert says that the more you stay away from standard healthcare, the less you are exposed to iatrogenocide, mistakes, attitude, and worse...

As Anthony said, 'there goes one hour of your life you will never get back' as we got back into the car, exhausted.

One hour, seventy dollars in copays, and who knows what prices for the tests and the rest of the visit that took five minutes of the doctor's time?

These little 'doc in the boxes' make a killing on pharmacy they sell you for 'convenience' at the site. Many times it is generic, low-cost medications. Always decline and say you'd rather go to your pharmacy and have them write the prescription for you on their computer. You will save a ton of money this way, and it's not that much more time.

We came back, Anthony needed the toilet, and it was time for the first sample.

Total liquid stool.


The little popsicle stick wasn't going to do the trick, and the 'hat' they had given us wasn't good to pour. I needed a spoon.

DON'T USE ONE OF OUR SPOONS MOM! Anthony shrieked while sitting on the toilet.

Fortunately I had disposable plastic ones I'd saved from other restaurants, to put in lunches or I set to work.

Once Anthony saw me sitting on the floor scooping his poop with a spoon into a specimen cup, and gagging, he gagged really hard, stood up, and threw up all his breakfast into the bathtub. Our breakfast had been red jello and peaches over six hours ago. He kept saying, 'I'm sorry mom, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry you have to do this'. Then I started to throw up and quick ran to the other sink so he wouldn't see me.

I finished.

When I told the people at the pharmacy about our experience, they said, 'now THAT'S Love!'

It is.

This is the power of the Divine Feminine in action.

The ability to endure illness, vomit, stink, and care for her others.

The ability to take the mess of this world and make it better to inhabit for all.

The ability to give hope and encouragement to those who need it, with a smile.

And to treat everyone the same, no matter if they are newborn and vulnerable, near death and vulnerable, or something in-between.

At 5:34 in the second one, you will see Aula Arthur say, 'we SHOULD do it better' from her heart. It's so worth it to listen to it and feel her energy. It will resonate with you, because, she's right. In every way.

Right now the cleaning team is in our house. I kind of didn't want them to come, I'm in my pajamas, we've been sick. I also have stuff everywhere. Cleaning services don't fix your mess, and I've had a chronic mess for five years we've had a business relationship. So It gets to this loop where it's negative feedback to me--I need to clean so they don't know how messy I am. It's embarrassing. 

I'm different now. Number one, it will get fixed when I can. I make tiny progresses. It's not easy. And we've been very sick.

I've been dealing with all of this shit--and it's going to get better--but not in one day.

The second is to value their help. And to support their work. Because it's a valuable service to the community. I love to come home after they've cleaned. It makes me feel love. A nice hit of the Divine Feminine. And it's important, important be valued, not the first cost-cutting to save on the budget. This week has been slow--everyone finished at two p.m. last week--it's not enough to keep the business running. But it is community, in a different way, a long-standing business relationship. 

Try to see the Divine Feminine and honor it in the community where you live, and where you spend your time, even if it's online. Thank you.

Then try to see the Divine Masculine, and honor it in the community where you live, and where you spend your time, even if it's online. Thank you.

I'll never forget the kindness shown to us by Marc and his family when we were in Switzerland. The boys were like brothers. Marika and I were like sisters! Marc showed us with pride his new home. We shared his joy. We felt so blessed to have love from our souls who knew one another, clearly, and jumped with joyful recognition, even though with our story lines now, we were just picking up where we had left off lifetimes ago...

All of these connections make for community.

And community heals.

I've been at this for ages. I thought I had seen everything. But there was a piece of disinformation out there recently that was so expertly crafted, I had to smile and shrug my shoulders at the nerve it took to put that one 'out there'.

It had this recipe--'fear/disclosing a secret followed by a half-truth that was palatable, followed by a pushing of one of the most mainstream-media knee-jerk, instant vibe-lowering buttons around--with adamant NO COMMENTS ALLOWED'.

When we are Galactic, the truth speaks for itself.

Fear doesn't exist. Only Love. 24/7, 360 degrees around you--actually, inside a sphere around you--it's just LOVE.

When we are Galactic, energy signatures speak for themselves and everyone knows everything instantly about everyone else. There IS no 'disclosure of secrets'. Nothing can hide.

I am a medium too. Not only that, but I've administered anesthesia to the person in question--they paid me for my services--as well as to their husband, and to one of their writers on staff, Dee, two times.   I saw what happened when that soul transitioned. I know what it was (nothing is hidden). I know where it went--in other words, who received it. I keep this information to myself.  The author of the piece insinuates truth--but then disconnects this individual from the rest of the system of TWDNHOBIAH.

Then like a card-carrying member of TWDNHOBIAH, the tone changes, and the vibration plummets with the next topic.


This is not the solution.

I know.

Because my group isn't in it.

Everyone is the same age.

Tricky, isn't it?

Looks good. Easy to give it a 'I'm in!'

THIS is all of the human spectrum of diversity. AGE and ethnicity. The Divine Feminine knows it. So does the Divine Masculine. So does Creator of all that is, Divine Mother and Divine Father.

Don't be tricked.

And oh, how they want to trick you, as they are on the way out--TWDNHOBIAH.

Don't forget to close the door on your way out, TWDNHOBIAH! Thank you so much!

Right? or wrong?

This is a FAMILY.

This is the fundamental unit of human existence. Mother, father, kids, spouses.

They are going to look alike! They can't help it.

See all the smiles?

Look for the smiles.

This is what is see when I look up at the Spiritual Realms--lots of loving faces who are in some way related to my soul, smiling and wanting to help this existence I'm in get a lot better.

Look for the smiles.

Everything else, it is what it is, and like it was said at the beginning, it works out for the highest good, Spirit's on top of things.

Take care of your own shit, and people in your community are going to be more willing to help you.

That's what family and the extended family of community is all about.

Anthony went to get his hair cut yesterday. It's the one thing on my 'to do' list I accomplished.

I watched Tina washing his hair, and even though her little studio was busy--another stylist shared the rent and had three people in various stages of being done--I asked her gently, 'how is your health?'

She had been off work before China, and couldn't help Anthony. She was recovering from surgery.

A plastics procedure had gone wrong. She had an open wound under her shirt. And the hole was where the areola had died. The blood supply had been compromised. She was in pain. She showed me the photo, it was awful.

I sent her to Mark, the plastics guy I knew who reconstructed them for cancer patients. I've seen him do it lots of times.

I told her this doesn't happen, ever, I've never seen it--it's super rare, and to talk to a lawyer.

Her face was in shock--that not only could I know her condition but also give expert guidance on what to do because she had been stuck. The guy who did it said 'it was an accident, I'm sorry, I can fix it for free' and she had already paid him a lot of money. She didn't want to cause trouble.

Dr. Robert would say, 'cause trouble'.

She didn't know her procedure to reduce was often covered by insurance. And that fixing botched things is covered by insurance too.

She said, 'I'm SO GLAD you came today!'

She had five weeks without work, from this.

Community heals.

Spirit places the right people in the right place at the right time. And if for some reason you don't 'get it', don't worry, Spirit will place more right people in the right places at the right times...again!

Tina is from Iran. She went here because her step mom was cruel to her, her dad, and her stepbrother.

Her stepbrother looks just like Anthony.

That's why she knows how to cut his hair so he looks extra handsome, and why we have gone to her for years, in three different places of work.

It doesn't matter who you are, or where you are from...we are One.

The energy of the soul behind the smile--it's forever.

And that's the energy signature I see when I work with Spirit.

One more thing...Ross wants you to Celebrate life. Not 'celebrate a life' that has passed. Celebrate Life--this day--the little movie upon your screen of consciousness. It's made for YOU.

You see, you hear, you sense, you smell, you taste, you love....that's LIFE, in a 'nutshell'.

And he says 'my favorite nut case is my example here, my wife and soul twin, Carla' <3

(I love it when he teases me! That means I get to tease him back. He tells me that was for the 'gold lamé')

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki