Sunday, May 13, 2018

Look For The Gift and Play A Little!

There are many gifts. I will explain them to you. I am still in Xi’an. Yesterday we saw the terra cotta warriors, and a winter palace with hot springs baths. We also saw a beautiful show on the traditional dances and music of the region after dinner.

Gift number one stands out HUGE. Ross’ heart is wonderful. He would never hurt me. And he’s better match for me than Jared in a hundred thousand million ways.  Jared and Alexa are going to one day face Ross (and me) outside the Illusion and be held accountable for their actions.

What was I thinking about the pain when I did?

Pain like this is utterly ridiculous compared to eternity with my Beloved.

Ross did give me a hint—avoid alcohol and meat to raise my vibration for the rest of this trip. Due to fear of diarrhea, lunch and dinner had beer. The Muslim dad didn’t drink it. He was fine. So yesterday I followed the advice and was glad I did. I felt better, stronger, and more like myself.

A second lesson/gift is one which will be helpful for all survivors of SRA/Monarch programming. Disassociation is only ONE option to avoid the pain. The other is to go UP in vibration like Ross did, to the place like I described yesterday, where people can mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually attack you, and it is like it’s viewed from a distance in a healthy way. You know the Truth of Divine Creator and All That Is, that what you see and feel is an Illusion, furthermore one that is able to be manipulated for our perception by TWDNHOBIAH. You see the game for what it is. And you know in your heart it’s not forever.

The last gift is being able to manifest. Once the vibrations are high enough, you can draw good things to you. Also, there is a tendency when we complete out lessons, for a reward from our guides. I asked for dumplings for dinner. I asked the tour guide. They have ones shaped like animals here —I love the hedgehogs—and the dinner show was in the same place where I saw them. I asked for one tray just to taste because I won’t ever be back here again, I’d hate to miss it they are so special. So I had a dumpling dinner for one away from the group. One hundred yen RNMIBI extra. There was even music. It was a full meal, with soup with mini dumplings. If you get one you have this fortune, I got two and it meant lucky in Then they came with small gifts, I knew were from my guides. I felt them. I bought three. — two cloisonné bells in red with a special knot. A dragon toothpick holder. And a bookmark of the empress who invented dumplings.  I also got Anthony to my room for mother’s day. I asked Jared, I played the mother’s day card. It worked!

Never forget the love your family and friends and those who know you have for you—the next time you are in the thick of a lesson. I reached out and I’m glad I did. I got spiritual help from those who could support me. I got sisters telling me that the family thinks Jared and this teacher Alexa are rude. My friend and former maid of honor says that Jared is being disrespectful to Anthony and me. It makes him look like a jerk, not me. Even the tour guide from Beijing, my new friend on WeChat, offered her surprise (OMG!) and support (I will hug you) when I delicately explained the situation.

Not much time is left here.

Ah, I forgot one thing. I ate breakfast with Alexa. How could I not, she and one other mom were the only ones in the restaurant? She spoke of her son’s dyslexia. His special needs. Then she learned she was. And the other mom went on and on about HER dyslexia, too, how to compensate, how her son teases her now for it. Her handwriting is like fifth grade, it’s not good.  I didn’t skip a beat. I waited and shared how I am high-functioning Asperger, and I can’t read facial expressions. It’s a total blank. I have to memorize them. It’s easier with a family member because I see them a lot. But the concentration I need to do for the social cues, to pick up on them, is really exhausting and that’s why I don’t like large groups or night life. I shared how I am unlike most women in my spatial thinking—I can see things three dimensionally like a man and am very good at packing. So my point is—you might have a thing taken away, but there is always too a gift. Always, always a gift. You just have to look for it.

I did spiritual work  at the terra cotta. I put equivalent of eternal ‘love bombs’ in strategic spaces. I also fed another dragon. I gave it my fuel, clear like hand sanitizer. This was from Beijing. Immediately upon depletion I was gifted from spirit new fuel for me. It was clear and sparkling. I wonder what kind of work is in store for today?

Our blessings are with you!
Ross and Carla

Aloha and Mahalos,