Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Honor and Warm, Loving Family

Zo chau hau!

This phase brings a smile to everyone I meet when I say it.

It is ‘good morning’ in Chinese. I had  to practice it often, and also, from one day to the next I forget it a little and have to ask someone in our group for help. A boy is Chinese, knows a little, and explained to me how it changes through the day to ‘zo Woong hau’ and other things as the day progresses.

When we were in line for the Shanghai river boat tour, the kids started to high five the people going the opposite way. There was much joy! Chinese as well as Westerners enjoying this uniquely American ‘pat on the back’ and ‘bonding mechanism’. I recall a father in the baby crying room at church teaching Anthony to ‘high five!’.  This in itself leads to world peace. A sense of camaraderie. It’s good.

(To be filled in later with better computer: Shanghai skyline, Jared, Carla, and photo-bomber Venice)

This photo gave me much joy.  First of all, Jared had taken a photo with his new love. You could see how they were totally in the moment. I didn’t expect anything. But then, minutes later, out of the blue, he wanted a photo with me.  We care about each other, we are friends, but not close, and good parents to Anthony. There was the same ‘bonheur’ between us as with the random ‘high fives’. I also asked for Anthony to come into another photo. For Anthony, any photo like this is rare and to be treasured.

But Venice? Bless her heart. She understood.

Later, she as we were exiting the boat, she sand, ‘All by myself’ an old seventies song.  Eric Carmen— All By Myself. I joined her and the ridiculousness of it all just made everything better. Even later, Jared started singing it.

And I fell asleep on the bus.

Yes, there was the wonderful Yu Garden. Yes there was the not-so-wonderful market. I got lost from the groups but I found a nice stamp for my nephew who loves China.

Today is another day.

Did I do ‘work’ yesterday? Yes. First on myself. I chanted quietly on the one hour bus ride. I learned that the Jared/me/Alexa situation is a pissing contest. Spirit said, ‘do not pee, or even look like you are peeing. Do not engage’. Also I listened to Spirit. Three pieces of jewelry Spirit had shown me in meditation the night before. One was a magnificent strand of light blue beads, not quite aquamarine color. Long. Turns out it was a triple wrap bracelet. Spirit said at dinner, ‘do NOT participate in Jared’s toast’. He bought his own bottle of ‘ganpai’ (we call it Jet fuel) to share with the group. I obeyed. Later I told him after lunch I had to pee too much so I limited myself at dinner. On the cruise, I added to a flower-top building a ‘spirit of wanting to learn something new’ to sprinkle over the city. The other work I had done is truly working well. And yesterday’s Reiki I sent out contained that ‘void of infinite possibilities’.

So all in all I work on everything.

Ross has kept sending me hearts. Even a q-tip container shaped like one. And Michael paid me a visi as I was falling asleep.

Today is almost the end of our trip. I have grown, faced my worst fears and wounds in a setting that was supportive. Sometimes Spirit arranges things this way so we can focus on ourselves and eliminate distractions. The end result is I feel an honor and love from my Star Family I didn’t know could exist, and it makes everything better.

Now it’s time for breakfast.

With our love, so very much love for you,

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki