Friday, May 18, 2018

The Colors Are So Beautiful!

I'm home now. 

Everything is safe and sound, just the way I left it.

I took a brief nap this afternoon. Anthony conked out around five and he is still asleep on the couch.

I had felt concern and apprehension to go to China. First of all, it's far away, and there is air pollution. I have asthma. The water and food can give you traveler's diarrhea. And the people I have met who are from there can be pushy, for lack of a better word to describe it. Pushy is one thing I most definitely am not.

I also knew I had a mission, an assignment, a big one, and I went with full courage and trust in Creator of All That Is.

When Anthony's luggage got lost, I correctly interpreted the sign that something was terribly wrong, and I should go home right then and there. 

I felt it.

In summary, two parents who were 'chaperones' spent more money than they could afford, and went on the trip as a personal vacation first--and as 'chaperone' second. My ex and Anthony's drama teacher fell in love. They fell hard and fast. It didn't matter that she has three children, 16, 14, and 3 and is in a committed relationship. 

I saw with my own two eyes Jared making a fuss over the three year old at drop off time where the families reunited at the end of the trip, and also scoping out the father over the baby. Jared makes more of a fuss over cute dogs than babies. Jared doesn't like babies. But he did for Alexa's tot. 

I know his lease is up in July, and now he needs to start looking. 

I also know that she was ready to leave her man--she would have sooner but her has terrible anemia. She told me all this and more (how he takes two hours to poop and recover from the pain)--on the flight to China. I also told her of my devastating pain from Anthony's dad...that's why I say for the record she 'broke the girl code' with her actions.

What I didn't know, but heard second hand, was that Jared was the one who provided Venice with the song 'All By Myself'. Were they making fun of me and my pain? It sure sounds like it. 

And I didn't know that chaperones were 'out dancing every night' on every night of the trip. 

Love is love, right?

Today we are going to talk about the power to co-create.

Someone mentioned how our magic wands are 'fully loaded' and work.

People like Jared and Alexa, prefer to create with what they can sense with the five senses.

They are acclimated to the incarnate experience, and believe it is possible to control their destiny and to master it the way they see fit.

They do not see lessons.

They do not sense the connections to others, and how their actions influence them. Or, perhaps more accurately with these two, they sensed it, but didn't care.

People like this will make the mistake first, and apologize later, as a matter of course. They do not make amends with this process, they apology for them is 'enough' to keep the relationship 'balanced' even though it isn't.

They are of the 'deal with it' school of forced acceptance of life's painful situations they cause to others.

Jared taught me the lesson to cure my fear of abandonment by abandoning me while giving me a pregnancy massage at my house--literally! I was four months along and in terrible back pain. Did he have any responsibility to me or the child? He kissed my tummy, told the baby he would wait for it later, and basically left me as a vessel. I didn't die. Do I get close to anyone? Um, no, not really, and certainly not in that way. No incarnate humans for me. Ever. Ever again!

Jared and Alexa taught me the lesson which is even more painful--Life Goes On.

I am 'with it' enough in Spirit to realize there is more to things than they may seem.

For the record, I wish Jared happiness, if Alexa is it, fine. My sentiments are with the child who will be split between homes like his older sister and brother with a different dad. And with the anemic father who appears to be in for another painful experience. For Anthony, whose only wish was to be an only child? In both homes? That's over for him, too.

As the teachers, students, and chaperones and tour guides were co-creating the China Experience, I was doing a lot of extracurricular work and growth in the spirit realm both for myself and for the souls in China.

One thing I didn't mention is Anthony's near abandonment of me. Emotionally. Physically. And even after he started to room with me in Shanghai, during the days he sought out his father.

Jared is 'cool' to the group.

They called him 'Great Wall' because he would protect the group from traffic while crossing the road. Jared is big, like a bouncer.

In the front of the bus was the tour guides, Mohammed, Sandy, and me.

In the back was everyone else.

With my vibration, and my Asperger's, I can't navigate these situations. I can't flirt. I can't make small talk. I can have fun when it's with someone who is open, caring, kind and I feel 'safe'.

With my intuition, I explained to Jared how--when Alexa got us lost on her 'adventure'--I can't explain when something is wrong, I just KNOW.

What would I have liked in the situation?

For Jared to take me aside, to say, 'I know this is out of the blue and totally unexpected but I really like Alexa' and 'I know this is awkward because it's on Anthony's trip, and you are here, but it's something I need to do.'

Aspie's need little explanations like this.

'I still like you as Anthony's mother and that relationship isn't going to change'.

Could I have asked him? I suppose. But honestly I don't have the social skills for that.

People who tend to work with the five senses also experience a sense of lack.

They want to take all the goodies for themselves and not share with anyone else.

As an incarnate angel, I find this tiresome.

I don't see the beauty in the lights of the 'nightlife'.

Night is a time for resting with your loved ones, getting sleep, and checking in with your councils!

The sky of Times Square or Las Vegas or Shanghai is just that--illusion.

Reality and truth is overcrowding, pollution, decay and low vibration as well as opportunity to lower the vibration more.

Gaia is done with this.

She's taking steps to cleanse pockets of very low vibration on her surface. So that it can't even look like it once did.

She's doing it with her divine right as a planet.

Let us talk about the power to co-create in ways which are in alignment with the Universe...

On the flight home, thankfully, Alexa had the presence of mind to change her seat. Otherwise I would have sat next to her. She said, 'I wanted a window'.

I watched two movies.

The first was a Chinese one about a doctor, who said, 'as long as there is one percent hope we will give our best effort'.

This movie was made by Chinese film company. I noticed singing--the old doctors had a choir--and that reminded me of the singing choir statues I had seen at the art museum in Shanghai. They spoke about unity and how the pulse is a miracle and how they will help the sick.

I saw doctors making choices for patient care, and when outcome was bad there was investigation.

This was communist propaganda! And the fancy doc went back to the country to be a primary care, to save another colleague's reputation for a bad outcome.

There was drama too, bonding with the team.

But the second one was my miracle.

Here's a trailer:

If ever an actress role was like my own soul, it was this. I was just this way to my teams and Council several years ago.

I've made great progress.

I also loved the red head Bart. Not just for the name, Aaron! Although that made me smile. 

Ross is very, very much like this Bart character. 

Our interaction together is very much like these two.

And her being an asthma 'cripple' as they called her in the movie--the bullies did--resonated strongly with me because I couldn't climb the Great Wall like the rest. I could barely keep up with the pollution as the group walked through town. And I hated it to be sick.

There is one scene, where Bart talks about how his uncle was swallowed up in an avalanche. He 'ate snow to make way to breathe'. But he had troubles. And at one point, he saw the colors. He was starting to die, and saw what he described as 'the most beautiful colors'...eventually he lived, but he always remembered them.

In that scene I saw in the face of Amelie, she has seen them too. She didn't admit it. But she had almost died four times from her asthma, and once by falling into the river in the film. Later in the movie she disclosed this to Bart. She has seen these colors and thinks they are beautiful too. She has nothing to lose, so that's why she goes to the mountain top for her miracle.

I also loved the scene how they took Nellie the cow with her wounded leg up to the mountain fire to be healed. 

Angels work with more than the five senses.

They use the sixth.


Probably more than anything.

So how do we work it?

We do our life lessons.

And when they suck, we bravely go on to master them. We surrender and we check in with our guides, often.

Ross told me I had done 'outstanding' on all of my assignments. He told me this on the bus ride to the airport.

And even though Anthony appeared to put more emphasis into his peer and father relationships, when he found out he had a window seat he exclaimed, 'THANK YOU ROSS!'

Ross is very much a part of both of our lives.

So I work with Heaven, I live with Heaven, I enjoy the ways of Heaven, and I do everything I can to bring the energy of Heaven to Earth.

And so do my friends.

I had gotten an orange signature slip from the post office. So after In and Out Burgers for a late lunch, Anthony and I went.

Incarnate Biramel's bracelet and earrings, 'Purity & Bliss'--was waiting for me. It has clear quartz--faceted, howlite, and selenite. This is about as angelic and protective as a bracelet can get. Archangel Jophiel's stone IS selenite! And Archangel Biramel has my back. Even before these awful lessons happen! lol.

And Incarnate Saint Theresa, the Little Flower, was the package I needed to sign for. If ever I needed a care package from Heaven, today was the day. There were Sky Flakes, and dried Mango, and a new seed I've never tasted, to soothe my need to feel nurtured. There also were the most gorgeous gifts I've ever seen, barefoot sandals and bracelet to match with pink, pearls, and rose. Anthony has a handsome wood bracelet. And one is for Isabel, for me to send along which I will.  There was also an answer to a prayer--how can I package the bracelets I mail out without lots of plastic bubble wrap to protect it? Exquisitely woven boxes, one a long cylinder, another a smaller one the size of tissue for the pocket. Last, was the sign of faith--ones to give away.  There are five and I will work with me teams to see how to send them.

I feel better. I also know that for all the painful experiences in China (although I love, love, love the people, they are charming and open hearted in most cases)--Japan and now the Philippines are beacons of pure unconditional love to my heart.

And the icing on the cake? Leonie in South Africa finally got her package I sent three months ago! LOL. Their mail service is slow. But I sent two, instead of one, like I most often do, and she was thrilled and delighted to receive them.

Spirit is REAL.

All the things that are hidden are going to come to light.

This Message from the Council today spells it out.

Anthony is going to have a great future. With two dads who love him very much. In every dimension!

Much as I ache for Ross to be in some dimension with me where I can rely on my five senses, at least my sixth one strengthens to the point that I know without doubt he is the one for me, and loves me unconditionally, and is my Soul Twin.

In time, truth will come out on the darkness--just as easily as this woman shows it here:

Don't let her appearance or frequent water sipping detract from the message...point by point, image by image, guiding you to see the truth as she is aware of it.

I also heard that Dis-Knee was created by the Roth-s-chy-lds, and actually IS of that bloodline. He was given a new identity and had to be taught how to sign his name in that unique 'script'. 

His niece would also be a high bloodline. 

And why do we study truths like this? Because the five senses can be fooled but the sixth one can't. And waking up to truth is a wonderful way to boost up the 'muscle' of the sixth one. 

People who spread these 'awakening' videos are working out their sixth sense and raising their vibration, even though it doesn't look like it because the subject material is so dark.  Essentially, these souls who are drawn to this information are making sure they can recognize it and prevent it from happening again.

Every soul has a different journey.

One that helped me a lot today was an iBook it was meant to be by David Cram. It's money well spent. This is my Heaven on Earth, and I only went once but I long for it every day. He really brings up the 'village' part. It's healing to be in an environment like this. There is video footage too, so you can really feel like you are there. Kona Village Resort was where Steve Jobs used to go for his vacations, too. I went in 2010...the Tsunami destroyed it the next year.


Open your heart.

Carla did.

She took a few lumps on her bottom with her trip...all of us saw it coming and knew it was needed to be.

Me so I would know I have her complete and total devotion and let bygones no matter how painful be bygones.

Carla got stars for not wanting to control. She always stayed within the realm of her own feelings and also had difficulty expressing them. Once expressed she grew more resilient and was able to enjoy the rest of her trip.

Carla opened her heart to her son who in his youth, ignored her in the excitement of being with his father on his first trip with him. Even though Anthony was number two on his list and Alexa/his new love was number one.

Carla opened her heart to the possibility of releasing attachments, and chanted for one hour every day as asked.

Carla didn't judge the future as one of her ability to humanly see. Perhaps Sandy is correct, there is karma to play out in a big way? Perhaps there is even more Karma when I come into the picture at some point--even if it is only at the end of their life contracts for life review?

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

What you need to know (holds one finger up) you need to learn how to handle this new-found ability to co-create. You are what you think. And there are bound to be some mishaps.

Do not be concerned about them when they happen, and they will. Just like falling off a bike while you are learning how to ride.

Be sure to accept full responsibility and to make amends when these 'bumps' invariably happen.

Seek loving support of those who are in your 'class' and do not look for answers/guidance/companionship in the 'lower grades' or 'those who are a little behind you' in their soul development.

All is for the Love of Divine Creator of All That Is.

Both the Holy Mother and Divine Father.

(he clears his throat--quietly--ed)

It is for The All.

(he points to himself and to you--ed)

It is for Everything.

And people will be waking up. (he makes the sleepy eye rubbing and yawning gesture--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki