Saturday, May 5, 2018


Today we are going to draw a line in the sand. 

As you can see, this isn't the standard line that is drawn, the one where you set your boundary, your limits, and challenge the opponent to cross it, 'or else'. LOL.

Our line is different.

Our line is multidimensional.

And our line is totally inclusive to all who care to reach the Higher Realms.

Love is the only thing that exists.

There ARE no lines!

Nothing is able to divide us from the Divine Love of Creator of All That Is...

Nothing is able to divide us from the love we have for one another (remember the pinkie finger and the hand analogy from Hans Wilhelm in the video? we are all fingers on the same hand.)

Nothing is able to divide us from our love for earth and all of her creatures--and from Gaia's love for us, her very own, who are alive on the planet. Even in the setting of the volcanic activity in Big Island Hawaii, the people who we know who are affected by the lava and leaving their homes, possibly forever, understand that Pele needs to 'do her thing' and accept it.

Now for a moment, let us talk about you.

Just like our beloved Pele, everyone at some time or another 'needs to do their thing'.

Sometimes this is bound to cause some friction. It will affect others.

And sometimes, perhaps, just this recently sometimes with the energies increasing on surface Gaia to match those of the Higher Realms...sometimes...this has the potential to be a little 'bumpy'.

What do we mean by the word 'bumpy'?

The energies which are flooding the planet are in the direction of Love, Nurturing, Warmth, Compassion, and are in complete and total alignment with the will of Creator of All That Is.

Furthermore these energies are in complete and total alignment with the Universe, and Universal Law.

If you have walked your path that was set in your pre-birth Contract, done your best to manage through your lessons, and kept love in your heart...perhaps if you have been under the loving protection and guidance of Doctors With Reiki and participated with all that we offer...chances are your alignment with Source Energy is going to be very similar, and as the energies ramp up even more, you are going to flow along with the stream and be delighted to participate in the process.

'Not my will but yours, Lord' is the way to adapt, to surrender, to these very strong, and very much needed energies.

What if you have gone astray a little, in one way or another?

Here is what happens to a soul who has recently made the transition and meets up with Ross and me: we look at one another in complete and total awareness of every single action, every single thought, every single inaction, and every iota of the pre-birth contract. All of us.  The activity done to the planet and the resources is the one the soul discusses with me. The activity done with the Life Script and lessons with what is discussed with Ross.

Is there any judgement? No, not in the classic sense.

Is there any discussion about the gaps? You know, the areas where performance didn't meet the plan?

Yes. In fact these gaps are glaringly obvious to everyone in the room, so we don't mention them per se...we simply acknowledge them together in our meeting.

There is always love in these meetings.

There is also responsibility for one's choices.

Souls don't cry in this setting. However, we do see from time to time, the sudden realization of actions which hurt others, or could have helped more. Some also have difficulty looking me in particular in the eye. Yet there is always love in my eye when I look at them.

To address these gaps we always encourage the soul to learn and to grow, and to make better choices because we believe in their ability to self-correct.

Then the soul is directed to their Councils for further healing, love, nurturing, coaching, and plans are made for the next attempt, if one is to be taken, and usually there is, at trying anew.

In this setting there is never a bump, or a hiccup, because at all times, the disincarnate soul is back on complete and total alignment with Source. It's effortless.

So, you may ask us, what about the here? And now? Where are the bumps?

In the Higher Realms communication is telepathic, therefore, nothing is hidden.

People down here, who are incarnate on Earth, don't like the notion that people are going to be able to read their thoughts and their intentions, as well as their behaviors they might be embarrassed about--as easily as if it was written on their forehead.

That's the bumps.

There is the energy required to re-align with Source energy--which can be bumpy if one isn't precisely assigned with the flow of the Divine in every way.

Then there is the coming to terms with what is natural in the Higher Realms, and taking full responsibility for 'the gaps'--actions, inactions, and intentions--with those you have caused pain or suffering.

Everyone is coming up together. Some bumpy, some smoothly, most a little in-between. But this time, instead of being in confidence with Ross and me...or your Councils...who love's here and now....with people who still love you and happen to be incarnate, but are having to come to terms with the obvious as it pertains to one another.

What has been hidden shall be in plain sight to all.  And in the long run, everyone is going to be okay with it. The only bumpiness is going to be in the short run. And fortunately there will be all kinds of Divine Support here, and assistance, to help people adapt.

To add to this, we would like to give a simple tool, from Hawaii. It's a legal recommendation that was used back in the days of the Kahunas to 'make things right'.

It goes like this:

  1. find the person, face to face, in a quiet moment free from interruptions.
  2. look them in the eye, then smile.
  3. tell the person, 'I'm sorry'. They should know what you did. You may briefly say what it was, for example, 'I'm sorry I hurt you when I did _____'.
  4. pause and watch for their reaction.
  5. ask the person, 'please forgive me.'
  6. wait for their response.
  7. no matter what it is, say next, 'thank you'.
  8. pause and watch their reaction.
  9. tell the person, 'I love you'.
  10. then never go and do the thing that hurt them again. And if it seems amends are in order, make an amend to the person too.
This is called, 'ho'oponopono'  (hoe-oh-poh-no-poh-no).

You can use this like it's money in the bank, Ross says. 

There is no survivor guilt.

For those of you who have worked hard to prepare for Ascension, please enjoy it!

Yes, you are Lightworkers, yes you are sent to assist, and yes, it is very sad when another soul comes up short. 

You can't do the work for another--they can only do it for themselves!

You can't fix it FOR them.  Only they have the ability to self-correct.

You CAN be a fountain of nurturing, warmth, love, compassion, a gentle ear, reassurance, lovingkindness, and encouragement! 

The most important thing you can do is to 'hold the space' energetically for the other to grow, to 'right themselves' and to align with Divine Source Frequencies. 

Survivor guilt will lower your vibration. Then you will not be able to hold the space with your energy.

So...make time for you...exercise, rest, eat well. Keep your energy in the Higher Realms and keep yourself aligned with Source!!

There are no mistakes, only lessons, no one will be left behind, everything will work out in complete and total Divine Order, no matter how grim at the moment things may appear.

Reassure the person of their worth, of their value to Creator and to you. Do what you can while maintaining healthy boundaries. Pray. Send Reiki and Healing if you know how. 

Then let go. 

Put the soul in the hands of Creator of All That Is, both Divine Mother and Divine Father.

And have peace.

You have earned it. 

Ross agrees with this, we wrote it both together. And he wants me to tell you I will be away from the internet for a while, and look forward to our return. 

clap! clap!  

Ross says, 'not to worry, it's all good!' and 'Carla is going to be with Anthony' All of us together.

He says, 'it's a mom thing'...'a mom duty'.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple who founded Doctors With Reiki

And for all our members--know this--you are entirely loved and blessed! We send you our blessings! It's been an honor to work with you.

Until we meet again... <3