Thursday, May 17, 2018

Buddha on the Bus

Our hotel is one hour away from all the tourist sites. So on the bus, during the long ride, I chant quietly to myself.

Yesterday I wanted to fall asleep, but I chanted anyway.

Buddha told me it’s easier to work with me when I am sleepy like that, because then I’m between both worlds.

I chanted a long time, and didn’t really see anything or hear anything. Then I struggled to stay awake. Right when I thought I was going to doze off, Buddha appeared, and ushered me to a small room. Plain and simple, and encouraged me to sit across the table from him while we had tea.

He asked me about China, what I thought?

I said it’s big. And I understand more about it.

He clarified. ‘What about the people?’

I said they are good, they love their country and their culture.

He looked at me intently.

I said, ‘they love their family’

He guided me further, and asked, ‘what about Nature?’

I said, ‘it’s a love-hate relationship. They enjoy and respect Nature on the one hand, and yet resources are being spent without paying much attention to them. There is the terrible pollution. And they eat everything! Even the turtles and snakes! (This has me greatly upset)’

He asked me to explain more.

I shared that they don’t trust how the Universe works. Everything is up to ‘luck’ and ‘auspicious’—and ultimately, MONEY. There is matchmaking. Lots of making things happen instead of enjoying how their life scripts are bringing good lessons/things to them.

He wanted me to clarify.

I said in my opinion — and this is my own — if the people of China were to awaken, and work together, they could enjoy being able to manifest without money, without control systems or TWDNHOBIAH manipulating them, and be free from hunger, lack of shelter, and pollution because they would be working with the Galactic Ways. It’s a big jump. I hope they can make it. People seem to be happy here with what they have. They think it’s gone on forever. And it will stay that way.

He asked me to write it so I am.


Now Ross wants me to update you on ‘the happy couple’, Jared and Alexa. They ARE a couple now, even though she is mother of a three year old and is living with the father. Jared toasted last night to ‘new friends we’ve never met’ (should have been ‘just me’, right?). And Mason needed to stay with Miss Jules at bedtime/curfew because Jared was ‘out’.  Alexa touched my arm on the bus as if to say, ‘thank you for the best thing that has ever happened to me’.

I don’t care.

I know Jared is reincarnation of David.

And I’ve been horrified by Alexa’s energy for months, and her ability to ‘take’ precious beings from me. She’s taken Anthony to Disneyland and Universal Studios with her son, kept Anthony (and me from worry) up way too late, and I felt something both disturbing and familiar about her energy.

David has met his Bathsheba. HIS Bathsheba. The real one, the same energy signature, the same modus operandii, unchanged, for thousands of years.

Souls learn slow.

Like Sandy says, ‘it’s Karma’.

I can only set limits and watch.

I see the future for those two, ten years down the road. I see the lessons picking up where they left off.

I know how as a drama teacher she made Anthony very broken by yelling at the children for weeks. This behavior is not acceptable. And keeping him up late like that isn’t either.

Like attracts like. And both Jared and Alexa are peas in a pod when it comes to their vibration. I also pick up imbalance—borderline personality features.

I wish them happiness. It looks to me they are going to need it.

It doesn’t hurt. I’ve detached. And Ross has made his presence more known.

Here is an example. I had to go with Jared, Alexa, Jackson her son, to pick up laundry. Alexa sent us off one mile in the wrong direction. I knew it was wrong but didn’t see landmarks and my phone wasn’t working with data.

Bless begets Love — tea shirt (Ross’ comment on blessing the square in Beijing)

Happy (star) — hat
The view is great — tee shirt (encouragement to rise above and be like him)

You never know who needs — tee shirt

Your best friend is always with you — tee shirt (even in this misadventure, Ross is present and letting me know)

Soul — tee shirt
Supreme — tee shirt (Ross lets me know he’s got that big stripe up Home)

Be a voice — tee shirt (that’s when I spoke up we were lost— Ross reminded me to )

Every damn day, California beach — tee shirt (Ross’ assessment of Alexa)

The next day I saw ‘Courage’ tee shirt and ‘green brings good things’ at an airport store.

This is how Ross communicates with me. I see messages that could be ‘random’ but I know through working with him they aren’t. And I write them down to see patterns.

We fly home today. Sixteen hour flight. At least it’s direct.

I am ready for home. In China, as a Westerner, it’s like having dinner for breakfast, dinner for lunch, and dinner for dinner every day. Since we are with a group, the food is cheap. There’s lots of sodium. Many people are having their feet swell, and their fingers too. It’s the heat also.  I love, love, love the people of China and I pray that all the healing work I’ve done—both on myself and in the area—will bring Unconditional Love where it belongs the most.

Ross wants to say something.

I am proud of my Carla.

I took her up yesterday for the healing we send, to the place outside of Time, where you can see ‘like a movie’ all the different ‘Now’ moments lining up. Together we sent it. I just wanted to mention it before my darling forgets.

And I love her.

Carla was walking around over seven to ten miles a day with a heavy backpack. Carrying the water and sunscreen and everything else really adds up. I am proud of her for the struggle and how she overcame the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual oppression/difficulty that was in her path.

The people of China love her too.

I can’t wait for Her to meet them as my consort, wife, and friend, with me at her side!

Clap! Clap!

People of China, I LOVE YOU and I am WAITING for us to reaquaint!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki