Friday, May 4, 2018

Plymouth Fury

This one has been building up for a long time. The energies have been chaotic. And yesterday was the worst of the worst.

I am going to describe this, and also, put it into context for you, because I think perhaps this may be one of the last Ascension Symptoms there is.

The title came from a car that was in front of me on the freeway on my way home yesterday. Ross approved it.

It's been building up.

At the store the other day, while the cashier was ringing my things up, I thought to myself, 'what if this was free? what if everywhere we go, we can get what we need, and it's just free without all of this having to work to pay for it?'

It was like a flicker of remembering what life was like as a Galactic, here in this Illusion of Duality.

My 'normals' switched automatically so that this 'normal' I saw clear and true it actually wasn't.

That's when the rage started.

I remembered back in the days you didn't have to read you labels and pay extra for organic to find food that wasn't designed to kill you.  Bread was bread. Milk was milk, and you didn't have to think anything about it.

There were no computers or cell phones or electronic devices!

I find myself increasingly becoming a slave to them, both at work and at home. My phone is how my work reaches me, and 24/7 I must be available to answer --even on my days off--because a colleague or my boss might try to contact me. (If you ever wonder why I travel so far on vacations, it's to be free of this obligation which only goes away when you are out of town, and preferably, international).

I 'sensed' perhaps that 5G got fired up yesterday. There was this overwhelming 'presence' energetically that was not good. It was controlling. Nobody is going to tell us when Cern restarts (the news lies and I'm sure it's already been up and running--heck, look at what they did in Area 51).

And I got angry.

I got angry and upset at what TWDNHOBIAH have DONE to Gaia and her inhabitants!

I wanted to write a blog post about it just to get people to stop and think about what has happened. Those horrible beings, full of demons, have destroyed Mars with 'war', a formerly beautiful planet. They have hijacked Saturn and Mercury and stolen their natural energy gifts. And they were raping this planet and inhabitants with absolutely no intention of letting anything survive! In their minds, this planet is disposable and they were only going to go on to the next one.

I couldn't have had a worse day at work. Just awful. I was in a lineup with good people, good patients, good colleagues, but you know how every little thing that can go wrong does? For example, there is a new rule. I can't go pee during a case. Some of my colleagues, in the nurse's minds and nurses run the hospital--'abuse the privilege' and leave the room. The nurses watch the patient. But they don't want to watch. So instead of a rare quick pee run, another anesthesiologist must be called to the room. But we don't HAVE other people wandering around to ask! So for two painful cases over two hours long each, I had to go to the bathroom at the beginning of the case and I had to hold my pee.

That's torment.

Add it to not sleeping, not eating, and you have the fundamentals of MK Ultra/Monarch right there. The only next step is to inflict pain through trauma and force me to eat my excrement.

It's the lowest of the low.

And that's how I signed up to 'help people'.

Then I remembered this place.  Plymouth Rock. For those of you who are not from the States, the pilgrims supposedly landed at this site in Massachusetts. My Aunt Ellie took me here when I visited her in 1993.

The pilgrims had been on a super long journey. And you can only imagine their joy when they reached land!


Terra firma!

What if, with all this angst, perhaps, it was coincidentally the same time that we, too, hit the end of our 'journey?' to Ascension?

I felt something yesterday. I checked on the Team Snap. I sensed that the coach was taking Anthony off the basketball team. And sure enough, there was no information. I logged out and couldn't log back in.

Dana had done it.

These are my 5D senses kicking in. I can intuit intention, thoughts, actions, accurately, even from remote locations.

Why do you think I spill my guts here day after day in this blog? Because in the higher realms, there IS no such thing as privacy of thinking--everything is known--and I'm getting you accustomed to what goes on inside my head because sooner or later everyone will know what's going on inside the heads of those around them. It just IS.

Just like the daily Reiki Healing Ross and I send out, creates not just a healing but a gratitude response in our followers, and this gratitude response is also one of the most effective things to ward off psychic attack! It keeps your aura healthy!  Reiki is good. Reiki plus gratitude is even better!

I contacted another mom,  and the coach. Anthony had a bad asthma attack in practice on Monday. He's been sick and he only gets them when he is sick. He's needed his puffer since I've kept him home.

I felt powerless over the coach. And upset because I just had written him the check for three hundred dollars he'd asked for (travel teams cost money, FYI).

I sensed 'it is what it is'. I asked for 'this or something better'. And I also asked Ross to 'help with our son'.

Anthony isn't a go-getter. He's not very active. I'm tired of pushing him into activities to help him lose weight. He didn't want to swim, but he did. He quit martial art after one year (even though I paid for the second one and wasn't reimbursed--that one I lost fifteen hundred dollars).  I made him quit baseball because he was eating too many cookies and churros the team moms brought in. Then I got him into basketball. He enjoys it. But he doesn't try to practice every day outside of the team to improve his skills. I'm always having to coax him and cajole him to get him to do anything besides the video games.

Ross understood. And he is a good father to our son. He assured me he is going to be on it.

I appreciated this so much.

This is a rock in Buzzard Bay, Massachusetts. I had thought Plymouth Rock would look like this, but it didn't. There wasn't even a picture like what I saw at the viewing place in the whole photo service.

This is New Plymouth, New Zealand, and to be honest, it sure looks a lot better than the one in Massachusetts. Perhaps I should read up on my New Zealand history, because I don't know anything about it at all.

This is a Plymouth Rock chicken.

Oh how I would love to grow chickens!

They are super fun and I've had one that looked like the little gold one on the left growing up.

Instead I do spiritual blogging, and anesthesia.

It's my life, and I signed up for it.

The energies are better this morning.

As I was waking up I was promised 'great joy', 'greater than heaven and earth' and also 'much happiness'.

Then this Gaia Portal came through.

It too speaks of new beginnings.

The energies are much better today. More harmonious. Less chaotic and restrictive.

I know as incarnate angels we are supposed to be love, unconditional love to all beings.

Yesterday was rough, because as my awareness went up, and I started to see with new eyes the tricks, the deception, the lying, the evil which completely and totally surrounds us here on surface Gaia--part of me longed to go back to the amnesia! It's horrible just what TWDNHOBIAH have done! Really, sickening. Really bad.

And it doesn't seem to bother my guides any.

I did see a 'Swamp People' on the break room TV. They hunt alligators. It's icky. And the hunters are icky. Super low vibration, with hooks and guns and cutting the tongue of a dead alligator out as bait for the new ones.

I sensed that's what our team has been doing, 'hunting galactic alligators' (I would just as soon leave the earthly ones be free and wild, myself) but the off planet ones here have been just as nasty and mean as the ones on the show.

Perhaps this hunt is over.

Perhaps we are free at last.

I'd like to start today acting as if it happened.

And I don't want to watch the news, or follow anything that those dark ones have controlled when it comes to mainstream media/news outlets/social media.

I don't want to see Gates pledging millions for more vaccines.

It's depressing.

I'd rather listen to the song of the birds as the sun rises in my window, and trust everything is happening in the right way, at the right time, for the highest good of all.

clap! clap!

Ross is saying 'shhhhh' with his finger to his lips. He's no allowed to confirm or deny what I just wrote. He says it's confidential and classified information.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The founders of Doctors With Reiki

P.S. when I woke up my guides said, Walpurgis Night. I think that explains everything. A second Halloween. And Beltaine is coming upon us too. That's probably what I felt over here in California. The rituals. When is this ever going to end?