Thursday, May 10, 2018

From Beijing

I apologize for the different format. I am traveling with an iPad. I wish to report to you my spiritual we go. I am with my son’s school on a field trip.
My assignment from the Divine is to be a loving face in a sea of vast spiritual indifference/unknowing/money-based culture.  This I have done with smiles, hugs, and working with spirits who have been lost between the world of spirit and the earth.

Yesterday I almost walked into the men’s room instead of out into the restaurant while trying to exit the women’s room. A tiny, four foot tall old woman who cleans the bathrooms, reached and turned me the right direction. I showed with body language my embarrassment, gratitude, and love. I hugged her. I told her my name. She didn’t understand. Fortunately my friend Kim from Singapore was in the stall, and translated. The woman asked to take a photo with me. I said yes. She grinned and followed me out to the front door where our tour was waiting. We waved goodbye.

These hearts are so precious! I enjoy watching the people very much.

I also am endeared to them by the Chinglish...well-intentioned translations that don’t quite hit the mark, for example, the storefront for Le Petit that said, Le Peiti.  There is Love Me A Cup and others. I take photos to remember them.

At Grace International University I opened a route for stuck souls to find their way home. I do this with my teams. Not alone.

At Tianemen (I can’t spell), I blessed all that was, is, and every shall be. Blessing is the foundation for the expression of love. I ask you to join in this blessing to this location. Please send not Reiki, not healing, but BLESS it. The entire square. This will help spiritually.

At the Forbidden City, I and my teams helped souls to cross to the Other Side. These souls were old, and needed to be taken by the hand. Mercy of the Creator was in peak form. Horrible deeds were acknowledged, and forgiven. There is still accountability for the choices and these souls take full responsibility for this. Both male and female souls continue to traverse the chasm and find their way home.

For myself, there have been challenges. A teacher is romantically interested in Jared, Anthony’s biological father. He returns the interest. She talks up herself loudly on the bus, and sits behind me every time. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this. It hurts. It makes me feel just as vulnerable as the party Jared took me to to meet his friends when I was four months pregnant and couldn’t drink. I was humiliated. One of his friends even did a lap dance on me in front of a circle of people, when I sat in a chair in the middle. These horrors and painful humiliations are nothing in comparison of what is to come—a successful mission, the opportunity to be a loving presence in a land where there is much misunderstanding between our two worlds and cultures, and a chance to accept suffering gently with a smile.

I suffer.

Please send Reiki. There is much more time of this trip. My heart has been through so much from that man. Ross is doing his very best to assist me. He is in Spirit, not the flesh, and since I am still in the flesh—it hurts.

When time permits I will share more healings.

Yes, I recall. As we passed UniversityHospital I felt many souls in the area. Our teams sent them home too. Ross was very pleased I would endure the flirting and pain and still think of the work to be done. Buddha showed up too, and told me he would send me a surprise. I think it was the tofu dish from Buddha. Our restaurant last night was duck. I don’t like duck. I wanted something higher vibration. And a huge tureen of tofu arrived.