Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Putting It Together

Early this morning I noticed a text from a colleague. It was an invitation to a dinner for using long-term blocks with a special device that instills local anesthesia over time by itself. 

Just last week I saw that Exparel (a liposomal, long-acting and VERY EXPENSIVE form of local anesthetic used for hemorrhoid surgery) was approved for inter scalene blocks (for shoulder surgery). 

The invitation said, 'in this day of opioid crisis we need options'.

You can say that again.

I'm doing outpatient cholecystectomies and all I have in my arsenal is fentanyl, demerol, iv tylenol, and percocet. Everything else is backordered or not on formulary. (we used to have dilaudid, a long-acting narcotic which is useful for post-op pain). In the hospital, we have dilaudid and morphine, but in limited supply. We are encouraged to avoid fentanyl because for them it's in short supply and backordered.

In my training, pain was introduced as the fifth vital sign. We had to treat it. 

Later, reimbursements were tied to customer satisfaction scores.

And to get high scores, we needed to make sure there was plenty of opioid out there for our patients.

Some 'safe', 'long-acting' drugs like oxycontin had recently gone on the market shortly around the time of the 'fifth vital sign' campaign by the Joint Commission. 

It was a perfect storm waiting to happen.

I almost titled this blog post 'art speaks'.

I recently went to China as a chaperone on my son's school field trip.

The looks in the faces of the people in the Opium Wars in Shanghai were haunting.

Everyone was affected.

If you don't know what they are, I'll tell you.

In Asia, there is a culture that is highly different from the West. And I will use Buddhism as a means to describe it. Although Buddhism isn't the only religion/belief system in Asia, okay? There is Shinto, Tao, and more...

In Buddhism, meditation is promoted as a way to achieve success in this 'Earth Walk' experience.

Attachments are deemed 'unnecessary' and emotional attachments to 'things' or 'people' or 'places' or 'events' will detract from the likelihood of 'success' in the 'goal' of 'enlightenment'.

These people are highly mental, very adept at what they do, and have explored the powers of the mind well.

Some can even stop their heartbeat and make it come back again, at will. Literally leave their bodies.

And come back.

Life of a monk is lonely, regimented, and long.

With very little frills or perks.

They are poor and take a vow of poverty.

Chinese nobility does not.

This is the fifth generation from the Qing dynasty.

They were the ones with the Silk Road. (I think...lots of history taught us in Xian--I think perhaps it was the Tang dynasty, and the Qing was the ones who built up Beijing.)

Confucius here is wise and very well-respected.

But he is not an emperor.

This is the palace of Heaven.

Emperors linked Heaven and Earth.

Please note the top is very very rare--blue sky--and NO TOURISTS!  It really looks more like the bottom photo.

So with all this power, both 'spiritual' and 'earthly'...Emperors had a lot on their plate. Their days were long--four thirty a.m. until like eleven p.m.--hearing things, making decisions...and eating one hundred course meals. Entertaining their many wives and concubines...

The trouble is they weren't always fighting.

And it was easy to grow 'soft', like the left lower corner figure.

And they had great wealth, lots of gold...lots and lots of it. What if others caught wind of the wealth and wanted it for themselves? How would they get it?

This is an opium den. It is smoked. And the men would gamble or have visions or spend time away from their responsibilities.

This is the inverse of the Buddhist-training, or Confucius rigor of mind.

It gives you a 'head trip', the easy way.

So in a way, 'everyone' can have 'visions'.

It's like the weakness to be exploiting that was unique for this culture.

Soon the emperors and the ruling class were all tied up in this.

Who introduced the opium?

The West.

Britain I think the tour guide said.

And then the East said, 'we don't want this opium, shove it up your arse!' They blocked all imports.

Guess what?

Britain invaded and easily overtook the East. All the leaders were hooked on opium and weak.

Shanghai remembers it. Many died. And many are still hurting from this. You can feel it in the art.

And in the architecture? OMG! The Bund has lots of not only 'western' architecture, but all the 'signs of the Builders' put into it too. TWDNHTBIAH.

Who else had they recently overtaken? In a coup that was no 'accident' but something generations in planning? Through the US, Hawaii, was similarly taken over for her resources.

It's their way of doing things.

This is Green Tara. She is in Tibetan Buddhism, and represents Healing. She was my inspiration all through medical school.

I love her.

And it seems to me, that my culture, in medicine, was recently in the cross-hairs of TWDNHOBIAH, and through the 'shortages' and 'crisis' (read--'problem'--which was artificially created and promoted through news outlets)--there is now a 'solution' (like the dinner event with the expensive devices and local anesthesia forms --status quo narcotics and local anesthetics are dirt cheap)...


I'm just going to leave you with one article, and two videos.

My point is, three fold:
  1. If there is gold, resources to be taken, the team TWDNHOBIAH probably have a long-range plan to acquire it, one that lasts longer than one generation so it goes 'under the radar'.
  2. TWDNHOBIAH are very good at it, and have been successful at working in the shadows for a long time. The reason is, that once the shadow is gone, and everything is out in the open, their methods won't work. A secret isn't a secret if everyone knows about it. Right?
  3. There are secret groups who DO have our best interest at heart that exist. I'm talking about the White Dragon Society and other secret groups in Asia, who are good--and I suspect with the Opium Wars they have a grudge to settle with TWDNHOBIAH.  Also on our side, there are Positive Military forces who through psychic development in the CIA programs discovered the hidden truth in our own 'back yard', and have organized and made great strides to expose the hidden evils.

Did I meet any White Dragons when I was in China?

Not that I knew. 

Did I meet any in Japan?

Not that I knew. 

Did they notice me, and Anthony?

I don't know.

Are the 'White Dragons' Coh-brah speaks about REALLY good?

I don't know. I wish I did.  I do know the positive military Q said Trump is working with are good, and have ties--very very slim and now have been broken--to Kerth Barker, who is good.

It is all being settled out as we speak?


Everything goes on behind the scenes before it is commonly known. 

Do I have today off?

Thankfully, yes. I've had bad asthma, and Anthony too. As well as the 'gift that keeps on giving', Anthony's trouble with the time change, his inability to get off China time, his waking me up in the middle of the night, and missing school.

Yesterday, I kept falling asleep during the day, and napped between two cases for thirty minutes. I couldn't' function. Normally three chocolate covered espresso beans keep me up about two hours. I needed ten. 

So please send healing to us. We aren't doing so good. He's still sleeping and could sleep all day.

I have to get him to exercise in the sun, but it's been overcast here.

We caught something in China, I don't know what--diarrhea, cough, misery--and I can't separate the jet lag from the illness. 

I've asked Ross for help, and he isn't really guiding much. It's a little of a lesson, and a lot of 'you're doing the right things' when this is his response.

Do I know anything from him about the Big Picture?

Not on your life. Secrecy is huge for his success, and I've grown used to it over many, many incarnations with him. There is lots he doesn't tell me.

I like the part about mediums having abilities others do not have.

It has to do with the Veil (this is the 'filter' Marc describes). I'm not sure who made it--or who enforces it--but apparently the Veil is a big deal. And it's breaking apart. If it were to burst and disappear all at once, perhaps people would go crazy knowing everything all at once? It appears to be highly controlled, whatever it is doing. But for life as we know it, today?

Mediums are supposed to be mediums, to have these gifts, and it was built into their Life Contract. 

You have your own gifts. And these were built into your Life Contract. Perhaps it was even to be strong of body, and healthy, to be able to help others who were weak--protecting them, nourishing them, working to support them. 

Marc didn't go so far as to say it, but I will:  Enjoy your Gifts!

Enjoy any new Gifts that come along--perhaps signs of expanded consciousness!

For all we know, the discovery of new gifts could be written into our Life Contracts too, for this special time.

The system works. It's for the Highest Good. And your contribution is greatly valued. For example, Marc writes and thinks and is a consciousness philosopher!  

Ross and I work as a team. We each have our roles. I let him do his, and he lets me do mine. I don't think he's like to be assigned my role's tasks any more than I'd want to do his work (which involves talking to lots of people and diplomacy--something he does much, much better than me). Ross says, 'I don't like to write'--that's for sure, he doesn't. Never has, and never did.

Do your part.

Enjoy life as best as you can while you are incarnate.

Know there are 'tricks' and 'tricky people' for lack of a better word--I suspect the 'tricksters' are only partially human as demonic entities control them--and don't let them hide. Certainly don't let them trick you. Not any more. They may have tricked you in the past, but you are no fool.  Stop it in its tracks.

That is enough.

Our love is with you, and I have a sick child to attend.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The founders of Doctors With Reiki