Tuesday, May 15, 2018


It’s been a busy two days. The last day in Xi’an we toured the headquarters of Buddhism in all of China. There is a very old temple. I saw a copy of a manuscript which had been carried on the back of a monk from India to China. They had it in Sanskrit, and were the first to translate it to Chinese.

It was a wonderful place. Jared bought incense for me and for Anthony. He was in line ahead of us. A kind toothless old man showed us how to dip the tip into the candle oil from a burning lotus candle, how to light it, and even how to place it in the incense sand pit.

He took me by the elbow and demonstrated I needed to kneel on one of the three cushions after lighting the candle. I pantomimed, ‘I don’t know how’ so he showed me. Kneel with hands in prayer, stand up, then child position with hands palms out and flexed. Three times. So I did it.

I saw Buddha in my mind’s eye as I did this. I asked him how to free myself from attachments such as I had been experiencing of late with Jared and Alexa. He told me what to do—how long to chant each day and for how many days. Then he would free me.

Things sort of went downhill from there on the mystical experiences. The tour guide, who ‘was famous because he had given tour to Michele Obama’—took us to the meditation garden. Then inside. Then he gave ‘a demonstration’ of Chinese Calligrapy and also Watercolor.

Everything was for sale.

The whole tour was a way to raise funds for the temple.

I’m so glad I didn’t ask him about White Dragons.

One of the things I bought was a stamp. It’s how you make things official by you in China. It’s stone, they carve your name in Chinese on the bottom, and there’s a red ink in a small pot you rub on the end before you stamp. I saw a beautiful translucent alabaster/quartz one but it was too much. I asked about one that was close—it was still expensive—but then the carver took one out from below. It’s perfect, almost translucent, and had a resting white dragon on it. The cost was less too.

After this, of all things, we went next to the Muslim section of Xi’an. A beautiful open air market which reminded me of the County Fair. Activity and food everywhere. We stopped first in a tea shop, and sampled tea. It’s very different here, they make it for you. Some tea only steeps for five to ten seconds! You have to rinse it first.

I was with a Chinese tour guide, Robert, JP the youngest on the trip, Agnes the school administrator/mom of Grace another girl on the trip, and Mohammed, father of Adam. We had fun. We were able to ask for samples (Robert). Mohammed likes hot peppers, so we found the spiciest ones for him.  I wanted to do the fish pedicure where they nibble at your dead skin cells but there wasn’t time.

Mohammed wanted to pray. He bought us tickets to go in. We walked all the way back through a beautiful, but somewhat neglected, Chinese garden and pagoda. The dragon theme was prominent. I realized there was one around there somewhere in the earth/ley line.

I’m sorry if I’ve skipped a step. I knew at the terra cotta warriors I fed two dragons the fuel. I’m not sure where I left off. After the sparkling fuel that was given to me, I got one that was totally transparent and was called ‘Living Water’. I didn’t get to keep that one for long. I think I recall giving this one to the dragon at the mosque. What filled me next was like the energy of Raziel’s office—the void of the Universe to be created, the emptiness which is filled with potential.

The imam wouldn’t let me in.  Not even to the little porch. After Mohammed prayed, he asked him if I could look. So I went to the door. It’s not much, to be honest, lots of empty mats in an old room. No fancy decorations due to the location and local culture. I kissed my hand and put it on the doorframe.

Then Mohammed said to look at the center door. Then I saw the part where the speakers go, elegantly carved in dark wood. Oddly enough there was an old grandfather clock there too. Again in full view of the imam, I kissed my hand and the door like I did. I kept searing eye contact with him—which he tried to break the gaze—as I walked to the door. I wanted him to see the tear in my eye about how unfair this is to all women worldwide, and how it is not tolerated any longer on earth. The Divine Feminine is to be respected. Forever. The same as it is in Heaven. End of story.

Fast forward an early morning flight to Shanghai.

The weather is sweltering here. We had long parking lots to go through to find the bus.

On the flight Ross had showed me something. He’s ‘fishing’.  But the end of the hook is about a ten by ten ‘wooden’ grid, with lots of things dangling off them. Those things—are Ground Crew. One is me. I saw it.  Ross moves the thing around to attract ‘fish’—the dark entities that need to be removed from Earth. I asked him, ‘am I bait?d!’  He said, essentially, ‘yes’. This explained a lot of the recent things ‘from out of the blue’.

He also said I can will it for Alexa to see him. So I have been willing this for her to see him with me (that’s how he meant it, for her to see him at my side). All the time.

Things came to a head. A teacher spoke with me about how I asked Anthony where he wanted to sleep, his father’s room or mine, and it put him in the awkward position of choosing between his parents. Don’t do it.

Everything came out about Alexa. How I told her my pain, on the flight, and how she broke the ‘girl code’ and even though she’s a mom and living with someone who’s sick, she encouraged Jared. However, Sandy said not everyone on the staff likes Alexa, she and her son are trouble. She’s inconsistent as a mother. Too harsh and too lenient, one to the other, unpredictably. Furthermore, Sandy told me to be more Buddhist—it helped her through bad relationships. And I shared that I needed a friend. I’m happy for Jared, I just don’t want to watch. And I think it sends a TERRIBLE message to the kids that as adults on a school function you can fool around romantically (no sleeping together of course, but buying drinks, staying out late, and eating every meal together)...but the teens in puppy love can’t even hold hands! She understood. She also offered to be my friend and I didn’t have to be alone for the rest of the trip. Anthony is glued to his dad’s side—seeking male attention/validation, and also validation from his friends. He doesn’t say good morning. But now in Shanghai, he’s in my room at night, and I’m content.

I did work at the Bund. There is a feature there. Tall. Has a circle underneath it. I was told to touch it. That would transfer some of the void to the structure, which by the history of this place I assume was channeling ‘chi’ for TWDNHOBIAH. This place is full of their influence. And the Opium Wars were just as deliberate and nasty and low vibration as the stealing of Hawaii. Same people. Same deception.  I stood under the thing, in the center, and simply said my name. I AM G. S. (My, um, ‘nickname’).

Then it was done.  There’s a new Gaia Portal which I knew was coming because I sense them.

BTW at the airport the new John Smallman’s was so beautiful I cried. These were words I very much needed to hear.

Today is a new day. The air conditioning works in the hotel. And there’s more things to see!

Ross shared with me when I woke up that we used to go together to lots of old ancient markets like the one in Xi’an. He said to look for him in the market today when we go. So I will. <3 I’ve also asked him to send me lots of hearts to see—and he has. The last one was on the design of a cappuccino on a vending machine in the hotel lobby. He also has been speaking to me through tee shirts and signs. It’s helped. I’ll share that later when I’m not on an iPad.

All is well, our love is sent to you. With our blessings.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki