Friday, May 11, 2018

Leaving Beijing

The air right now looks like a thick fog. It is pollution. The counts last I checked were in the purple range. This is worse than red. Over two hundred parts per million, very unhealthy.

I let people in our group know about the health hazards two days ago. They wore their masks. Only two besides us, the veterinarian and her son, as well as Anthony’s father Jared who bought what I did for me and Anthony, had adequate protection. They wore masks for surgery, not for particles. And even then, when they day got hot, they took them off. I had shown the app with the red zone alert. Nobody wanted to know the truth yesterday. Anthony could feel the pollution, and wore his mask all day. I realized I can’t save everyone. People don’t want to put up with a little discomfort to protect themselves from known risks, and especially when the results don’t show up right away from the harm. This was a big lesson. I can’t save everyone. And everyone has free will to make their own choices.

The blessings you have been sending to the square I asked yesterday are spreading out throughout Beijing. Apparently, there is a dragon in the median of the city which intersects the Olympic villiage and this line on earth goes through the imperial palace and the square. There are actually dragons at the village in three dimensions—another is perpendicular to the first dragon, in the form of a lake. And the last is the IBM building which is perpendicular to the other two. So much work is being done. I ask you to keep these blessings going. The people here need to learn of unconditional love. Ross never got this far in his mission. So together, we are picking up where he left off and finishing his work. Love is never wasted. And think of it as a sprinkler system for it has been set up in the garden of the souls of Beijing. Thank you for supplying the ‘water’.

I also did work at a place where people ‘bargain’ wasn’t until I left I saw a picture of George Bush on the wall. Hmmmm. I didn’t know what I had done, but my presence was enough to help sky crew. So, moral of story is, just by being you, even if you are absolutely clueless about your mission, as long as you hold the vibration HIGH and TIGHT, you are useful to the team and Ascension keeps moving forward.  Love what is, and know you are important and irreplaceable for the success of our combined Galactic project.

Your Reiki has helped me to cope with what I witness. My heart is filled with gratitude to you for easing my suffering. I had a terrible woman who once stole a boyfriend. This one here is doing the same things, same fake compliments, same trying to make herself look better in comparison to me.  Please understand these wounds were required and she did me in Beijing a favor to the cause, my heart needed to break to provide the fuel to complete Ross’ assignment he didn’t finish. This fuel went into the dragons. I am not asked to provide more. And a superior replacement of what I lost has been given back to my soul.

I also had a visit from Jared’s deceased dog, Haus. He lays with me now in the bed. Haus and Tyson always respected me as Anthony’s mother. You must understand Jared does not give me a text, or give Anthony money to buy me gifts for mother’s day. This is the kind of person he is, as well as the kind who doesn’t consider my feelings here on this trip. Haus is a huge boxer, and a source of relief and love. My sisters too, and my closest friends, are super supportive.

Thank you.

P.S. my closest friend here on the trip is a veterinarian who does acupuncture. Also one teacher—not the flirt—is Reiki Master too.

All my love,


P.S. Ross wants to say all is well, he is working hard, he is with me. He thanks you for your loving support to me. Your being incarnate helps him with me where he can’t.