Friday, June 1, 2018

Magie Noire: On Magic For Both Good And Evil

What is 'magic'?

Sure we've all heard of it. We've all formed some impression of it. But how often do we reflect on how my definition of 'magic' compares to someone else's use of the term?

Can there be more than one type of 'magic'?

And if so, the question is, 'what do I need to know?' and even more importantly, 'do I need to protect myself from it or not?'

Those are good questions.

And since we all have good heads on our shoulders, and wisdom to decide, together let's look at the facts.


The hand is quicker than the eye!

Just like optical illusions and brain teasers, 'magic' in the commonly used term to describe a 'performing art' is the game of the 'slight of hand'...being able to use props, equipment, and practiced movement skills to 'fool the senses' of the audience.

The laws of the natural world seem to bend and twist right before our eyes! Much to our delight and amazement.

How could something happen like this?

The comfort is, that this is a game, an elaborate one, that is only Illusion, and deep down, both the performer and the observer know that the laws of nature still stand untouched, same as always, for all time.

I'm just going to make one comment here. Please notice the costume which consists of the wand, the hat, and the cape.

We will get back to that later. Thank you.

White Magic

White magic isn't for entertainment.

It is a belief system.

It is the belief that the Natural Laws include the power to co-create with Nature for the Highest Good.

For the good of all and harm of none, so mote it be!

White magic presupposes that in addition to our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin, there is another 'sense' which for purposes of this article we will refer to as 'awareness' as in 'cognizance' or 'knowing'.  And furthermore that this 'awareness' is a state of mind, also referred to as 'going into alpha (brainwaves)' which helps the power to co-create with Nature to flow.

There are schools for this power.

And these schools have, over time, come to the belief that there are key events in the calendar year which promote 'white magic' to be more powerful.

There are 'rituals'--movements, ceremonies, gatherings, objects--which also help to increase this power.

At the root of this is the fundamental belief in the power of the Divine Feminine, in complete and perfect balance with the Divine Masculine, are aligned with the entire Cosmos and all of Creation including the stars...for the highest good of All That Is.

In other words, it's like surfing. It's an activity. It's a skill. It's a lifestyle. It's something that most people can't do. And it's a way to make life more enjoyable...and fun.

Don't be afraid now, we all know what's coming next, right?

Black Magic

Like white magic, black magic is a belief system.

It is hidden.

Part of the belief system is that if it is 'hidden in plain sight' it is more powerful.

Another part of the belief system at the high adept level is that 'consent must be given' from society in general for it to work.

The energy of Divine Creator is ALWAYS for the Highest Good. There is ONE energy in the Universe/Cosmos, and only ONE way to align with it.

Except with black magic.

The energy of Gaia has both a constructive energy and a destructive energy pattern available for it to be expressed.  Trees grow. And forest fires consume trees. There is an interdependent cycle for life on Gaia with all of her many inhabitants to coexist.

Rabbits are born to feed predators.

Predators die and nourish the grass which feeds the grass the rabbits eat.

Energy is neither created or destroyed, it just changes forms within the system.

This just IS.

Black Magic is the development of the extra 'sense', Awareness, to glorify the individual.  The separate one. Their senses. Their pleasures. Their power.

'If somebody tricked you, it's your fault, because you should have been paying attention' is a philosophy of adherents to this way of life.

Believers in black magic are quick to say that they are not 'slight of hand' magicians. And yet, ceremonial robes, staffs, wands, and headpieces...are important to them, like they are to white magic practitioners too.

This sort of closes the circle because what better way to direct attention away from the true workings of black magic, than to create a 'harmless form of entertainment' and call THAT 'magic', so no one would ever question the power of the secret esoteric teachings which have been handed down behind the scenes of society since antiquity? The same magic words. The same clothes. The same lulling the public into thinking it's 'all in good fun'? What the heck why not even build a theme park on it and promote it for 'clean family fun'?! Right?

And how about, perhaps, coining new terms for people who begin to grow concerned and curious about what is hidden, and calling them, 'conspiracy theorists'?

This is where the concept of black magic starts to get tricky. It hides. It likes to stay hidden. It seeks cover, excuses, lies...all to keep the true objective from being known and therefore losing the secret power over all of humanity.

When you start looking into it, you can't win. That's why they call it going 'down the rabbit hole'. It's deep, it's dark, and it's scary.

I can't define it for you.

But since we all have good heads on our shoulders, and because this currently affects all of us, I will raise some topics for you to reflect upon and decide for yourself.

Ross picked this one. I adore his sense of humor!

Questionable Topic Number One:  Roseanne Barr

Colorado housewife turned comedy superstar Roseanne rocketed to celebrity seemingly out of nowhere with her self-titled hit television show in the eighties.

Sigh. I just spent two hours looking through all my photos for a screen shot of the time she retweeted one of my tweets. It was by Archangel Michael, and about how God never leaves you, no matter how bad the situation.

If you notice with a fine tooth comb in the wiki link under her name, there is not one mention of MK Ultra. (Monarch Mind Control Programming).  When I used to research this stuff more, she was an excellent source who honestly talked about surviving the abuse and exposing what goes on in the entertainment industry.  You can search 'Roseanne MK Ultra' on YouTube and find the same things I've seen, they haven't been taken down yet.

Here are two links if you are interested:

Questionable Topic Number 2: people who die and come back

Ronald Bernard is a Dutch Banker who took great risk to bring us this interview. I watched it. Lots of people watched it.  He gained our sympathy for it, his risk. There are many videos like this out there, if you look, from people INSIDE the system, and got out.  Svali is one of my favorite examples. I've read all of the work from that source/ link. It took days. Svali was a former programmer who switched sides and told the world about many things. She even had her own website. Then she mysteriously disappeared. Just like Ron did. He was walking the dogs by his home in Florida, and was reported to have died. (Then there was a recent journalist too--Arkady Babchenko, another story--lets get back to Ron)...

Now he is confirmed alive  and giving interviews. Many people approached me on that latest interview link. 'What is this?' and 'what do you think?'   All I can say is that I couldn't watch it. Something in it, turned me off. I don't know what. The interviewer? The energy? It's being thirty-three minutes long? I can't say. Just a few minutes and I was like, 'I'm not doing this' and clicked it off.

What do I have to say?


It's all part of a bigger picture, a psy-op on people, I don't get it how it works, these 'deaths' and I don't really want to understand them anyway. 

It's something to think about.

All I have to add is to recall that they are masters of Illusion.

Questionable Topic Number 3:  are they out to get me?

If they were would they want you to know?

Here is a video a reader sent me on The Horror of Forced Organ Donation in China. Again, I couldn't watch the whole thing. 

I do recommend on this one, you consider the price of adrenochrome, how it is obtained, and how money factors in to the culture of China. If you were going to produce lots of adrenochrome for the black market, this is the perfect way to harvest it--live unanesthetized forced organ donation--as a 'cover' to 'supply organs' (and make money) while keeping the more lucrative part for the adrenochrome junkies on the down low.

If you'd like to know more about adrenochrome, I recommend you read Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High Adept Satanism by Kerth Barker. It's available on Amazon. 

And if you'd like to know if 'they' are armed and dangerous, organized, and in control of governments--the answer is yes. It's been that way for a long time.

Is there opposition to 'them'? Yes.  Will the opposition win? Yes. When and how are things going to 'go down'? I don't know. 

Ross picked this one to make you laugh, I'm sure you could use it.

There's been a lot of 'heavy' material in this one.

Just for that, I'd like to make you laugh too...and give you the option to skip the research and say, 'I'll think about it'. Going through the links in this one is going to take YOU 'hours'!   (And it's taken me all day to write it LOL)

I'll think about it!

Together we'd like to give you hope with some screen shots I did find, of some pretty inspirational stuff. Mixed with, well, not so inspirational things, because life is like that.  Enjoy the contrast and the flavor! Either way, the good outweighs the bad, no matter how you look at it. 

Ask me how I know? I just looked at all my photos for like, ten years! 

Life is good!

Ross really wanted me to write this.

He asked me to drop everything and write it today.

He just said right now I did a good job. Everything is here for the newly awakening and even the 'not-so-new awakeners' as he calls them, to go through it at their own pace.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple and Founders of Doctors With Reiki