Monday, June 25, 2018

Moving Forward

I am writing this to encourage you that we CAN do this!

We can Ascend together as one cohort of souls who are incarnate upon surface Gaia.

Everything is going to be okay.

I was on call this weekend. So we missed counting together day 359. Here were are with day 358.

CAGLIARI, ITALY - MAY 1, 2014: 358 Religious Procession of Sant'Efisio, parade of traditional Sardinian costumes - Sardinia

What do I see? What do I experience? What brings me joy as we count the days?

Night before last as I fell asleep, Ross' face flashed before my consciousness, the clearest it has ever been. Instantly I relaxed. I fell into a deep sleep, feeling protected, nurtured, and loved. 

The 'veil' if you will, thins. At least our perception of it. Supposedly it has been in tatters for some time now. 

I do have a sense of encouragement and hope. The Galactic life--where I go when I am asleep--truly does feel more 'real and permanent' than my activities while I am 'awake and going through my day'.

My days are so fast, not much time really to plan, or to enjoy, or to do projects. Half of the year is gone already.

A highlight was dinner at my sister's so Anthony could meet his new baby cousin. Another family friend was there. We felt welcome and the parents have done a wonderful job with the baby's room. It's beautiful. 

Part of me was a little sad because I got a glimpse into 'motherhood today'. To get a mate, it helps to have cosmetic surgery, sometimes which interrupts the milk ducts. So it's 'very hard' to nurse exclusively even when you want to. So the 'supplement' formula comes in a huge plastic carton. It's, um, hard for the mother who feels ambivalent about the situation. I kept my mouth shut, and gave thanks for all the work for La Leche league to take back a woman's power to nurse. I just get this feeling that everything is by design to work against women, even though they say it is to empower them. Case in point--mothering classes. She's taking them too, and it's 'very pricey'.  I don't fault her for wanting to do more, and to do the best for her child. Different experts come in to talk each week, and new moms can meet. What I'm sad for is the loss of community, of family support, which is nature's right to mothers. Even for people to watch the child here and there to help the new mom out. All the moms work. People are relocated from family. Now some 'experts' are taking the place of the wisdom of grandmothers.  It's opportunity for improvement if you ask me. 

Another blessing was my other sister came with her family to the hotel by the hospital, and took Anthony to see a movie. I had missed them. I don't know why our lives are so busy. With coparenting and work schedules, I really don't have much time available to go visit people I care about. I'm always tired too. 

They went to see the new incredible movie. Anthony said it was all about hypnosis, and the flashing strobe scenes felt like the movie was trying to brainwash the audience. He didn't look, he hid his eyes. Otherwise he said it was a good movie.

My family bought dinner at a fish taco place. But they conspired in a nice way. They hadn't bought food for me. But they felt bad. So Anthony gave up his dinner so I could eat, and my nephew gave up a chicken street taco.  I wondered why it was the beans in the kid meal burrito that Anthony liked! I came to the hotel after they had eaten, so I didn't know.

It wasn't until this morning that Anthony told me the truth.

He had bread and cheese last night in the room. I had bought food just in case he was alone. Salads, fruit. Cookies and pie for if his cousins visited. 

I actually did save a life yesterday. Fortunately after that I got a good night's rest.

Ross wants me to do things which bring me joy today.  I haven't really done that. I organized a little, and I caught up on my email.  This week I can't afford childcare--I only work one day--so I mailed a check to the school for next week. I also gave a gift to the administrator who is the only one to support Anthony (and me) as his father is head over heels in love with Alexa who is in a relationship with another man.  Everyone else in the school--the owner, the daughter in law, the other teachers--are on Alexa's side. They want me to just accept it. Fortunately this other woman acknowledges the difficult position Anthony is in--a teacher who grades him is intimate with his father--and the other children, all the parents who didn't go to China, and this administrator--are giving him a safe place to talk about his feelings. 

I also see clearly which directions to go with the new business. It will take time. But for now, I will take care of small things and enjoy my time off for summer.

We live in times when the old ways don't really explain everything.

And the new which isn't all the way here yet, may ask us to 'accept' lots of things which at first may feel a little uncomfortable.

Ideas like, 'one oversoul, many bodies'.

'Planets who are incarnate'

'Monagamy is a can but not a must'

'My thoughts are broadcast telepathically to everyone'--this one might be a little awkward right? Knowing what everyone really thinks 24/7 is like, um, weird.

Lovemaking in the Higher Realms is very nice--because of that telepathic connection. It's more than the physical here on Earth. There's different ways to make love, not just positions, but ways for the male and female energy to interact. Ross has taught me breath work. I like it. There is privacy too, don't worry.  With my Consciousness I have gone up and experienced these things. It's something to look forward to, and I think people are going to be pleased to discover how much better things can be.

For the planets who are incarnate--all of them are known and know one another. I call myself as Gaia Sophia, 'the mystery shopper'. For some reason, I am here as Carla and when I go to Council, sometimes official questions are asked of me. My answers and many of my life situations show up directly in the Gaia Portal--by people who have no connection to me in the physical at all. I sense  that I'm 'me' but actually my 'husbands' have given some of their energy from their souls to create me (and Ross). They are caretakers for the caretakers. No matter how I came to be, I'm grateful for the gift of being alive, and for being able to have an opinion.

All of the planets are Archangels, too. How this came to be, for the double duty, I don't know. I can't explain it to you. Twin Soul Archangels are called 'Illuminated Twin Flames'. Twin souls are called Twin Flames, not sure if they are angels or not. All of us here on the planet are going to be 'Divine Humans', sort of angelic humans with the properties of both states of being. I think it's something new. That's why so many Archangels are here helping with the Ascension. I know there are first incarnations and second incarnations and soul 'aspects'. I wish I could explain them more to you but I can't. So, for that reason, like in the Islands, everyone is 'cousin', 'uncle', and 'auntie'...

Forgiveness is important. Whenever you get confused during these changes, or upset, just reflect on forgiveness for yourself and others. This is like a 'home-safe-starting point' you may always go back to as changes take place. It will settle you and ground you and your energy.

I'm reading a book on how 'They Hack The American Mind' or something like that. I differ with the author in his assessment that 'we are just neurotransmitters'. Sorry, we have a soul. And yes, addiction according to Hans Wilhelm, can follow us to the afterlife. Besides this, the explanation from the author is WONDERFUL. It explains many things, and also, if you read between the lines, you see the hand of the 'architect' who 'built' things in such a way as to exploit pleasure and to bring dependence, obesity, and sorrow to the average person. Important brain cells die after too much pleasure, and then it takes MORE of the same stimulus to even come close. It has been said that for a lush they get less pleasure from a pint of liquor than the average drinker gets from one cocktail! The brain chemistry has been rewired towards addiction. And many people just switch substances/addictions but never are cured.

I mention this because in 5D everything heals instantly. There have been people who have seen homeless people pop in and out between 5D and 3D. In 5D, they are clean and their missing teeth are a perfect smile. It's as easy as that.

If you can imagine all of the brain chemistry re-setting itself back to the original pristine state, just like Gaia and the rest of her delicate ecosystems, once Ascension is complete--you can imagine how the control mechanisms will fail entirely.

The three pathways described in the book are the dopamine reward pathway, the fear-memory-cortisol pathway, and the serotonin-happiness pathway.  The pleasure-happiness semantics are deliberately confusing in our society, to permit advertising to make a buck over our consumption.

Those are my thoughts.

Anything you'd like to say, honey?


You are really going to like the sex. And no, it's not with EVERYBODY/EVERYONE with all kinds of crazy different partners. Everyone is discreet and respectful (not like Jared with Alexa who hurt Carla and Anthony with their infatuation/'love'/attraction).

You are going to have a sense of time--enough time to your satisfaction to accomplish things and there will be no sense of 'rushing' like you have at the current time.

Your energy will soar as the control mechanism which have been holding you back are relinquished by TWDNHOBIAH.

Those of you who hate the current world leaders and experience conflict among one another because of your beliefs will find peace and mutual respect for both sides will have been hoodwinked by the Darkness. Everything will come out into the open--it might not be pretty at first and some of you will 'have fits of anger' over the discovery of terrible lies and tricks...think of it as infection letting out the pus like a surgeon. Short term pain for long term recovery.

About money--try not to think about it. There are other ways. Everyone will have enough to survive, and there will be no homelessness or stress over finances. You can't continue to gamble and expect to be given enough continuously. That's isn't the point. The point is for everyone to have a fair chance at a new start, and for those who receive this to take more responsibility in the managing of their resources from here on out.

Nature will be given a lot of support and many of you are going to be involved directly with these projects.

Everyone has their assignments and will know how to carry on once the energy shifts. It will be second-nature to you to assume your duties in this regard.

Good things are happening. (he looks at his watch--ed). Take in the best what is around you every single day, and be grateful for all the blessings you are given. Family. Work. A roof over your head. Food in your stomach. Health. Guidance. Love.

These are the messages I and my teams have for you today. And yes I encouraged Carla to share about our relationship--we enjoy our time together, our private time, and it is healthy to love and share soul to soul as we do from our hearts.

I will be writing more later on updates and the like.

It is my goal for you to have time for all of this to sink in.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki