Friday, June 8, 2018

It Could Happen To You

Today is an important message to the planet's inhabitants (who can read-- ; ) ) from Gaia Sophia.

Please take a moment to refresh what you know about what happened with Kilauea.

It's not Pele.

It's Gaia who is doing this.

Here is a link for you to get an idea of what is going on:

This is no accident.

Puna being wiped off the map is not a random thing.

It's not an entirely willed thing, either.

It just is.

A mother was on vacation with her only son, who was lost in Kapoho Bay. This story touched Gaia's heart deeply. He was an adult, a young adult, who just disappeared and was last seen wearing snorkeling equipment. The family was from the midwest, and most likely didn't understand how strong the currents are in this part of the island.

This mother's anguish resonated deeply with Gaia's soul.  But she didn't tell anybody.

She looked to notice to the area for any signs of any kindness to this poor mother who had undoubtedly paid a great deal for her happiness on vacation, wanting to make for good with her family.

This set up a resonance.

The area also has a different baseline resonance. Gaia knows it.

Then things happened.

Now Kapoho Bay does not exist.

Furthermore, the economics of the region is in jeopardy because of the lack of tourist visitors who are now sending in their cancellations. Even the cruise ships do not make the stop.

People have lost homes. People were staying in their homes with guns before the lava took them, because they wanted to ward off the thieves who were raiding people's homes. One is paralyzed for losing balance and falling off a railing now. Another almost lost his leg to lava.

These are dense, very low vibrational frequencies which have to go.

Even the mayor lost a home in Kapoho.

Gaia is watching to see how the community rebuilds itself. Will they be kind and honoring one another and also honoring Her?

Everything in the area belongs to her, as Pele, and she wants the world to know it.

Watch and learn.

It could happen to you, wherever you are.

Puna is only the first.

Other acts of nature can happen elsewhere besides the lava.

Be in your heart.

Open it.

Be humble and willing to allow 'Madame Pele' to 'do her thing'.

Encourage her, and cheer her on.

Pour a shot of liquor and leave it with the entire bottle in the window for her as her lava comes to take your house.

The very dense and lower vibrations will no longer be tolerated here on Earth.

It is her will.

Wait and watch the show, and please get in the habit of helping others right in your community. And in the world.

How to help in Hawaii?

We have placed orders from:

We love Big Island. We love all the people of Big Island. And we want them to know our aloha and our wishes to help them get back on their feet. Please do your research to support the businesses in the area--not the other islands so much as Hilo and Kona and especially Volcano--the businesses listed are truly Big Island establishments and the money will go directly there. This way the businesses can make payroll and others can keep their jobs.

We would like for everyone on earth to enjoy a different kind of lava, as shown here in this 'lava cake'--to 'have their cake and eat it too'.

I have known/sensed big changes are underway in June. Ross hasn't told me, but I've 'seen' changes.

Marc talks about it, this month, too. We haven't talked about it with each other, either. Just Spirit who has been talking with us. The 'portal' he describes looks like and alignment of lots of spheres rotating with like Swiss Cheese holes in them, and one great big hole is lining up on each sphere, like a tunnel. These spheres are cosmic things I don't understand but can see, and they make the Spirit world able to connect with us a lot better than other times when these Swiss Cheese holes do not line up.

I wouldn't call it 'The Event' because of a certain snake-nickname person I don't trust who calls it that. 

Whatever is going to happen, it's welcome, and very much needed at this time. 

Ross isn't saying anything, this is just me being opinionated again. I can be like that.

Love Gaia, love her with all your heart, and when it comes to the physical, give her a little space. Be sure to care for her people and her animals who are impacted by the things she does to heal herself from a long unpleasant association with TWDNHOBIAH. (Snake person taught me that term too, but it was good, so I use it)


clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki