Saturday, June 9, 2018

What Brings Me Joy

Ross asked me to write this. I'm post-call. Both Anthony and Ross know very well that when I am post-call, I'm most likely to say 'yes' to a request without really thinking about it.

I've been just relaxing since I've been home, and not really doing much of anything I need to get done in preparation for this blog post. So random as it gets, let's begin!

This morning as I was driving home from the hospital, I talked with Ross. He asked me something, and I said, 'you're so great!'  He was like, ''great?! Is that all you have to describe me?" and I said, 'Wow!..." and stalled out. I said, 'when I'm around you I'm not so good with words.'

He said, 'you mean like you get twitter pated?'

I said, 'yes, and I totally herp de derp (another term for being socially inept when 'love is on the line')'

Ross smiled. He gave me from Spirit a cup of coffee.  I didn't realize it, but he was reminding me of a special event at a local coffee shop. I picked up Anthony from his dad's, and we went. I was gifted a free half-pound of moca java and a reusable cup.

Probably number one on the list of what brings me joy is Ross. He's always so creatively positive! I enjoy his presence and his company so very much.

I also enjoy being with Anthony. He confessed he had a heart-to-heart with his father about Alexa. He got off his chest how uncomfortable he is with her son and him being 'encouraged to socialize' because of the relationship, and also, he told his dad how 'Alexa really knows how to fight and can fight really hard'.

His father said, 'my head says to run but my heart has this connection'.  Apparently Freddy doesn't know anything about the relationship. Jared also thinks he will be the 'one to stop the fighting'.

Oh well.

I'm grateful for Anthony's trust in me. That we can talk. I don't pry. He volunteers it.

I love having a routine.

My daily energy routine is a little 'cheeky'.

First I do the white light in the top of my head to fill my aura. Today is was almost clear, not opaque. Then I breathe the light into my aura too, from this inside. I made Ross smile today because for the first time I chose 'glitter' as my form of inner lining. I wanted to be all sparkly.

The next goes like this:

  • CH--chanting (I haven't today, but most days I do)
  • E--Exercise  (over ten thousand steps on Thursday!)
  • E--Ease   (I need a little time to chill, read, drink tea, whatever)
  • KY--Kundalini Yoga.  (It's my favorite, and I haven't actually had time to do the video workouts since I started my CHEEKY streak, but I will)
The best part of being CHEEKY is the name, you know?

I LIKE being 'Cheeky'!  It makes me feel like I'm a little rebellious. 

What to chant? I recommend nam myoho renke kyo.

It sounds like nahm  mi-yo-ho   ren-kay  kio.

It means 'may the forces of the Universe restore balance in all things' as best I recall.

I chant anywhere from five to twenty minutes. It really helps to quiet the mind. If I can be still while I chant it's all the better, but when I'm pressed for time I do it while I do mundane tasks like the dishes.

I love learning new things. I'm absolutely giggling over this glossary of military terms.

I was trying to look up the term 'horse blanket' which I saw in a comment from this video on Asia A.

I had found but it really didn't tell me anything.  So I went through the military list. It wasn't even there, but blanket was, and I get the idea I suppose.

I love learning languages. I can say 'good morning' in Mandarin, and my colleague at work smiles big when I speak to him in his language.

I love learning new skills, trying to foods, it's fun.

I like to work in the garden.

I love pets! And all animals really.

I'm very fond of babies.

I like making bracelets for the bereaved. I also like working with patients who are really sick, and most likely not going to make it long-term.  There's this well of compassion deep within me that I tap into, and I feel more alive when I am aligned in service to those who need it so much. I had a lot of opportunity for this yesterday at work. I enjoy being able to establish rapport in pre-op, take good care of the patient, and take them safely to the recovery room.

I love to exercise! I really do. It's a shame I don't get to go be active more often than I do.

I really like it when the underdog wins.  I learned this one from my dad.

I also like being 'aware of what is going on'--I won't use the 'w' word that rhymes with 'yoke'--it's a trigger for censorship online. But with the recent suicides I'm like, 'yeah, right'.  Here's another video on that chef dude who died with a silk scarf.

I was able to watch just a little of this video but it was too depressing. What I did look up was this:  Fifth one down, July 7/8 to the 26th. Great! At least it's not coinciding with the Bilderberg or G7 or other thing, right?  But you know the 'big weekend?' with the energies all lining up for 'portals'? I supposed they --TWDNHOBIAH--are aware of the energy potential for this time too.  BTW, the snake-man posted a thing that we are on a 'gamma timeline'. Gamma isn't a good term when it comes to SRA. The ones who are programmed to be like different brainwaves as best as I can recall, well, gamma is a name for a brainwave. The betas are taught to be sex kittens, the deltas are assassins. And gamma is both a code word used in programming, and I believe a brainwave that is associated with victims who do spiritual work. So I'm a little nervous over the timeline being called that. Do know that 'Alex' programming is in just about every SRA/MK Ultra/Monarch victim, and it's for 'end of the world/doomsday' programming. That's why I'm not so cool with 'Alexa' in any form. BTW, this kind of leads me to think it's a test-run of five gee. Oh well. Time to get up out of the rabbit hole, right?

I liked this one too-- they linked everything to everything. Watch it till the end.

YouTube has so much less material than it used to. Black Child hasn't put anything up in a long time. It's sort of a desert now. I'm so grateful for the few who still produce their work. 

Either way I'm content that people are waking up.

My friend told me someone wanted to buy this off her arm. It's the one Caysen designed. They offered her one hundred dollars. She said no. Then they offered her two hundred dollars! She still said 'no'.

I'm happy people are resonating with my work. 

I look forward to making more things, and my website, soon. There's two big deadlines before it, then I'm free to work on it and have fun.  The things I like and I enjoy. 

Here's one that made me smile: lol. I had ON white mountain jade when I traveled to China. White is the color for me. I've always wanted the lavender one. But it didn't 'feel right' when I was there. Funny how my intuition knows!  I did buy a Pi Xiu pendant that Ross said to buy, it was a light creamy blue color. It works, too!

Ross did I talk about enough?

He wants me to talk about my music.  What I play in the O.R. 

It's definitely cheeky. The urologist likes old jams, specifically, the 'hip hop barbecue' station on Pandora. And his scrub tech, the urology specialist, likes country. So I played the country for her, but she left the room. When she came back, he teased her about it. Then when I played the hip hop, HE left the room for a little while (it's okay, he wasn't scrubbed in, it's a different thing I can't tell you what but there was no compromise of patient care).   I also enjoyed late at night with the Spanish Guitar station with another surgeon who likes that.

Ross smiles and says it is enough. He wants me to have a good day, and to take care of the animals before I go with Anthony out to tea. I made reservations for my friend who I needed to talk to about her husband being worn too thin/low life force. But she had to cancel because he's at a conference and needs to take care of the boys. I love going to tea, and will take him instead of canceling the reservation. It's my escape. So, I love 'tea' and also, taking baths--especially with a little salt thrown into the water to soothe my energy/aura.

clap! clap!

Ross says there's more to come from him in the next few days, and to be patient.

And he also wants me to remind you that I love YOU, we both love YOU, and our work, including the daily healings, the interactions, the teachings, and this blog.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins