Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Ten Stages of Awakening

Stage One:  Slumber

This one is simple. You aren't awake...yet!

Stage Two:  Pre-dawn "Memories"

Your soul is speaking to you through 'chance occurrences' to get you close to beginning the Awakening process. Perhaps someone will mention to you that you are an 'old soul'.  Perhaps you might find sudden interest in all things angelic, or faery, or ancient spiritual practice. Perhaps you are feeling more comfortable with the mysteries of life and welcome them when before you hadn't really given it much thought.

What sets apart this stage from others is that you are seeking spirit on Earthly terms, possibly for amusement, possibly for something more.

Stage Three:  Choosing Spirit  or  Identifying Yourself With Spirit

At this stage, you are taking classes in psychic development, Reiki, or other healing practices such as aromatherapy for example. You are beginning to associate with a community of Like-Minded People.  This can be online as well as in person. You even start to enjoy helping others with your Spiritual Gifts.


Stage Four:  The Rock Your World CHALLENGE  or  How Can She Say That?!?

This is when you encounter someone who is vibrating at a far higher frequency than you, and who is confident in their perception. They drop a bomb, a simple comment, that challenges your entire being, and don't care or flinch at your reaction to it. Nothing you can do or say will change their mind. NOTHING. They won't even apologize to you for rocking your comfortable status quo!

So you fume over it. You sense indignation and stew in this feeling for what seems like forever. Your waking hours are accompanied by repetitive thoughts along the lines of 'I'll show her!'

My example was that all of conventional medicine is meant to cause harm/hurt people/make money for big Pharma.  Some lady named Ochoa said it to me, I forget her first name, and I had been so angry at the time I unfriended her.  Another time is was from Hope Johnson, in some random spiritual message she had posted that really struck a nerve in me, so much that I felt blindsided by her Consciousness in a big way.

The challenge is that you sense on a deep level that what they say is Truth; yet you have built your entire life upon Lies--and you need to resolve this within your psyche so you can still function in that old system effectively even though you know in your heart that it's not all roses and unicorns like you had thought it was when you signed up for it any more.

Stage Five:  Active Growth  and Becoming Legit

You are finishing your certification programs. You are starting to work/serve the community in your new role. You are building 'street credibility' with your new Spiritual Life.

You may be still at your same job! I am! But now, people know me as 'Reiki Doc' at my work, and they accept me for who I am, the total person, a physician AND healer--all in one.

Stage Six:  Road To Mastery in Chosen Path

I've come a long way from that first day in December 2010 when I started this blog. I had no way to know it would grow to be an international resource, that I would work with some of the best people in the planet on a daily basis, and together we could help ease so much pain and suffering in the world with our community of Reiki.  Working in this role requires skills which fortunately for my students, I have been able to guide and mentor them into their parallel roles on their own paths.

Everyone has a calling, and when you are consistently in alignment with what is your calling, communities form. And grow. And your shall nourish them!

Stage Seven:  Working Independently With Your Guides

Around the Karuna Reiki level the student gets comfortable with working not only on a soul-level with the Higher Self of the client, but also as part of a team with their Karuna Reiki guides.   It's just like working as a team here with those who are incarnate. Only your guides are in the Spiritual Realms. You figure out a way to talk to one another -- and you will find your concerns are listened to with care and love. Your opinion and input matters to them, and everyone knows it. It's a close-knit, highly effective team. You might not know all the Big Picture. I don't. Not for security reasons. However, I know my role on the team and that is the part that is mattered most. I know what is asked of me and my desire is to do my part well.

Everyone sooner or later will reach this level. How do I know? Because you are already doing this while you are asleep! Everyone at night goes up to check in with their teams. This stage is just a natural extension of this process to where you aren conscious of it.

Stage Eight:  Responsibility for Others and Ongoing Commitment

This stage here is just a little bit more substantial than stage six. It's like tending a garden. You get to pull the weeds and you get to plant the seeds because there is life that is counting on you to be there for it. The souls who are seeking a safe passage through this life have found their answer in you. It is both an honor and a privilege to serve in this way, and the connection is between your hearts and souls at this point. Just like a gardener, you are quick to put someone back in their own personal power the minute they try to put you on a pedestal. Weeds invade gardens. And wanting to give their power away is something people have been trained by society to naturally do. Don't let them.  When they ask you for something that is clearly within their soul lesson, and you can't do it for them, gently, gently, gently redirect them with love.

People need someone to be consistent, positive, and nurturing in a way that could never be fully reciprocated due to the differences in your stages of spiritual growth. However, they will make efforts to emulate you, or to help you back in ways that they can, and this is a sign of their successful growth from your efforts to guide and assist them.  This is perhaps the most important step in the Universe as it is this acceptance of personal responsibility for the effect YOUR actions have on others, and always keeping it for the Highest Good of all, in complete and total alignment with the will of Divine Creator of All That Is, is how OUR guides feel about US! For this we are MOST THANKFUL! It is only natural to give what we have received to those who need it from us.

Stage Nine:  Accepting Spirit on Spirit's Terms  and Live A Good Life And Go Home!

Everything is for the highest good. This goes for the good, the bad, and the totally ugly in your life experience. There is so much going on behind the scenes that you don't know where the story line is going, why the plot is twisting the way it is, and yet you TRUST in the will of Divine Creator.

Not my will but yours, God -- is a Christian prayer which expresses this stage succinctly. You still have your way of living your life, and being you. But you are fully committed to the PROCESS, and if you have to take your lumps you do your best to take them in stride. You feel your emotions, and you process them, knowing full well that your body and your soul are your teachers, very wise ones at that, and you look deeper in every encounter to discover the 'pearl' which is being given to you.


Stage Ten:  Detachment

This stage arrives with a feeling of tremendous freedom, empowerment and joy.  You realize you can 'take it or leave it'.  All of the work you have done in stages two through nine, all of your toil has been but a stepping stone in your evolutionary path as a conscious being on your journey through Divine Creation.  For example, my website building had been getting me down, I had been feeling trapped into some version of 'me' I was going to have to 'market' for an indefinite period of time. I actually stopped working on it. Through Divine Intervention (more later)--I arrived at a point where I realize, I AM an Ascended Master! I AM Eternal! I might not have all the answers, but I know that this is not the end, it is only the beginning of my eternal JOY. There are new paths to take as a healer, there are new discoveries to make in the enjoyment of This life and my Loved Ones. I am incredibly LOVED and VALUED both at Home and Here Incarnate. And no matter what, everything is going to be okay, and I can only keep trying my best to keep this balance between my own needs, those of my family, and work, and those of my spiritual life. I am generous enough to know I don't have to hit my 'mark' perfectly every single day. Like a sloth I can make my way in that direction, and if for some reason a branch breaks and I loose my footing I will find another one soon enough...the goal is in sight, and I am heading there! No doubt in my mind about anything. I am an embodiment of Trust in the Divine Process and feeling joy to have reached this state of awareness in my Awakening!

Here you realize your eternal nature is much more important and lasting than your physical vessel. You truly ARE a spiritual being having a physical experience. And you are okay with that in every possible way. You have the ability to LOVE and BE LOVED and that makes all the difference, no matter where you are.

Now we are going to discuss the 'funny lines' or 'break points' between Stage Three and Stage Four, and also, between Stage Nine and Stage Ten. We are also going to discuss one more point after that.

They are barriers.

The first one you won't notice it as you are going through it. You are too agitated to the core to really pay attention to it but it's there. What you can rely on is that once you have broken this barrier, you won't ever have to break through it again.  And generally, there is no turning back or backsliding after reaching this point. I'm stubborn, I did mine twice, but after that I was good to go for the rest of the stages.

Stage Ten will cause you great distress to the point where if you are not dying you are going to wish you had. Mine was my great suffering in China with Jared and Alexa's romance. Everything you hold sacred, in my case, motherhood, biology, family ties, trust between women, trust in people I had known for years (teaching staff on the trip), and even feeling okay about myself--were exposed, raw, and bleeding.  I had been told to take on my trip the special Le Labo Rose 31 shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion and shower gel. That was my Christmas gift from Anthony even, the lotion, and bath oil, as the fragrance is only associated with the most happy memories I have on earth. Spirit insisted, and I took it, even to the point of refilling a travel container of shampoo pump by agonizingly slow pump over an hour while I was packing. I obeyed Spirit on that one. And boy was I glad I did because in my 'world', everything turned upside down except for that soap. Literally. Even my own son's cheerful proximity to my heart was tested. So when you get bumping up against that barrier--I had no clue myself--you will at least have the comfort of understanding what is happening to you, and that it will pass.  I just broke through it recently, and I suspect there's no backsliding from this point either. It's a feeling I have, deep in my heart, and I look now and see Ross nodding his head yes and giving a thumbs up. He specifies, 'it's not for the queen, either!' and teases me about that gesture. LOL. I love him, oh I love him so!

The last point is that all of these stages are not linear. Time is in circles, not lines, it curves and splits into alternate outcomes/potentialities in the higher realms. I've seen it once, been at a vantage point to see all the possibilities spreading out before me. It's not like it seems while you are under it's influence. It's totally different. So even though you might like to take each step in order, it might not happen in that way! And that's OKAY! <3 <3 Depending on your soul lessons, and your experience as an Ascended Master, you might have a layer of one stage, then a layer of another, in a seemingly random order.

There is nothing further from the Truth! There is Divine Perfection in all of the plan! But if you are wondering something along the lines of, 'what is WRONG with me? I thought I had worked through this years ago?'--remember it's a layer that needs to be addressed. You are getting through what otherwise would be holding you back. And the moral of the story is LOVE.  It isn't a tragic story. It's a miraculous one! And YOU are the star in your own Life Script!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki