Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity 364

It's time to stop and take our own pulse first. 

Can you see the reading on this thermometer?

Yesterday was the first day of the 'Glorious Countdown'.

I found I was able to have the day off, and make it productive. To the point of having my worst part of my own life fall on the floor because Spirit wanted me to work on it--all the piled up statements from my retirement accounts. I'm not excited about this type of numbers, compared to Spiritual things, and it's like there's always been a BLOCK for me to take care of it.

I would like to report that I discovered and signed up for the website of my old Clorox company pension--so when I turn sixty-five I will receive my two hundred and twelve dollars and thirty two cents every month. 

I found some retirement accounts I thought I'd forgotten. One has a cash bank account I've been saving one hundred dollars a year for a while, and now it's about one thousand dollars I can get if I need it in a pinch. 

I have all these numbers for accounts, and as I see it, clearly, one is a self-employed IRA, another is a 401 K, and a different one is a 'rollover IRA'. 

These kinds of minutiae used to get me down, but I was strong and filled with fortitude for the day.

I got my continuing education units back, the computer system had 'updated' and 'lost them' they said. Now I am in good standing for MOCA recertification for my next cycle in 2022. 

I found another source of free CME through my malpractice insurance company.

And I even called the dental insurance company on the carpet for not paying for Anthony's last cleaning. They said his wisdom teeth maxed out his coverage for the year. I was like, it's BOTH orthodontics and dental! Please, I'm a single mom, the sole support, I need this, can you help?

If they say no, then, I have a backup dental plan from a very shady company. It has one star ratings on yelp. They have helped themselves to my bank account for too long. There's a lawyer in Orange County California with a one hundred percent success rate suing them on behalf of his clients.  And if they don't pay, even if they do, I'm covered for this month, I contacted the bank on how to stop these automatic payment deductions. 

And after that, instead of three hundred dollars I owe the dentist, there is a refund of extra money that was sitting in my account, so I only owe eighty nine dollars, the lady said. 

It was a miracle I got so much done in one day. I was focused on task and I felt TREMENDOUS creative energy to look out for the needs of myself and my family. 

Anthony didn't like it that I was late to pick him up.

It was a hot day at the day care summer program. All day in the sun at the miniature golf place, and 'they didn't even let us ride the go carts!'.

I was thankful for my twenty dollar credit, and it took his weekly fee down to three hundred fifty dollars instead of three hundred seventy.

He wanted Jamba Juice.

At first I said, 'yes' but then I changed my mind. I said, 'we don't have the money'.

We don't.

You have no idea how expensive it is, the overhead, just to be in business for yourself in my line of work. And when business is slow, all the overhead still needs to be paid.

Anthony was ASTOUNDED.

He said, 'the taxes were good, right? Aren't we okay'

I explained to him that I am in the same situation he was in when he had an allowance--and spending ahead into time for his video games before he even earned the money. Borrowing to the future.  I shared how all of the tax money worked out so I didn't owe more...but for now, everything coming in has to cover the expenses and that's just how it is for us for now. We eat at home whenever possible, and if this week is a good week we will go out for Japanese Curry. 

I offered to go to Trader Joe's, we could buy some orange juice, and I could make for him at home the smoothie his preschool teacher Miss Lauren used to make for him, that was his favorite.

He said sure.

You have no idea how thrilled we were for the free samples at Trader Joe. It was like heaven! Cold Brew Coffee and some Mediterranean salad thing. 

We got milk (should we buy organic or not mom?). I chose the more expensive organic because I tend to get sinus problems on regular milk. But he drinks regular everywhere else--from Trader Joe's its a little safer--and I decided this time to buy goat milk for me. And to save money he can after this half gallon of organic switch for the same price to gallons of regular.  We got orange juice and tomatoes, and organic heavy whipping cream. There wasn't any half and half. We didn't even need a bag, we carried everything, and saved ten cents.

He was VERY happy to have his smoothie, he had forgotten how much he used to enjoy it, and even cleaned the blender afterwards while I went downstairs and fed the snake who was more than happy to have not one but two mice.

Today I work. I actually have two good earning days this week. 

Part of the problem with the finances is that anesthesia earned income doesn't arrive right when you do the work. There's the billing thing.

For call, I tend to get main O.R. things two months after I do the work. For outpatient surgery, it's a little bit longer.

With Japan and China, there's going to be a little less income, on top of the slow days at work.

In my mind, the money part really isn't 'in there' like it usually isn't 'in there'. I worry for my energy (now when I'm on call I get a hotel room nearby for better sleep). And I also focus more on the teaching I can do to the nurses and my patients and surgeons. My 'unlimited source of Reiki' role.

Yesterday I created some designs for the charge nurses. One is going to be my guinea pig. I'm working with copper. And if it doesn't turn her skin green, I'll make this available at my website. 

The other is a welcoming bell, something I've hung for years on my kitchen door, as a low-level security thing that actually makes the house feel like home. This too I will offer on my website.

I enjoy making things for people. It's really fun.

These are the twelve heads of kings of Judah that were rebuilt from the three-hundred sixty-four pieces that were found.

I really want you to think twice before you read this article on foot meat.

There's a movement from the psychology-ops teams in the propaganda to introduce concepts central to SRA to make them more acceptable. 

The terms 'eating me' and also 'open-minded friends' make you realize that this is poised right at the tip of the slippery slope, which leads to very bad things. 

Once this is okay, then Soilent Green and forced suicide/termination are only a generation away.

This Valens aqueduct in Turkey was built by Emperor Valens from 364-74 BC. 

Life giving emotional water is starting to flow in my life. 

Connections are REAL.

I speak with mom every day. I called my uncle and cousins for Father's day. I had a great chat with my Crazy Uncle Dave last night. He's sharp as a tack and in good health. He was a long-distance bicyclist and was in excellent shape his life, now he's eighty. He doesn't ride, but he's benefiting from his healthy lifestyle.

I asked him what he had for dinner last night, and he said, 'cookies'--made me laugh. His daughter's mother-in-law had hosted father's day, and sent him home with plates of goodies.

He won't eat after nine-pm. So he had started to open the cone of caramel corn at five after nine. He said, 'oh no' and waited until morning to eat it. 

He's an amazing man.

I also got support from Jophiel, who shared that like me, she IS Jophiel in every way when she's in council, (which is new) and she was upset over the 365 too. Usually she's mellow. So they took notice.

I'm not going to make any more waves. 

I AM going to hold them accountable and count the days.

Our support is with Japan at the news of their earthquakes.

We also are with other regions affected by earth changes, for example, the one where the floods are eating up the streets in some town like Houghton...not sure where it is, but we are sending.

We don't watch the news. We get bits online when we look for other things.

All is well, otherwise we are happy and healthy.  Not sure about this Space Team thing from the US announced yesterday. I hope it's from our teams and it's good.

It just feels like the computer is loading something wonderful for our lives and it's hard to wait.

Ross is quiet.

He smiles.

He says he will talk more next time, Carla has to get ready for work.

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki