Monday, June 11, 2018

It Simply Is

Sometimes it amazes me the kinds of mess we get ourselves into.

Anthony, while well-intentioned, got dangerously behind on his math assignments after he and I were sick with the giardiasis.  Left to his own devices, he wouldn't have caught up. It took a whole weekend with a lot of parenting on my part to get him through. On Saturday he gave up mid-afternoon after a good workout at the gym. He said, 'I'm done mom, I just can't'. Then he played video games until late at night. This had been with me helping him through every step of every problem all morning!

So when he woke up, he found a ransom note on the end of his phone charger where his phone should have been. You want the phone back? Finish all the homework. You want electronics--controllers, remotes, etc for the TV and the video games? Finish all the homework and exercise too. One hour of exercise.

It took him working hard three more days to earn everything back. That was with me by his side helping him! 

But he had to. He couldn't finish the school year without it. So it passed.

Nobody could do Anthony's homework for him; it was his situation, and he could only get himself out of it. All the loving support and direction I could provide I did. But only he could do it. 

It got to the point where I held the pencil and wrote on the paper and asked him what steps to take? He had broken down to the point where he couldn't write, he was too upset to think, and it took him forever to write what he needed to write.

I'd like to say his next math test was an 'A' but it wasn't. At least he passed. 

What tripped him up is challenging the point of the assignment--how is this going to help me and why should I do it?

That's not a good mind-set to be in.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Part of the mess in my house is because of all the paperwork that piles up everywhere. I get my bills paid, but I really don't have the time to keep track of them. I'm always on the go, usually not focused and grounded enough to tackle the pile. And every time I tackle the pile, I make promises to myself to set aside some time every month to keep track of things better. And I never do.

I have a big meeting this week. Plus I have reappointment packets for my position surgery center. They give you about two months to complete it. Last weekend I did what I could but everything is online and I didn't have access to the links.

Let me tell you if I communicate with you by email on a routine basis, it's truly a labor of love.

For me to log in to my email takes forever and a day--I don't know what's wrong with the system. And there's so much spam in everything it's like wading through waist-deep swamp every time I need to look for something.  The only thing I enjoy less than communicating through email, is listening to and answering voicemail. I'm a fast reader. So when I get a transcript of a voicemail on my phone I love it. It saves me time. 

Yesterday I got through so much. It turns out some important education hours didn't show up in my files, and they said I'm not participating in recertification but I am. It wasn't clear the warning or the expectation. 

So the shit gets deeper and multidimensional on me!

I discover two free courses available through my state anesthesia society, and their deadline is June 12 and they disappear. So I completed them on the 10th but the certificate says the 11th. Kind of a twisted stroke of luck.

Is this a time to complain?


It's a time where there's lots of energy for me to face my own shit. All the mess ups, all the misunderstandings, all the times I didn't take care of my own bulldozing through what I have to do. 

Fortunately, work is slow, I have today off. 

And yesterday we swam for exercise. It was wonderful. Anthony went too. We had only twenty minutes before the pool closed, but we did.

I cooked dinner late. And we ate at ten p.m. But it was homemade and healthy and Anthony helped.  For dessert we had a tiny little bit of the pineapple macadamia fruitcake we had sent over from the Punalu'u bakeshop (the most southern bakery in the United States).  We had bought one 'pack' of sweet rolls, like Hawaiian bread kind of rolls not pastries. We bought one box of individually wrapped macadamia nut shortbread cookies. And the cake. It turns out one 'pack' is SIX packages of the rolls! That's a lot! So we have one down and five to go. Yesterday we made breakfast sandwich sliders on them. For lunch we had cheese, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and the rolls. Then rolls with dinner too.

With work being slow, I have hope to catch up. It's a wonderful opportunity. There's other things to do besides the catching up.  Our bunny is sick and needs to see the doctor. From what I examine, it looks like a cancer as her wounds don't have pus and are hard and fungating. I asked my friend the vet, and she said to take her in. So bunny made it to today (at least to yesterday). 

I realized when it's something very bad, and it looks like it is, what our loved ones need often isn't what they recommend at the veterinarian. She needs love. She needs kind words and reassurance. She needs to be given her favorite things to enjoy in the time she has left. She doesn't need major surgery or chemicals--by the time things break through the skin from below they are pretty advanced. If she's in pain, she needs relief. But as it is, she was hungry yesterday again for the first time in a while. And she knows she is loved. Ross said it's her time. But he's also very flexible and loving to us...I really appreciate his being on the Other Side when it comes to these things. It helps to know when she goes he is the one who will take her Home. And also, he promised me when it's her time she will only look like she's sleeping. That helps.  I could be wrong about everything, it could be another lesson, and I won't ask for Reiki until the vet lets us know what's up. Today I will find out.

The information being presented to you on celebrities s-oo-ee-sides isn't complete.

There is a scenario I've never seen mentioned anywhere except in one of the writings of Kerth Barker.

I'll tell you the story.

There was a couple who knew how to undo mind-control programming. It's a system that takes intensive therapy -- in a natural, non-threatening countryside area--called the Fabian Method.   You have homework to do, and you do talk therapy with the couple, and you also just walk around a lot and enjoy yourself (making good memories that are real) when you come for a weekend of sessions. 

It works.

Kerth was free!

He also learned the technique, and began to help the most dangerous and difficult of victims who are on TWDNHOBIAH--those who are addicted to blood drinking, the drinking of adrenalized blood. The high from ingesting this blood from tortured victims is highly addictive. 

What's dangerous about treating these people--and the couple refused to take the risk--is that when you are alone with your client they might get ideas and want to eat you. Or at least drink your blood.

You can imagine how having this kind of addiction can make it difficult to function in the world. And even though the news and police and justice system are in on TWDNHOBIAH as much as they are--it gets pretty hard to hide the 'evidence' and the fact that people are missing right and left--because of this 'habit'.

Kerth was able to help some people switch from human adrenalized blood addiction to animal adrenalized blood to away from it altogether. I'm not sure how his success rate was at getting people to switch entirely. But his willingness to serve put him in good 'light' with TWDNHOBIAH/SRA who kept tabs on him.

It was the rebellion against TWDNHOBIAH that was organized by the couple who did the Fabian therapy that got everyone in trouble. They had wanted to change TWDNHOBIAH from within. There were meetings and all kinds of things going on behind the scenes.

Naturally, when it comes to secrecy, in this crowd, there's always someone who is going to let slip, usually on purpose, because it makes them look good in the eyes of those who 'run the show' above them. Betrayal is a fine art that makes the world go in their secret ways.

The leaders of the SRA the couple was in, came down on them hard.


Or we kill your daughters.

By this deadline.

Kerth found out about it. He actually was in the car with them for a little while as they had like ten minutes to kill themselves. They spoke and he wrote about it. Then they pushed him out of the car, sped up really fast, and drove into a tree.

The people who made this punishment were watching the whole time. They wanted to make sure it got done and got done right the first time by the deadline. 

Then the lesser people had to go to a secret location, and sign some forms saying that they wouldn't rebel again.

Kerth signed his, 'F-ck You' and nobody noticed.

That's how he can talk about the secrets he does and not get killed. It's a loophole and they honor it. Besides he was conceived on a certain date and is a bloodline (The SRA in his area tricked his parents into conceiving him, giving them medicines at a dance/party to make them make him even though they already had enough kids and didn't want more). 

The story is what is told to us. The 'official' one. Sometimes the truth is a little 'stretchy'--even the medical professionals can be in on it. So all the stories will match. So it will appear as if what is said happened, did.

However, in the case of the Fabian therapy couple, we know the whole story. You can see how the coverage would go of it, when everyone is in cahoots, for the 'official story'. But what goes on behind the scenes could be a lot more. 

Remember the addiction. Many people have it and you wouldn't know. We are talking people on the world scene who run the show for us. 

And remember that s-ooo-ee-side isn't always like you think in the books. There might be no motivation from the individual, but they have to complete the act due to overwhelming pressure from the outside, not from within as you might infer from the act of self-harm. Or at least, what appears to be that.


Yesterday morning, Carla didn't want to get out of bed. She 'wasn't ready' yet, and she asked for more time in my presence. 

I asked her why she felt this way?

She said when she is awake, there's always the chance for more lessons, most of which are painful and not fun--even though she said she accepts that they are 'for her own good'--she just wasn't ready yet to face it. 

A few more minutes?

How could I resist?

We had a conversation Carla can't remember, but I will fill you in on the basics for what you need to know. 

Carla is tired and weary of living in a world where TWDNHOBIAH exist. 

Yesterday she asked Anthony for a hug, and Anthony held her for a long time, as Carla confided how there 'are so many rules I just can't seem to keep up with all of them even though I try my best'.  Being told you aren't able to be board-certified when you are up for renewal is death to a career and devastating. Although she knows now with some effort and phone calls and paying attention to details she can get back on track, it's absolutely horrifying.  It's like it's coming at her from three-hundred sixty degrees, the rules and regulations and expectations as an adult with no reprieve!

Everything is going to change.

Joy is going to be the medium on your 'not so good' days.


Joy will never overwhelm you, but it can go UP. There is lots of joy up here in the Spiritual realms.

It is the norm. 

There is no pain, there is no suffering, unless one wants to try it on the menu and send a soul from you down to experience it.

It's overrated.

But a lot of you, including Carla, ask how to get to where I am, from where you currently are?

Not just in the physical, but also in the energy?

By being humble and engaged in your Life Stories. 

By being willing to experience the loss, the not-so-good, because it will be of great value to you when you are up here and in the position to help others UP as their guides. 

Think of Carla and how she took the bowel prep, one cup, even though she didn't have to, so she could better counsel her patients who were needing to finish the whole thing? It tastes AWFUL. It was really hard to choke down. And that was just one cup of it! 

So it is with you and what you are experiencing today. It is an investment for the future, for all eternity, for you to be more effective at healing and in service for the Higher Realms. You will be guiding a lot more than you may the very near future...and it helps to keep in touch with me and Carla. 

Check here. 

Use this as a resource.

You are not alone.

The guidance which we provide also helps you to increase your vibration. When you are feeling down, come back and read through your favorite parts. There are lots of light codes and activation sequences packed into them, and they never fade or deactivate or lose efficacy. 

I'm not talking about the Divine Healing Codes, although they are useful too. The codes I am talking about are invisible and embedded into the words and also the images. You feel them. You resonate with them in your heart. That's how you know they are working.

It's been a long time since I wrote. I didn't want to 'be a stranger'.  Our efforts are going very well on my end up here, although they are busy, it is a short time, time is short.

Remember what I told Carla. If you take the 'rock n roll' hand gesture and look at it another way, with the thumb coming out, in the American Sign Language it can also mean, 'I LOVE YOU'.

Carla hates it, that sign and recoils in horror at it, because those are the ones who killed me, and continue to dishonor me to this day.

Carla goes over in her head how she's not going to talk with or look at people who habitually make this, innocently to 'seem cool and buck the system' or not innocently at all. Carla knows once she is at my side she has a little leeway in the 'attitude' department and has been winding up to let everyone know exactly how she feels about this gesture.

But I, who have the 'upper hand' by knowing the 'bigger picture'--and the one who has been directed the most harm out of the both of us by 'those people' as Carla refers to them when she talks to me--am always reminding here, even with this gesture, of the greater power of Love. 

Love can heal all. And it does.

Look at Kerth.

Because of Love which was shown to him from James (you have to read the books to know who he is), Kerth was saved a lifetime of being possessed like the Baron was (he is the one who turned away from his old ways on his death bed). 

I'm talking Love from the Creator who made you. 

Love from everyone who has ever been made.

Love is from everything that exists.

(holds one finger up, and smiles--ed) People are going to figure it out. Soon. And we are talking your kind of soon, not my 'galactic one' (that one was for Maria Isabel) ((he winks--ed)).

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki.