Sunday, June 17, 2018

Three Hundred Sixty Five

Just for today, I will be a little shit.

Today, I read a message from 'The Council'.

I didn't like the tone.

Two can play that game.

I am post-call.  It was a merciful night. I did what I had to do, got out of the O.R. at two in the afternoon, and nobody called me the whole night. 

I spent over twelve hours in bed.

I feel rested.

I also had make-your-own waffles at the hotel for breakfast. 

I probably just barely broke even between my gasoline, food expenses, and hotel, and what I earned on my shift.

Tomorrow there's no work.

The people at my work are still jealous of when I get a good week with assignments in the middle of the call positions--7, 8, 9--steady work. 

It takes everything I have to keep showing up.

People are waking up.

My friend, Stephanie, reports that she is helping someone to cope with their third eye opening. When she told me this, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I don't mind at all 'delegating' this type of one-on-one assistance to my students. 

I'm glad the system works.

For those of you who ask me to 'explain the known incarnations of angels and archangels'...please be more specific. 

Are there angelic beings from Heaven here who are incarnate?


Do they have jobs to do?


Are they working together for the highest good?

For the most part, yes, although each one has their individual assignments in addition to the main tasks as a group. Life scripts and life lessons for their personal growth.

Am I so and so?

Sigh...there's so many more like that and so few of 'how can I help?' communications. 

Someone I know who worked the dairy 'rape rack' in Mexico--a scrub tech named Umberto--helped inseminate cows and had his arm all the way up past his elbow in cow anuses when he was growing up.

He has been off milk for two years now.

He says the rates of cancer from dairy are totally high.

He thinks almond milk tastes completely the same.

He shares that dairy is going the way of the dinosaur--profits are going way the heck down, and that dairy farms are going to be obsolete in the next five years. 

I told him I don't like soy milk--due to the GMO. I like hemp milk-especially the chocolate one--but I don't like spending four dollars a carton. Coconut milk that's unsweetened is nasty. I don't like almond milk. Macadamia is okay but also super expensive.

I like goat milk. 

He said that one is a better thing for you because most goat milk comes from small farms instead of these huge industrial dairy facilities. But it's still better to get off milk entirely.

The tables have totally turned between us--it used to be me speaking 'w' that rhymes with yolk with him, much to his surprise. 

Now he's schooling me.

I just made a baby protection/blessing ornament for my spine surgeon. I was going to ask him if they were having a  baby -- I didn't want to be rude--but I'd been nudged.

They had a little girl LAST WEEK.  Not even seven days ago. 

Somehow the topic got on healing. He says with his patients, as long as it works, he's okay with it. It can't hurt if they add a little to their care, with the exception of a few things that increase bleeding risk.

I kind of backed myself into a corner, and let him know that I am a little 'more' than your garden variety anesthesiologist. That his patients get Reiki.

And furthermore, lots of orthopedic issues stem from the root chakra being imbalanced for a long time. Issues of survival, being able to provide and make ends meet, that sort of thing. I coached him on how to word things to help shift patients back towards balance. 'Just focus on your healing, first things first, you will find a way to take care of the rest...give yourself time. You have a right to heal.'

By contrast, many medical problems such as diabetes, obesity, and gallbladder disease stem from chronic imbalances/life choices governed by the third chakra. 


He wanted to see this blog, but I told him to wait for my website. It's coming at some point. Instead I texted him the link to my teacher Anne. 

He wanted this information NOW.

So, what did I do yesterday in my hotel room all that time?

From two until five I read the latest from Kerth Barker.

This one is on UFO's, ET's, Remote Viewing...I finished it.

You know how things resonate?

The first stuff that man (Kathy? ; )  )  wrote, I couldn't put down. Everything he shared resonated as true, and I gained tremendous insight.

The next to last book I read, had some information that wasn't exactly 'his'. It was leaked from the secret Christian society.

This one here, was not only mostly 'leaked' information from this same group, it had been edited by some woman. I don't know who that woman is but her energy is all over the book. 

So the homing signal I had in the first books in the series--was too fuzzy and blurred--and it really was hard for me to read this last book. 

The energy of fear was in it. 

The same energy of that woman who told her story of being mind-controlled who was saying that 'WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!' in her shrill, panic-sounding voice, at that very strange court. 

It isn't love.

What are the basics of the book?

The government lies. A lot. You could say, 'pathologically'. Almost everything we hear isn't true. There's examples given.

The government freaked (BTW dear Council, we no longer say 'freaked out' here on earth. We say, 'freaked'. Please be careful with your slang not to use the word, 'freak' which has a totally different innuendo--someone who likes sex almost to the exclusion of everything else. 'Freaked' implies, 'Freaked out'. Next time I will counsel you on the use of the term 'dude'. ) over Russia's psychic warfare back in the day, and formed their own similar team of experts.

Many of these people were trained in the art of 'Remote Viewing'. The specifics are given of how it works. And also, the contraindications--don't do this you can quantum entangle your mind with that of a lunatic and it can change you forever--type of thing. 

So the rest of the book is what these Christian remote viewers in the secret, positive-military based group SAW. 

About Jesus.

About ET's.

About our solar system.

About Galactic War and who are the key players.

If you want to read the rest, buy the book.

I have my own sources.

My heart center.

I knew as a very young child, instantly, without having to second guess what adults were genuine and which ones were lying to me and fake cheerful. 

I'm an empath and psychic.

I was made that way.

When I saw Star Wars for the first time, I had a horrible realization. This movie is real and everyone here thinks it's fake/fiction/entertainment.   There is a real war and some bad people are rubbing it in our faces how stupid we are not to realize it.

It has been said that actually, on a subconscious level, people DO resonate and remember, and this leads to the popularity of it. 

Which brings us to Jesus.

There are many, many different timelines with him on it.

Add to that, some nasty dark entities have borrowed the name, just to be spiteful and cruel. The name, variations on the name, as we are here on earth under the veil--communications to us through channels can come from them as well as from the real deal. (Ross likes that slang, 'the real deal', lol--he just said.)

Let me add to that point, that for a near-death experience, or a soul who is dying, in general they recognize Him at once--total recognition--with no doubts whatsoever--when He is present. It's a no-brainer, you can't get it wrong, even if you try! It's only here where things get complicated on who he is, etc, etc.

What did the remote viewers see?

One timeline they were allowed to view, and given that, they did not understand the context because they weren't there. They couldn't comprehend it.

The reason Jesus appeared to have a normal life, and family, and kids, was that in his time, all the secret society was exactly that, secret, and it was run by his mom. This is a totally benevolent secret society with ancient teachings that met at night. And were hidden in plain sight. 

Did he change at some point?  Yes. 

Was his vacation/honeymoon in Greece? It was extended. There was a rented house high on a hill but you could walk down it to the ocean. Money wasn't extravagant, but there was no lack, either.  He didn't work, and neither did his new bride. My guess was about six months there, time is hard to fathom. (BTW there had been a huge 'audition' for his bride in the secret society, many people vying for that position. Shhhh!)

From eighteen he wed, and after the honeymoon, they traveled through the area and ended up in India. THAT is where the extensive training began. It was a lonely life for his wife, but the other women who were neighbors helped her to discover a love for cooking and for making jewelry, as well as to love learning a new language and culture. She wanted to stay there indefinitely. The wise yogis counseled them against heading for home. With their skills they foresaw something 'terrible'.

Nothing could sway him.

So home they went.

When he went on his travels with his apostles, due to the child, the wife was left behind. They had a daughter first, and later a son, but the boy is a whole other story.

She was NOT 'well provided for'. Further, she was subject to sexual abuse and harm by very low vibration men who were very 'into' the ways of the times. There was no one to defend her. 

This is the main timeline.

There are others where he lives and dies of old age. 

The book says that the crucifixion was real, and unseen UFO's were there at the time.  What the book/Remote Viewers do no say is that the reason the curtain in the temple tore in two was his wife's shriek/grief. That also caused the earthquakes. She had been well trained for his death and knew what had to be done. She did it. He came back. She was told it would happen if she did the things she was told to do. She wasn't sure because she hadn't done it ever before, but she was very good at following directions as she had been told by Jesus and his teachers what to do just in case anything ever happened to him like that. It worked. 

Also, his soul went on a special mission. He completed the mission. And he was restored to full and complete health after his death through a parallel life. A lot happened during those three Earth days, to be certain!

This brings us to the main point of this blog post:  when push comes to shove, do you trust what people tell you  as the 'experts', or do you trust what spirit 'nudges' you with your heart?

Why ARE all these people telling us about satanic things? And MK Ultra? Is it truly people who wish to heal? Or is it part of the Illusion, with controlled opposition, trying to get the word out to the people what it really is by acting like their controlled opposition is against it, but they are on the same team? (for example, a front personality wants to be free but the controllers are still in total control?)

A lot of the book was about the Gnu Whirled Orr Derr too. And the reptiles, the anunnaki, and the greys.  They talked about the Pleiadians as 'space faring inhabitants of Mars who escaped' and that there was a planet names 'Elysium' that was inhabited by Elohim but it blew up and is now the asteroid belt.

And that Earth is being slowly killed to a barren, hot, desert devoid of life and good atmosphere to make it hospitable to the reptile beings--a whole new 'order' of life predominant on the Earth.


They talk of Andromedans.

But not the Arcturians, or the Sirians.

It's a mixed up thing that just doesn't resonate with me at all.

This is where I tell you, go deep into your heart. Reach for the Divine. Know that there are 'smarter beings' out there. Some are nice. Some are not so nice. So always be careful.

These are the ones I know, and their ships:

Pleiadians--fair colored people, tall, kind of nordic looking, not really heavy set or muscular--can't take a joke so don't crack jokes around them to ease the tension--who are super intense, serious, and like, don't sleep much because they are working to save us like, 24/7. (look like piece of pizza--triangle shaped ships--funny looking clouds are barely cloaked ones)

Sirians--they look human. Some I hear are blue like in Avatar but I've never seen those. They LOVE jokes! And the arts! and the oceans! Very wise and loving souls with a little more emotion than the Pleiadians. They too work as a team. Some excellent healers are in this group. (their ships look sort of Star Trek like--more curvy but still like a starship)

Beings from Orion--these are exactly like my people at work who are giving me trouble--money-seeking, 'looking out for number one' souls--who have all kinds of technology at their disposal. They won't take no for an answer, even if you paint it on your forehead in HUGE LETTERS LIKE THIS in GINORMOUS FONT. They will always try to double trick you to find some lame ass loophole so they can get their way. I'm sure there are some from this star system who are 'nice' so please don't 'freak' over my not being 'politically correct'. I'm talking about the greys and the reptilians who are currently wreaking havoc on Earth, her delicate ecosystems, and her inhabitants, so you can say I'm a little biased for that reason. Their painful rule has gone on long enough. ( I haven't seen any of their ships. When I see a funny looking cloud I 'pick up' where it's from).

Andromeda--these are very cool people whose ships oddly enough look like a stack of pancakes. Some Sirian ones are very tall and pointy at the bottom. But these look like a large stack without the plate.

Arcturians--I just know they have like a square jawline and look like they are from the UK. Frail, almost faery-like in build. They are very, um, LITERAL. Again, don't crack a joke with about any alien who isn't from Sirius. They just don't get the point. Arcturians are very sensitive to things being 'fair and just'. When there is inequality or injustice they perceive it as their moral duty to help. I like them. I don't know what their ships look like though.

Polaris--very rare to find someone from there. Very very rare. I think the planet/star system kind of got attacked by something, and the few and far between survivors blend in and do their best. Sammy Diva is one of them, if you are familiar with that name. She has transitioned and is helping us from the other side. They are very good peeps. I don't know what their ships look like either.

Agartha--there's a whole world of 5D and higher beings inside the center of the earth! There's places such as Shasta and the South Pole where there's access to the surface from there. Supposedly there's an inner sun inside too! Adama is the leader. He is swarthy, tall, earnest, and kind. He hasn't slept at all and won't until we on the surface are free.

All of these teams have their own 'scout ships' too. Some look like oreo cookie shapes. Like a disc but not a frisbee. Kind of cylindrical but short. Others have the classic frisbee shape. Some are kind of like oatmeal boxes--long cylinders on their side.

When you look at one, and it really is one, you will know. You will get this feeling inside you that you are being watched. It startles me, it did, at first. There's like this INTELLIGENCE where normally it wouldn't be in that cloud. And this INTELLIGENCE lets you know without words where it's from. Then poof! The cloud goes away.

Oh well.

I ran out of pictures.

So much for being sassy.

In hand fasting ceremonies the couple promise to be together for a year and a day, or however long love may last.

This message from the Council isn't a hand fasting ceremony, sadly.

A year is very painful, even if we can mark our calendars on it.

Especially because it looks like things are tipping in favor of the Gnu Whirled Order--that is a very 'different' kind of 'different' no one would want to experience.  'If you would want to'--that was a cheap shot that last 'hook' of 'if you would want to' sweet Council.  'Things are going to be different you can mark your calendars by it and life will be much improved to doing impossible things IF YOU WOULD WANT TO'.  No thank you very much I will just sit in the corner and be a wallflower and watch everything go by...right? WTF?!

That is why I am being a total shit to you, with sarcasm--S-A-R-C-A-S-M for you to look up if you don't have emotions like Sirians and 'get it'.

From what I see of it, about a year ago, holograms took over for lots of 'leaders', and I like to think that some of the top 'rescuers' from 'Sky Crew' are having a heck of a lot of fun 'driving' or 'playing' the roles of certain orange-skinned, bad hair, or 'short and fat' world leaders. The battle WAS in fact won. But the storylines were a little 'too much' disconnected to get from point A (how we were one year ago) to point B (how things are going to turn out) so these 'scripts' are gradually taking the population who isn't awake through the 'stories' so that in 'one year' (polite cough--that's from me) we will be 'different' (another polite cough--that's from me too).  I imagine marionette strings on all the celebrities and such. And I pray with all my heart that it's our team who's driving it in such a way that people eventually can't help but notice how totally bizarre the world is run by TWDNHOBIAH.

As for today, I ate. Anthony came home. I cared for the pets--all cages are clean and bunny is doing better with more energy--turtle and bird are good. Snake is hungry but patient.  I called my relatives and wished them happy Father's Day. I woke up and said the same to the men in Heaven who I love very much. I gave Anthony the eight dollar Papyrus card and tee shirt he wanted for his dad. His dad expects it and told him what band or other band was acceptable to buy (right?!) but I had an extra Peet's gift card and handed it to him at the door when he brought Anthony home. Just because he was unkind to me doesn't mean I have to pay him back the same way.  I won't even talk about his 'woman' because it doesn't make any difference. He is starting to ask for me to keep Anthony on days that are normally his to accommodate for his 'new love' without saying so directly. Anthony is the one who is seeing the evidence and signs at this point. As long as Anthony sees through it all, and he does, that's what matters. The lines of support and communication are open to our son here with me.

Ross is in good spirits, and thanks everyone who sent him Happy Father's Day wishes. He and I also wish YOU who are both fathers--or are the single parent--on this most special of days.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

(The Remote Viewers were only allowed to see a certain thing--and it was for security for the rest of our team. That's what Ross said to me.)