Thursday, June 7, 2018

Dissecting The Higher Self

I bought this image yesterday. Artist Marian Michael-George created it in 2012. I've seen it for years, but I wanted it for this blog post so I went to the store and bought it. I spent eight dollars and twenty-five cents on it.  This is a little less than I spent on my discount sushi Japanese lunch--twelve dollars and fifty cents. I drank hot water instead of tea to save money. In a way, for me at least, spiritual tools have also been a sort of 'food'...and I've never held back from investing in them.

On the back of it is a saying:


The image of the I Am Presence is a portrait of you, overshadowed by your Christ Self and the God Presence I AM THAT I AM. The I Am Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres of pulsating spiritual energy that contain the record of all your good works witch are your treasures in heaven according to the seven rays of creation.

The middle figure is your Divine Self, the "inner man of the heart" sometimes called the Christ, the Buddha, the Tao or the Atman.  The lower figure represents your human soul evolving through time and space and destined to become immortal and permanently on with God.

I can see this.

I can sense it too.

That's what I work with when I do Reiki.

The other parts in the first photo have given me problem in the past, both in understanding it, as well as accepting it. That's why Ross wanted me to write down one of our conversations and share it with you.

He picked the title.

I also want you to know that a tremendous shift has happened in me, and I don't hate my higher self any more. It was like that before going into this conversation with Ross. Basically, I feel 'her', and I know she is trying to 'help', and she totally backs off in my areas where I am I don't feel like a rental car on a closed track as I go through my life.

Here is the conversation:

R:   What is my Higher Self?

C:  You are my guardian angel. Is that it?

R:  No.

C:  Well, then I don't know the answer.

R:  What is my Higher Self?

C:  (a little annoyed)  I don't know!

R:  It is --Me!

C:  The future you?  Pieces of you?

R:  NO.

C:  (I sent him a mental picture or perhaps he sent one to me, that looked like the dot in the top center, with rays, and little dots, like equal copies, but the center dot was 'him')  Like this?

R:  Like the brain and the body. All is you. Different parts are decided but no one is 'better'--all does its job.

C:  (then I got really annoyed)  I sent up THIS image:

I explained to him how on Earth, there is a 'pecking order'--with 'higher-ranked' birds getting to eat first, and 'lower-ranked' birds being picked on and going hungry. The whole concept of a 'higher self' to me, translates into a 'lower position on the pecking order because I'm human and not the spirit thing up on the top'.  And the pain from the lessons makes you feel like you have been totally hen-pecked!

At last, Ross understood!  He 'gets it' and I'm certain in future conversations or lessons, there will be explanation to take  into account the natural misperception due to language which implies a 'better' and a  'not so good' hierarchy between those who are incarnate and those who are in the Spiritual world, particularly those parts of us we can't see or know due to the veil, which are called our Higher Selves.

I also 'get it' myself, that ALL is Ross.  Every single part of him, even the parts I can't explain.

What I am sure of is that animals, especially cats, are 'on to' the whole thing. They see it and accept it, and it's no big deal to them.

Except...when it comes to explaining it to us?

They're not talking! LOL.

I also feel grids and can sense them.

These are interactions between people--the ties.

These are also, kind of as shown, the way that matter is created for us to perceive it. The Essenes believe that there are many angels creating everything we perceive, way more than flowers and faeries, but the 'angels of the air', the 'angels of the earth', the 'angels of the water' and the 'angels of the sun' working together to create grass, for example.

There are similar energy lines for Gaia on her surface. Her natural state is for them to be moving around unpredictably. She is alive. She breathes, same as we do.  And she doesn't like them to get pinned down.

Well, in the past, certain 'builders' anchored them into fixed positions on her. With shopping centers and airports and other large concrete structures. Then they harnessed her energy to serve their own purposes.

Gaia's been free now for some time, and back to her original state.

That's why it is recommended not to meditate on Her 'ley lines' with these massive meditations across the globe.

The only people who organize them either don't understand (Gaia knows herself full well they do even though they leaders don't let on) or want to harness all the collective energy to anchor them back down again.

It's not going to happen.

Nothing can trap her now.

Besides, she's got friends and family to protect her! <3

For this she is most thankful and very blessed.


Everything happens for the best.

Carla has been reaching out to me, 'I need you!' and 'I want my husband to be here beside me to help make my decisions for our family!'

Carla wants to reach out to my divine masculine strength for both protection, and loving support.

I am here! I tell her, every time.

Yesterday was the first she exclaimed, 'don't leave me!' in a panic, a complete and total panic where to calm her down I told her to go and eat a full chocolate bar (chocolate is very soothing for those who are encountering difficulties in acceptance with the Life Script and encounters with the Spiritual Realms, it works like a balm to soothe the soul who is agitated and in distress).

Yes, it was a full chocolate bar, Anthony's last one from his holiday present from us, a See's Milk Chocolate little candy bar.

I told her not to hold back, she will buy him a new one.

Don't leave me!

It is something to be healed.

And it is something very precious for me at this time to hear, as it provides opportunity for us to heal, as Carla is communicating raw on a certain level that at one time, due to our social relationship she silenced and held back.

Don't leave me!

Don't go on your trips around the globe.

Don't go away from me.

Don't die.

Carla wanted to put down roots and as my wife back in the day there was a certain social expectation to be a part of the community after a certain period of us 'wandering around' as a new couple.

I didn't know my ministry and life calling was going to hit around that time, and be explosive to our relationship.

Carla I know did her very best to support it, my calling, although in doing so Carla was fighting her true nature to stay at home and grow roots between her home and her family.

Carla doesn't want to leave.

The house is falling apart, I keep trying to show her new alternatives, but Carla doesn't want to go.

The thought of leaving her house leaves her with primal fear--'what if I can't take it back? and 'what if I have regrets?'

(He waves one finger slowly side to side--ed)

What you are seeing is through the window of time as a lens, the shadow of a soul who has been shattered repeatedly, trying her best to heal.

'Don't leave me!' is the call from the very first time I was born and has echoed through time to today's present life circumstances. We talk about how at one time Carla was a complete soul much like Raphael or Michael.  We talk about how as Soul Twins there is a natural inclination for us to mutually love and support one another in ways that make us feel whole. And we talk about how at the time, I was as much under the veil as she has been, and that led to my making mistakes in my relationship with her.

Carla, STAY.

You don't have to prove anything or traumatize yourself--there have been tears, mind you!--and I only told her I wanted to offer her something 'better'. In this day and age, financially, she can't afford to risk what she has built for her life. And also, she has grown very attached to the memories and the familiarity of her current home. Anthony as a baby. When her parents were both alive. When she used to invite people over.

I am working with her. And I don't expect the current situation to resolve overnight. Carla trusts in Anthony, and Anthony says he was 'happy' at the new house when they toured it.

Basically it is a ground-level home with a back yard that is to die for, but it is a change that Carla is not yet ready to make.

Not when the home is smaller, and yet, almost triple what she paid for her current home.

The house will sell, everyone will get their cut of the pie. And everyone will be happy.

By the way, Carla said 'if a name is stupid, I won't buy a house because I have to write the street name over and over again on all those forms', even before she set foot in the home.

This one, was names she didn't know. They were in Spanish. Carla had to translate them.  The house is on a corner. And the names where the streets intersect translate to  'poppy' and 'deer'.

Those two names have special significance to her.

Now Carla doesn't want to miss out on those options, either!

My plan is to both nourish and support her, and to boost her self-care--through diet and exercise and careful attention to time management.  We started with a good night's rest and a relaxing bath the night before.


Stay in your heart, my beloved.

I am coming for you and soon none of this is going to matter.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write today.

I love you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki