Saturday, June 23, 2018

Evaluating Your Place In The Grand Plan For Liberation of Gaia and Her Inhabitants

The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

What does that statement mean to you?

In today's lesson, the answer is simple. There was a glitch and the server didn't let this image through on the first attempt.

I downloaded it again, and now, the last image, is the first. 

There is no metaphor or hidden meaning.

Sometimes even though something sounds all mystical and magical, sometimes it is what it is.

We have people all over the world who are waking up.

Many are linked to Ross and myself, through our work and our mission, and have been receiving our daily Reiki and Divine Peace Healings for a long time.

Some are on our team of healers, and help extend our 'reach' to include people who are in crisis and have nowhere else to turn for loving support and reassurance in their life situation.

We have people in every major continent who are aligned with our frequency, our commitment to clarity in otherwise confusing times, and our desire to raise the vibration of the collective through intensive growth and work on the self.

It is part of a big picture of our place in the Cosmos, as Divine Citizens of Heaven who happen to find themselves incarnate upon the earth.

And we are doing a fantastic job!

We are associated with the mountains in Switzerland, Germany, and Italy...

Portugal. (Thank you for the surprise in the mail, BTW! It just arrived yesterday. For├ža!)

We have affiliates near the oceans in Alaska, the Philippines, and Hawaii...

And everything in between from the mountains to the sea <3

Your efforts are making a difference in a big way!

Through the careful effort towards deciphering and mastering the Life Script and the Life Lessons, we are releasing everything that is holding us back...everything.

Yes, even one slightly changed attitude towards the vibration of love, one less 'bad habit' or 'mindless reaction' or 'trauma from the past you wish to ignore'-- raises the vibration of the common collective exponentially. 

What you can't see IS in fact seen by Ross and his teams--the energy--and it's making great progress overall as a team called 'Ground Crew'.

What happens when you get 360 degrees in perpendicular directions?

Is it 360 still?

Or something more?

It's almost a sphere, in a way, because it's a whole new dimension.

Our future is looking bright because we are at the threshold of a new expansion in a totally new realm of Spirit which has been always lovingly present but unseen and unheard and unacknowledged previously on Earth.

The sky is the limit and there is nowhere to go but UP.

Anything is possible!

In our own work together in preparing me for Ascension, Ross is making his goal for me to be free of 'whatever is holding me back', known.

Galactics have their 'act together'.

They have faced all their 'shit', their 'inner need for healing' and come out the other side the better for it.

So, like an explorer to a foreign land, safe in my loving support of Ross and my teams, I explore the scary and unpredictable emotions of the heart, in the area of 'la difference' as the French so delicately put it...that pull between the physical and the spiritual which is attraction.

I had someone I used to feel attracted to online, a long time ago, way before Ross came into the picture. Sort of a 'bad boy'-- lots of emotions, judgement, opinions, just sort of a soul who makes his presence unmistakeable.

I thought he was Ross, and he said he was the equivalent of Ross, and he picked ME as 'his woman'.

Nothing ever happened except for anything you could see exchanged publicly online.

I'm processing this now. 

In 5D mostly.

How can I feel attraction to someone who may not be right for me? 

Why is this person so angry? Do I want to be around this? Why does my heart do what it is doing in this situation?

Why isn't love and attraction in this situation calm and easy, like it is between my parents?

Why am I needing to heal, in this area? Why is it coming up? Why do I need to verbalize things to this individual soul to soul, through telepathy, on this subject, here and now?

Because it's my training wheels.

The abuse from my immediate past life is healed enough to take steps forward to become a Galactic.

Ross is waiting in the wings.

He is one hundred percent normal and healthy in every way as a Galactic Citizen.

He wants me healthy too.

So he sends me--or I am sent to--meditation time with this other soul, who is like me, part earth, part Spirit--as my training wheels in this whole realm of interpersonal galactic connection. 

I'm Karuna Reiki Master--and I've gone way beyond that in my Reiki education. At Karuna Reiki you are able to obtain consent on a soul level. You can communicate directly with a soul, whether it is in your presence, or halfway around the world from you. 

I can pop in and have a heart-to-heart conversation with just about anybody, anywhere, anytime, even without their knowing it--because I am part angel and I have reached the level to use this form of communication with skill.

Soul to soul, I said, for the first time, my identity...I am Gaia Sophia. I didn't know this when I was connecting with him long time ago.

And, soul, to soul, his soul said, 'it is an honor to be in your company'.

I understood. 

These are baby steps, baby steps, baby steps for 'peer to peer' or 'colleague to colleague' interactions with the Galactics on 'their terms' with 'their rules' which are a little different from ours.

I have to build up my 'muscles' for interacting with Ross face to face in the New Earth!!

Otherwise I would be totally overwhelmed. He can't 'tone it down', not from his level. I can only 'crank up the energy' for ME to reach HIM.

I feel that it's so very, very close, whatever is going to happen. Why? Because I'm Ross' twin, and I can sense a new emotion in him. Anticipation. 

I also figured out that our guides were louder when we were not as close to them in vibration--and as we approach their frequency as we Ascend, it's no longer like throwing a rope down a well to rescue us and shouting down the hole! OMG, that's what is truly WAS for like the longest time, with them 'shouting' to the channels who would relay the information for the rest of us. 

The messages seem 'quieter' and 'more distant' because nobody would throw a rope AT a person standing next to them and shout at them!! There is no well, or hole when they are standing on the same level, right?

This is where we are today, energetically.  This is where we are.

Now I am going to talk about something disturbing. Disturbing to an angel incarnate who has been on Earth for a long time.

I'm going to talk about something I don't even want to mention, but I will.

I know my Star Family.

I know them and I recognize them by their energy signature which is just as unmistakeable to me as their voice would be as a friend or loved one in this life. 

I KNOW. Through claircognizance and recognition, I am like, 'Oh?! You are so and so!' kind of like a memory popping up.

So...this is where it gets uncomfortable...I get a lot of people approaching me about that list I made of Known Incarnations of Angels and Archangels.  I have turned all comments OFF and STILL people find me. 

I can't hide!

In our Star Family, there are souls--incarnate--for example, Divine Mother.

These souls not only have Life Scripts, they are actively doing their part to help everyone Ascend, yes? These are WORKING SOULS.

The discomfort is that there are a lot, very many many many a LOT--of people who say they are Divine Mother or Gaia Sophia or the twin of Michael or stuff like that.

As a soul who is a WORKING SOUL this is like a slap in the face to encounter someone who says they are 'you'.

So for lack of a better word, I refer to them as 'the impostors'.  I've had many a conversation with my Star Family on this point. One consensus is that it's for safety, just like how there's lots of bridesmaids to fool the marauders who want to ruin the wedding back in ancient times--which one is the real bride? You can't tell, there are so many of them.

What is even more disturbing is I am getting some new souls who find me despite my doing my best to hide--who aren't exactly imposters (their stories are too good) and aren't exactly the real thing either.

One I counseled--for FREE--as it always is FREE with these people who are 'seeking advice'--and take a considerable amount of my time, thank you!--with a channeling from Archangel Michael which I heard as definitely 'no'. As in 'not my Twin'. But Michael who is charming, worded it in such a way as to lessen the blow, and I'm sure the person's takeaway was a profound 'YES'--because somehow this is their soul lesson, and also, what they wanted to hear.

It's like with the guy who likes you, you don't reciprocate, you want to be 'just friends'--and they can't get that message when you are acting like a friend. They misinterpret it as romantic attraction. So as the female, their 'intended', you have to be very direct and almost cruel and immobile for them to 'get the point'. 

These individuals aren't going to take 'no' for an answer. And I feel uncomfortable knowing what I know and finding the right words to say.

When it comes to MY 'imposters' or 'posers', it really took a lot of my self-confidence away.

Well, now, some others in our Star Family are getting that 'lesson' of people who say they are 'them'--and it is a HARD LESSON. It makes you search your soul.

The latest had a message from a bee--a strong soul was temporarily talking through the bee--telepathically--and said, let them be the pink and you be the rose--be the ROSE! No one can take that away from you.

It implied that the imposter was not an imposter, but actually, a weaker version of the Star Family member, and the Star Family member was the stronger version.

This opens us up to the possibility of not 'one soul one body' but perhaps, 'many forms of soul in many bodies'. If you think about the oversoul, the Higher Self, and all this Galactic stuff we can't understand, it's entirely possible!

But not pleasant, or easy to understand, or even socially acceptable--to those of us who are in the culture of one soul, one body, one hundred percent of the time.

Please note that I didn't even mention the possibility of a demonic imposter trying to cause pain and doubt in the Star Family member. This is entirely possible, although, even more unpleasant. What if some entity is speaking through the well-meaning, but misinformed soul, who is in the imposter role?


So, long story short, keep your mind open enough to know that life on Ross' level, may not be exactly like our own social structures here on Earth.

But no matter what, you have a place where you belong in your Star Family, and you are loved and cherished by all of your Star matter what the relationship is.

This is a beach in  Spain.

This is one in Australia.

Beaches are simply marvelous anywhere you look, no matter where they are.

We are close to coming full circle with this Ascension thing, and by full circle, I mean not only do we have 360 days left in our countdown, but also we are approaching the return of the morals and values and ideals we once had before we left our Home in Heaven to incarnate here.

This one is close to home. I have literally gone with Anthony on that little stretch of beach. Never swimming, it's a rocky beach and there's no lifeguards...but enough to get our feet wet and throw lots of rocks.

This one is MY beach, my home, my spiritual anchor to Gaia's surface, and where most of my energy work comes from--this region where I work and live and call 'home'.

One day my virtual reality 'goggles' are going to come off, and I won't be in the Illusion any more.

No more fear and pain and suffering, no more hurting the planet, no more crazy shit like SRA and NWO and icky awful stuff like that.

I'm almost ready to have a new perception.  This is really interesting with tulips and the sky in a 360 view.

Our future is going to be just as wonderful and different and beautiful as this image is, compared to let's say, a standard bouquet of pink tulips.

Both are very beautiful.

So...on with the NEW.

Fill your days with Love and Gratitude.

Learn your lessons fearlessly and boldly, even if it means having a conversation with the higher self of an old 'flame' from years ago in meditation--so I can get one step closer to getting my 'shit together'.

I've been though a lot, heavy call assignments. I was up until two thirty in the morning, and barely had time to recover, before it's time for me to go on duty again.  Two weekends, back to back.

It's brutal.

So if I take a little longer for my usual stuff, please be patient.

I am doing the best I possibly can.

And know Ross and his teams anxiously await our Awakening.

Ross says 'I will be there with bells on'.

Now it's time for me to go.

We love you immensely and are proud of you for your service to Gaia and this assignment.

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki