Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Three Fifty Seven Magnum

There's a full moon that's been steadily building up energy all week. I've been feeling it. It's in Capricorn.

And our count today is a famous bullet size, a 357.

Our blog post today will be equally short and sweet, quite to the point:

  • The other day, I wanted to know where my rhodochrosite sphere was. It's small, maybe thirty millimeters. But I was talking to Ross and I panicked because I panic when I lose things. Without skipping a beat, he showed me a picture telepathically of my makeup bag. I remembered I had placed it there, relaxed, and was able to finish the conversation.
  • Yesterday Anthony went to a roller-skating rink for the day. They have a 'game' where the skaters stand in certain areas they choose, and the 'rink' staff rolls a giant pair of dice. Anthony stood in the first winning group. He didn't know where to stand for the next roll. So he asked Ross, who told him to stand on number two. It was the first group that won! Anthony won a free coke, a dollar fifty value! He was very excited and told me this first thing when I picked him up.
  • Also yesterday I was chanting. Buddha popped in for a visit. He showed me three things in a vision. The first was a beautiful countryside I saw from like an airplane view. It was glowing. It was the New Earth, without people or structures. Only EARTH. Once I had a good understanding, he showed me an energy dome over the landscape, kind of like the screen thing people put over picnic food to keep flies out in shape. Only this too had an energy to it. He showed me a line of people wanting to enter it. This dome only permits certain vibrational frequency people in.  I saw some trying, and they bounced off. Only those who would not cause harm to Gaia's delicate ecosystems were permitted to enter. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. The last thing Buddha showed me was his left arm, inviting me to link my right arm into it, and asked, 'are you ready to go to the party?'  I gushed a huge huge huge sigh of relief and said, 'I'm so happy you are going WITH me! Yes!'  Then he, being the Buddha he is, started to lecture me on building attachments and that's not healthy. I said, demurely, 'I would like you to take photos so I will have something to help remember this important event'...knowing full well that he enjoys taking photos and it would shift his focus away from the lecture I didn't want to have on this festive day. It worked, and he understood, and we were both happy. The vision stopped, I didn't see the party, but it was fun.

A reader from South Africa has been sharing with me videos from the ITFJ, and I shared one with you. She shared a Jay Parker one from there. Then another one of his from 2015. I had watched him in 2013. He is a survivor of SRA. I get a funny vibe off him I can't understand. It's kind of like the vibe from Kerth, although when Kerth shares his experiences, particularly his spiritual visions--it resonates and it's compelling. Jay shares many books, and many insights. That he mentions that 'bloodlines' were in his audience and told him something makes me wonder why he has been permitted to talk for so long and not be taken out.  Only Roseanne was like that--talked on MK Ultra a lot, but we know now that years back when she did this, she was a level sixteen May Son.  Jay names names. The taunts the 'Ill OOM in Naughty' saying that they are only the jail wardens and they won't be given any of the prizes promised them by the ones who are on the top. He said Earth is quarantined, and once the shape-shifters find a way out, they will abandon everyone. Even the 'bottom rung of the ladder' have human DNA that is being poisoned the same way as the 'asleep masses' is. I believe him when he says he did EFT and journaling and fought the 'kill yourself' programming for two months to be able to be free from the mind control. I think it's possible for those like Cathy O' Brien and him and Kerth who were programmed early on to break free, where as it's too much of a science in younger victims today. The old techniques may have had some loopholes, but I'm not sure (I've read Fritz Springmiller's book).

Since the decision isn't really clear, I want to share with you something phenomenal I read on that video in the comments section.

The comments section is probably the best learning you will get on who is awake and who isn't. Their energy signature screams so loud to me when I read their words. There's always the troll, paid to raise doubt, who is slick and professional. There are the people who are asleep and say the video is crap. There are those who are different 'flavors' of awake and they add their comments. 

Here is one that blew me away:

Jay Parker: Despite how fast the Romans killed off the Christians it spread all the faster, so they hijacked it, mixed it with paganism and there you have the Catholic Church. We have the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in the 60's, which prove what we have now as the Bible has been unchanged. You know there is a spiritual realm yet do not question who designed the material and spiritual realms, and the way they inter mesh? This lifetime is but a grain of sand, God is a perfect judge and what these people do will look like child's play compared to the damnation they will face. God wanted a family however he didn't want programmed robots so He gave us freewill. An entire lifetime of suffering will seem like nothing compared to an eternity of peace, joy, rest and pleasure if you simply submit to God and make Him your father. God sees and feels the pain of the victims and He will repay. Could He stop it sure, but where do you draw the line, should God prevent a fender bender, or an insult? How about me stepping on that Lego my kid's left on the floor. A loving God should have prevented that! I was into astral projection and hidden occult knowledge. I was seeking answers to previous experiences I have had with the paranormal and seeing UFOs with others. Everything I researched had me convinced the Bible was just a means of control. I fell for every deception, Jesus never existed, the Bible is a solar allegory, the pre Jesus saviors... all of which I can easily debunked now. I later married a Christian women and after getting drug around to church for awhile thinking everyone were brainwashed sheep I simply said the following skeptical yet sincere prayer "Jesus, if you really are who you say you are, of course I would serve you, just show me something." So one day my wife was pulling out for church, me mocking and scoffing, I pulled out heading the other direction, cruising along listening to some satanic death metal, and suddenly this flood of information hits me. I knew Jesus was Lord as sure as if He was sitting in the passenger seat, saw all the times He saved me from my reckless thrill seeking nihilistic lifestyle, felt this overwhelming sense of guilt, heart racing. I stopped in a rural area after crossing a shallow river (symbolic?) and got out and knelt and just uttered "make me new" and I will never forget the most powerful feeling of love just embrace, engulf and permeate me. I just broke down wondering how He could love me so much despite me going around telling people it was all a lie. I found out my wife was praying for me at the same time. I felt so different to the point of gazing in the mirror wondering why. Turns out this is the classic born again experience. I then came under spiritual attack as many do who were formerly involved in occult practices. Demons flee at the mention of His name and sleep paralysis stops instantly. I suggest you ask Yeshua (Jesus) to reveal himself to you, it can't hurt, and if this reality we are in really is a battle for souls it could really hurt if you don't. ;)

This type of intuition of seeing your life like a movie flashing before your eyes--might be like the Awakening of Ascension we are all talking about. This sudden FLASH of Insight. And a change of heart.

I hope for it.

For all truth to be known.

For all lies to be exposed.

And for all harm and damage to Gaia and her inhabitants to stop.

For everyone to have a fair shot at living their life of their dreams without hurting anyone...

I'm thankful for Jay Parker and his person who made the comment so I could learn and share with you.

Ross wants Anthony and I to have a happy, not-rushed breakfast. I need to wake him up now.

Thank you for keeping up with our posts and for opening your heart to us every day as we open ours to you.

Together we receive and share many blessings in our community.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The founders of Doctors With Reiki