Friday, June 29, 2018

Getting Out Of The Way

COPENHAGEN - SEPTEMBER, 10: Tourists on cruise liner. Port established record in 2011: number of passengers were up13% and were more than 355 ocean cruise vessels in Copenhagen, on September 10, 2011

Our count is down to three hundred and fifty five days until 'you can mark it on your calendar things are going to be better'.

Day 356 was a rough one for me. I had the hotel booked, I actually checked in online for a six p.m. arrival...and I never showed up until three in the morning. It was a long, very challenging call.

Because I knew it was coming--I felt it--I declined someone's request for me to work today. I have it off. I knew and I sensed that Thursday would be a day of recovery and low ability to accomplish the things I needed to do around the house. So Friday would make sense for me to stay home.

Also, there is a beach day at the summer day camp program. However, today Jared is picking Anthony up to take him camping over the weekend. So why pay for the daycare if he can't enjoy a full day at the water? Right? Go ahead and save the money.

LONDON - APR 15. Emirate stadium tours in London, England. Emirate stadium is one of biggest stadium in UK, with 60,355 seats established on Ju 22, 2006

My priorities yesterday were to rest. I didn't get much chance, a physician had booked a quick case to go at seven a.m. It was booked around two thirty a.m. So the charge nurse thought I should be the one to do it as I am on call. 

I said, 'my call lasts until seven a.m. but not past it. If there is a gap, then the lowest on the list gets the case before their lineup (Call Dr. A) but if Dr. A doesn't respond, then make Dr. G come in from home. After that, then call me as I am not far from the hospital'.

The panicked nurse called me at six-thirty a.m. 

I said I would come in.

I staggered to the bathroom, dazed, trying to wake up, as the text had come in during a deep sleep.

By the time I had voided and washed my hands, the phone rang again.

Dr. A had called back, and would do the case.

I texted back, 'Thank you Jesus'.

The nurse said, 'I was just panicking because no one was answering me' (I had told him not to bother anyone until five thirty a.m.)

I said, in response, 'I would have done the same thing if I was in your situation. I totally understand'.

So I had breakfast before the free breakfast closed, and I went back to sleep. 

Jared was taking Anthony hiking (they went eight miles!) so I didn't have to rush.  I stayed until checkout.

Then I went for a float. 

I stopped by a Japanese market and bought a donabe ceramic cooking pot (it's made in Iga, Japan, I got the good one, size six)...I had wanted one for a long time, looked them up online, and even bought the donabe cookbook. I almost bought the one with the sakura design on it. But something didn't feel 'right'--I looked, it was from China, not Japan, and it's the clay that's the most important part for it, where the clay is sourced from, and the best in the world is from Iga, Japan. 

I enjoy knowing my way around a Japanese market, and having experienced Japan with my own eyes and my own heart. 

It shows.

I got more smiles from the Asian men than I ever had -- crazy white woman who is Asian inside!--I had on my jade and my Angels baseball shirt and shorts...either way it's nice to keep everyone guessing. 

DUBAI, UAE - SEPTEMBER 27: Jumeirah Emirates Towers, which rise to 355 m and 309 m, located on the Sheikh Zayed Road, night scene on September 27, 2012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

On the way to work yesterday, as I chanted, the Buddha had my right arm in his left elbow, and we walked along a pathway to the party. I could see off in the distance the festivities, the lights, and the crowd. There was an air of excitement!

When I walk, like the true introvert I am, I never really look UP. It's like I'm always looking for money or something a little on the ground. (When I do find it I pick it up). So in my field of view, the half-field, really, looking partially up, I saw something in front of me, a man, in off-white clothing that didn't look like anything I'd see on earth, thin, and VERY tall! I'm talking basketball player tall. And I'm like, five foot two.

My heart both leapt and lurched at the same time.

There's no mistaking who it was!

Was I ready? Is this it? What do I say? What do I do?

Buddha disappeared.

I looked slowly up, to this wonderful smile and Ross gently bending down towards me!

I was overwhelmed with happiness to see him, and also, acutely aware of the confusion in that socially, I had no clue what to do next in this situation.

Ross read it on my face, and gently took my arm and led me to a small room to the my left on the side.  If you've ever been to a Jewish wedding, there is a tradition for the couple to have breakfast alone before the big party.

So we sat. Ross and I drank something, he offered it to me. It was warm, and it wasn't coffee, it wasn't alcohol, but if helped me not to be hungry. It came in little cups with handles like our coffee cups here. Ross' cup sure looked very tiny on him.

This is where I noticed all of the hard work for Ross and his teams to rebuild our relationship has paid off:  I looked at Ross, and said plainly, I'm SO NERVOUS RIGHT NOW and I have NO CLUE WHAT TO DO! Just like I was talking to my best friend, which, he is.

He said don't worry, he's nervous and excited too, and everything is going to be okay, we can get through anything as long as we are together.

Then the vision went away.

Watkins Glen, NY - Aug 11, 2013: Kyle Busch (18) wins the Cheez-It 355 at The Glen race at the Watkins Glen International in Watkins Glen, NY

This article on aging baseball players touched me deeply yesterday when I read it. As a physician I was taught how to recognize the physical changes of aging--the physiology, the increase in body fat percentage, the presbyopia, the presbyacusis. I call it--gently--when I discuss the risks of anesthesia in a geriatric patient--'there's lots of miles on the car'.  But to have the experts pinpoint the peak physical performance, and to explain how the human body is designed to reach it's optimum in everything at the time of optimum fertility?

That makes sense. 

I had heard, much to my surprise, that a forty-year-old uterus has a much more difficult time doing what it has to do in childbirth than let's say, a twenty-year-old uterus. That's why there's so many c-sections in older moms. 

I had heard my friend Lorion tell me that at fifty-seven, you notice it's a little harder to go in and out of the rides at Disneyland--it sort of just sneaks up on you.

I ask myself, why is this known by the experts in baseball--what to expect with aging--and why is the general public told to worship youth, yet the youth aren't given opportunity to enjoy  themselves at the peak of their life because of school, social customs, parental expectations, and the need to secure employment?

Is this an accident?

Or is this deliberate to make marriage later in life a trend?

Baby Boomer parents were given a chance right out of high school to support themselves and buy houses and raise families. 

What changed? And why?

POLAND - CIRCA 1965 a stamp printed in the Poland shows painted dinosaur Ichthyostega 355 million years, circa 1965

And how about this deliberate nature of social media?

Or how about this? Willie Wonka's story being not just a loving 'made up' bedtime story by Roald Dahl, for his children, but a trip to Hell itself, Dante's inferno?!

I think it's a little more than just giving children a moral lesson. No wonder why Anthony was terrified of squirrels! He saw the more recent one, and he hated it, especially the part where the squirrels attack the rich girl Veronica.

Here is a video by Mark Dice--he interviews people on 'why we celebrate the fourth of July?'

The answers are striking. 'To Party'. We've forgotten why, but it's a good tradition to spend time with family and friends...

So many people don't even care.

I disagree with Mark on his 'LibTard' platform--it has the energy of separation, which is not good. There are just as many on the far Left who have the energy of separation too.  Neither side is going to be useful in Heaven-On-Earth. 

So if you'd like and won't get upset over him, take a look at the people interviewed, and ask yourselves, 'why is this the result of education today?'  Ask, 'why is it that education isn't educational?'

Furthermore, is this an accident?

Or deliberate, within the system?

Would forty, fifty years ago, would most people have known the answers to these questions?

Why have things changed?

DRESDEN, GERMANY - MAI 2015: Wartburg 355 1968 1969 in Dresden Transport Museum on Mai 25, 2015 in Dresden, Germany

I read this book recently:  The Hacking of the American Mind, the science behind the corporate takeover of our bodies and brains by Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL.

Here is an excerpt from page 190:

Is this marketing or propaganda? Definition of marketing: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.  Definition of propaganda:  information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Since pleasure and happiness are clearly not the same thing, the conflation of the two is inherently biased and misleading. Therefore, advertising that implies that the selling of reward as contentment is by its very nature propaganda. Pleasure from hedonic substances and pharmaceuticals (masquerading as happiness) can be easily purchased. If you don't know the difference between the two, it stands to reason you will lay your money down, and they've got you. Like a pusher on the playground who give you your first free hit, they'll turn you into a customer for life. 

Old-style marketing (direct and telemarketing) was across-the-board and hit-and-miss, based on demographics, unsolicited contact, and the ability to generate fear in the consumer. With the advent of the internet, marketers honed their messages to specific groups based on their previous 'likes' and searches. And now the new discipline of neuromarketing is taking the guesswork out of the equation and increasing efficacy of sales. In neuromarketing, the brain responses of subjects to industry messages are analyzed. This allows those companies to hone their messages to specific subgroups within the larger masses and generate even greater profits. It's now public knowledge that Coca-Cola will use neuromarketing in all quantitative ad performance projects in the coming year to 'spread happiness'. According to branding agency Kantar Millward Brown, facial coding will be the primary technique used to gauge consumer emotions. The technology is seamlessly integrated: they record the subjects' faces while they watch ads within a normal survey environment, automatically interpreting their emotional and cognitive states moment by moment. Facial coding was originally the province of experts, who viewed slow-motion video of subjects to record fleeting 'turn' emotions that register briefly in facial expressions. Kantar Millward Brown's system uses eye tracking and other phenomena to measure engagement, brand-association, and motivation, among other metrics. And they use these data to ...If this sounds Orwellian, it is. And it's here. And it works to drive dopamine and cortisol, in a pitch to get you to buy more. The problem is the more you buy, the unhappier you get. 

The purveyors of hedonic behavior, devices, and consumables are all looking for that winning formula to provide the public with some form of product (requiring continued purchase) along with an internet hook that will maintain or even increase consumption and in which the market never reaches saturation to allow for continued expansion.

Right now Anthony is downstairs playing Fortnite with his friends. He's been there for three hours. He doesn't remember to eat or drink. He just plays. He wants to level up in the next two weeks for this 'season'. Every three days he buys things, a new skin, a dance/emotion, a backpack...for his characters.  Every mom of boys these days is aware of what Fortnite is doing to their sons. I think it's the 'winning formula'.

Who came up with all this advertising?

Who started all this psychology on Madison Avenue?

The propaganda experts from Germany after World War II in Operation Paperclip.

Is this 'news'?  Or is it 'propaganda'?

Don't look at 'him' per se. Look at the masters of propaganda who created this image, and also, to how the unknowing masses accept this propaganda.

Just to compare.

What data points are there to reference outside of the propaganda?  I have three:

Our people are so deviant in our society, that this Welshman goes on TV with his wife to discuss the family 'sex toy' that tells jokes to the children.  I saw this one on FB, and the comments, again, tell us so much--this is where the real learning is, the truth, that hasn't been censored yet. One perceptive person noted that it's likely the wife was a 'mail order bride', and that the husband actually owns her, instead of wooing her. (I didn't watch the video, I don't encourage you to watch it either)

Gaia is sick of this.

Totally sick of it.

She actually did some work this week in the DC area.

And it was effective.

There was a counter-attack at Annapolis to drop the vibrations, by creating fear and stress on the unawakened masses.

Gaia and her teams have super advanced technology and are always one step ahead of TWDNHOBIAH.

Yesterday a new cleansing spiritual structure was placed in a convenient location, and it started working. She saw little black dots rising to the sky in the process, as low vibration was being removed.

The Schumann Resonance Frequency is going higher and higher.

An archangel's son is waking up seeing all these souls going up to Heaven, and also, concerned because he has so many questions about what is taking place in the spirit realms at the moment? (this happened while falling asleep or waking up, this vision).  He doesn't know what Gaia and her teams have been up to.

Meanwhile Divine Mother, who is processing all the mergings, and doesn't know consciously--in her incarnate form--what is going on, or what the archangel son is seeing. She just doesn't want to do anything, she is overwhelmed with the mergings' sudden increase, and is experiencing lack of motivation.  In other words, she is working HARD.

The snake man put up some thing about a gamma timeline--which is bullshit--and 'toplet bombs' which is more fear-mongering, fear-porn. It makes you wonder whose team he is on? Who WOULDN'T want nurturing, warmth, love and compassion to overwhelm the planet? Who WOULDN'T want Gaia returned to her pristine natural state? Who WOULDN'T want what is best for Gaia and her inhabitants RIGHT THIS MINUTE NOW?


I'll tell you who. TWDNHOBIAH, the ones who have the most to lose, and the ones who understand our brain neurotransmitters so well they have deliberately blurred 'pleasure' with 'happiness', and put the entire population into a state of constant fear so that we are easy to control. 

I will tell you in the next portion how to take back your power, how to help your brain break free from this enmeshment you didn't sign up for, and how to get back to YOUR original pristine state again, thanks to the wisdom and sacrifice of Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL and his teams.

I highly highly recommend you read his book.

And take notes!

For the part the snake-man said about 'Pleiadians coming to contact you directly'...if you are approached see what resonates in your heart. 

I haven't been approached.

At the end of Lemuria when it sank, Divine Mother (incarnate then) was taken up off a mountaintop above the rising sea, and she brought a special tree with her. They came for her and took her. Someone not from Earth. Not sure if it's Pleiadian.  One of her last memories was the chanting of priests in a Lemurian monastery singing to their death as the waters came up, and their sudden silence. 

If you are meant to be taken UP, don't worry, it will happen.

I was there in Atlantis when it blew up. I saw the great tidal wave coming and thought to myself, 'oh shit' and 'we failed'. There had been a resistance there too. But you know what? Lifetimes later, I'm back, and I'm honestly none the worse for the wear.

The consciousness of all the planets, including Elysium which was blown up, and Mars which had it's ecosystems devastated, are here again, to witness the victory of those who have been working day and night to eliminate/liberate TWDNHOBIAH UP--away from Gaia--far far away and she doesn't care how.

Gaia remembers blowing up to re-set her ecosystems. That's what she does. It's her way. This is the first time, because she liked her Creation so much, she decided to stick with it, and undergo this other 'cleansing process'.

God doesn't throw dice.

Divine Creator, both Divine Mother and Divine Father, and all of our supporters in the Spiritual Realms, greatly outnumber the 'winning team' (Jay Parker's sarcastic term for TWDNHOBIAH)--and victory is a given.

So relax, and let's learn about a simplified way to describe our neurotransmitter pathways which lead to happiness, pleasure, and fear, and how to take steps to optimize it for you.

And your family.

This one I started to realize on my own. Anthony has lots of truncal obesity. And my weight went WAY the heck UP once I got into private practice. I never know when I'm going to eat. I never know when I'm going home. I'm under lots of stress, and the 'hurry up we are late for work!' mornings aren't good for either of us.

Chronic stress releases cortisol into the brain, and there's a pathway that affects the mood, and makes us more likely to seek reward.

I stumbled across this while doing my taxes. I buy a lot of crystals and jewelry, and I travel to escape the stress. I thought to myself, before reading the book, maybe I should just cut down on the stress and see how I do? I saw there was a problem.

Dr. Lustig had a friend who was hooked on pills. She had a high-paying career that was killing her. She left it, and became a florist instead. She is much happier--even with less money--and she kicked her pill habit.

The man who owns the float tank place told me he was once a real estate appraiser. Super high pressure job. He was starting to get high blood pressure and other health problems. So he researched magnesium, and started to float. It worked. He quit his job, and started this business. Now after eight years it's starting to work and he can pay his bills without worry. 

Fear and worry will shorten your life.

They know this, with people who are worried how to make ends meet in lower income areas have a shorter life expectancy. Again, is this an accident? Or on purpose? Is it just to make things sell (fear)? Or is it more ominous?

We were not created to live in despair and fear. And when we go back to the blueprints Gaia was originally intended to be, this pressure will go away.

These two faces of Buddha represent the pleasure/pain neural pathway in the brain associated with dopamine neurotransmitters. Reward will put lots of dopamine into the system. Cocaine will trigger it.

This one tends to have two phases, a seeking phase (you WANT that chocolate, you can here it calling you!) and then the pleasure phase (ahhhhh)...

The only problem is, that with too much pleasure, the dopamine brain cells die. First they lower the receptors (an alcoholic will get less pleasure from a pint of liquor than a non-drinker from one cocktail) for tolerance. Then with overuse the cells initiate a programmed cell-death sequence called 'apoptosis'. 

This is why Anthony can never play enough video games. This is why the chocolate cake only leaves us feeling guilty. 

This is the HOOK that society tells us is 'happiness' when it isn't. It's dopamine driven (remember the video about social media? It's the same dopamine)...and it doesn't fulfill.

Happiness, according to Dr. Lustig, is associated with the neural pathways that have the serotonin neurotransmitter. 

It gives a sense of well-being. It lasts. This pathway has many, many different targets in the brain that light up. You can't isolate it.

Some African-American people actually have a different reuptake system in their brains, that leave a little more serotonin in the synapse--making them more 'chill', calm, unexcitable, happy, too. 

It's in the brain chemistry.  

The book explains it better. Please, if you are interested, go read the book. <3


How can we support the serotonin in our brains?

You can't take a pill. Food building blocks for serotonin (tryptophan) goes mostly to the gut--a the amount in the brain is sort of a constant. But it can help.

Tryptophan rich foods include eggs, and chicken. Fish is high too. Here is a list.  Please be sure to eat products that have not been fed a corn-based diet. You won't get the benefit. Grass-fed is better.

Omega 3 fatty acids will help too. You want wild caught sources as many 'farmed' fish have been fed a diet of other fish and/or corn.

Sugar is a huge addictive substance which is detrimental because it triggers the dopamine pathways. Much food not made in the home is filled with hidden sugar that is imperceptible. The foods do not taste sweet, but they sell better when the sugar is added to them. So eat at home. Cook your own meals. Sit down and eat with family.   This helps too to increase the serotonin in the brain.

SLEEP! this helps the brain chemistry to sort itself out after a long day. And also for the body to recover from stress. Eight hours of sleep a night is recommended.

Exercise. This too increases enjoyment and remodels the brain.

Meditation is good. I find the total darkness of a float tank, and the silence, helps me a great deal. It keeps the dopamine triggers silent for an hour. And my brain heals. I enjoy just 'being' and being away from people who can make my phone go off (ringing, texts, etc). The magnesium I think helps too.

This list is by no means complete. But it's a start.

For example, the donabe cooking is a shared hot-pot between friends and family. It teaches the concept of ichigo-ichie--every moment is a once-in-a-lifetime treasure.

We are incredibly blessed to be here on this journey together.

And furthermore, through active engagement with our community--in giving and receiving healings--we are promoting healing in our minds and hearts and souls--through the serotonin and more.

Thank you for being a part of our mission here at this time.

Ross says 'it won't disappoint' and he too encourages you to take steps.

He reminds me to tell you what I did yesterday. I turned off the widget on my home screen on my iPhone for news. Just completely got rid of it. These psychologically engineered headlines were just intrusive every time I opened up my phone. So now it's gone. I will find the news when I want to. It will not make itself present to me without my inviting it.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Founders of Doctors With Reiki

P.S. Ross wants you to know I've spent over five hours working on this one post. Unpaid. it's out of the goodness of my heart. <3 I did it for love, he says. Not for money. That is how you know it is the truth. Watch for it. Follow the money, and do not trust those who are in it as a huge corporation to take advantage of you. And buy the book!