Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Little Bit Of Heaven Is Already Here On Surface Gaia

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Today's blog post is going to be fun, and easy, because it also contains one of the harshest truths. For those of you who notice the image above, butterflies are a symbol for something much more sinister, the intergenerational programming techniques of SRA.  Memories are passed from parent to child through the DNA in Monarch butterflies--that's how the butterflies know how and when to migrate. So it is with the elaborate programming techniques made scientific by Mengele.

The harsh truth is what happens to people whose three basic circuits are on overdrive and imbalance--the fear/cortisol, and the dopamine/reward circuit--to tip things to the point where the delicate brain cells in the prefrontal cortex that register 'pleasure' begin the apoptosis (programmed cell death).

A human who is in this condition is apt to act out without thinking. 

A lot of the behavior when it comes to politics and social situations are in social media stems from this...programming.  It's not the ritualized step-by-step intense programming of the SRA. However, it's the public form of it, where people are stressed enough to seek reward, over and over and over, and they are easy to control/manipulate. 

If you read the book you will understand this.

Many have gone straight to video to catch the work of Robert H. Lustig, MD, on his YT videos. It's a start.

Remember what Kerth says, READ. When you are reading, it's on your terms, and you are less prone to any kind of 'programming' because you actively accept or reject what you read. Anything you watch...your subconscious automatically is influenced by it, and you can't control it. 

So, how to calm the brain and bring those dead brain cells back, the dopamine pleasure ones?

Um, you can't. 

Once they are dead, it's dead forever.

However, if you stop killing more of them, it's in your favor. Pleasure sought. Seeking. Reward. Anything that drives the dopamine. Anything.  You can put the phone away, you can limit the sugar, you can stop the partying or at least cut way can take steps to reduce stress and your reaction to stressful situations, and you can do everything you can to boost the serotonin circuits to balance it out.

If you are victim of SRA/Monarch/MK Ultra, there is help. Jay Parker and Kerth Barker were both able to find it.  A lot of it has to do with writing.

I even still have leftovers from my immediate past life. Ross has been working one-on-one with me to heal me from it. We are making great progress. Just know it takes time.

Chicago,USA-august 13,2013 the tallest building in the western hemisphere and the third tallest in the world At 1,353 feet in the air, the Ledge’s glass boxes extend out 4 3 feet from Skydeck

These are exciting times!

There is nowhere to go but UP!

And once the truth is out in the open, we will stop digging ourselves deeper in a hole of lies. The daylight will show and we will be able to find a way out.

We are so close to the end of this Illusion, absolutely! 

Always remember with Spirit in the count, we greatly outnumber any of the dark ones with TWDNHOBIAH.  They are and always have been totally and completely surrounded by the love of Divine Creator of all that is.

Nothing can separate us from the love of Divine Mother and Divine Father.  Like a toddler who rejects a hug from their mom or dad, TWDNHOBIAH may push to separate from this Divine Embrace, but nothing is strong enough to succeed. Even if the arms set the toddler down and lets them explore and run, the love which is connecting them is always there.

MARCKOLSHEIM, FRANCE - JULY 3, 2013: tank in front of casemate 35/3 at the Maginot line in Marckolsheim, France. Marckolsheim has been restored and houses the Musee Memorial de la Ligne Maginot du Rhin.

I screen the videos for you that I share. I've seen every one.

Here is a fascinating one--let's see if you can pick up on the dopamine/reward and cortisol/stress imbalance behind chikan:

Nobita brings up the problem, and looks into the deeper causes, and I bet he's never even heard of Dr. Lustig.

When you are observant it is possible to see the big picture.

Road sign 353 in Finland - No overtaking by lorries

Here is one that will also make you think! Could this be the reason behind the importance of 'bloodlines'?

Whoa! Pretty cool, huh?

I wonder what the incidence is of Rh negative in the SRA and TWDNHOBIAH communities? Hmmmm.

WIJK AAN ZEE, NETHERLANDS - AUGUST 30, 2015: Beach shop with text saying "toys and sunburn available inside". The North sea coast measures 353 km in the netherlands

Let's have some more fun.  Things like how other countries have some pretty good ideas, and how we compare--for us 'normal' and 'average', or the 'ninety-nine percent'.

We have good things.

BALATON HUNGARY - AUG 12 2016: Retro Wartburg 353 W car logo at 2016 Retro Auto Parade. This type produced East Germany between 1966-1988

Here is one of my favorites--how upbringing differs across the world. And if you think about it, most children on Earth are treated very well their first five years. In my opinion this helps them to become gradually prepared to enter a system that most would reject if they were put into it fully awake and aware..probably one of the biggest influencers in society is the parental indoctrination, what information or misinformation is given parent to child.

Either way, it's a cute video and we hope you enjoy it:

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Then there are the mysteries, and things to make you think--not with fear--but with wonder, and amazement. There are many hidden things which will be made visible in our times:

Look to the good.

Know that everything hidden, once it isn't hiding any more--is a victory in and of itself!

When two people know a secret it's not a secret any more.

And when the secrets and known we shall be FREE!

We cannot escape the love of Divine Creator of All That Is. 

And it's heading our way in concentrated form, going to help us out here, so that one day, we will FULLY be officially, Heaven On Earth.

Seamless 3D elegant dark paper art pattern 353 Square Check Cross

Ross wants me to share with you the important of rest and of taking time to do things you enjoy. It will heal you. He had me make a list of things I enjoy. It was difficult. I'm so used to doing things for others, or meeting deadlines.

I also want to share how my lesson on the dating website is helping me heal. I suffered from 'nice girl' syndrome.

There were a lot of people 'matched' to me.

But this spiritual dating website isn't actually spiritual. It cross matches from different websites this company owns. Disabled Nurse Delicious Singles. com. Farmer dating.

I've been overwhelmed with the true responsibility of being Feminine. You decide who gets to be with you (to procreate). I'm a little old for it now, of course. But when the men present themselves, you have to go into a whole different brain process. The 'who is good for me?' and 'what am I looking for?'

I erased a lot of files. Some because of distance. Some because on their photo they had a drink in their hand and had the nerve to call me 'baby'.  Others because I sensed intuitively that they were needy. 


It's something I never really had a chance to do. Not only am I learning what I 'put out there'--and how to 'make some pheromones', but I'm learning what to do with them.

Twins are not jealous--by nature--at least Ross with me. I'm the outlier in my being jealous over him, and that's because of what happened in life with him, not so much our relationship outside of Earth. 

I'm seeing how a lot goes into 'matchmaking'. I respect it. I sense how if you don't want to move, it's okay,  don't pursue relationships with those in another state since you just have to decide what is going to work for you. 

Ross and I are closer now than ever. I'm in no rush to ever go on a date. But waking up to these concepts is especially healing for me. We are at a point where my immediate past life is losing its hold in our intimacy. It's not been easy. It just STICKS. Like the Monarch. 

So for those of you who have been victim to SRA/Monarch/MK Ultra--in this incarnation or past once--healing IS definitely possible. I know. Focus on Here and Now, make happy memories...and work with your guides. Ross has been a godsend for me in this regard.  I am eternally grateful to him for his time and effort to make me whole.  Help will come to you too. Ask for it with your hearts.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki