Monday, July 23, 2018

In Case Of Emergency...

Ruins of old city Persepolis, a capital of the Achaemenid Empire 550 - 330 BC.

No beef today! And I was a mom. I stayed home. Took the car to the shop. Drove the kids to camp (I carpool). 

330 milliliter aluminum can

Unfortunately, a reader had a 'beef' with our blog post where we guided people that your enemy as well as your lover are both mirrors of things about you. And the enemy is best approached with a 'hate the sin and love the sinner' because they are showing you some of your shadow side.

330 volt tower

When push comes to shove, sometimes the unpleasant lessons are actually the most valuable, because they strike a nerve in an otherwise not easy to reach part of the soul--and it raises the Consciousness--when it is dealt with in a loving way.

When someone is told a truth, and it hits them with enough 'startle' to put them 'in a tizzy' and to have them not be able to get this truth out of their mind...this is exactly  what I was trying to warn you about by sharing how I felt when I was told that medicine is a corrupt business designed to keep people sick and make lots of money off them.  I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me, and I also felt betrayed because it was my LIFE. I was a HEALER. And I was to HELP, not HURT others.  Right?

It takes a while to adapt to such revelations. 

I didn't have the luxury of Ross at the time--he was my guide but I didn't have conversations with him like I do now. 

Here is--with full permission--how the reader contacted us, and how Ross skillfully responded.

Furthermore, Ross and I feel that there are undoubtedly others who have experienced reactions like her. So we share.

And we want you to be on the lookout for reactions like this in others, and to see a template of how to proceed when they approach you like our reader did us.

Finally I will share an example...of my own 'grudge' and 'mirror' help you learn.

COATZACOALCOS, MEXICO - JUNE 2, 2017: Interurban coach Beccar B330 in the city street.

On July 22, 2018 at 6:03 AM Hey Carla and Ross, 

I just had to write because your last post about loving the sinner and not the sin has me all in a tizzy! (ed--for our non-native English speakers a tizzy is slang for being very upset)

I respect you and Ross and really enjoy and look forward to your posts but this last one has really upset me.....I can't love or forgive the man that took my children away from me. I've tried to understand the motivations behind Narcissism and controlling manipulative people but I just can't do it......if this man is a mirror then I'm really sad, if he is showing me a part of myself that is like him, then everything I have strived for and believed in is now really worrying to me.

I love people, I love being with people and I've always had an affinity with children and I poured my whole self into my two girls when I was lucky enough to have them with me. Now they shun me and I've not had contact for nearly two years because of their father.

I guess I've tried to understand, tried to forgive but the damage has been so great on my soul I now struggle with Ross's lesson. He's right, it's tough but still I struggle.

Do you think he could write more about this to help those of us who are struggling with the concept? We would deeply appreciate the extra help lol! 

Keep being an awesome Mom Carla, you inspire me and I wish I had been as strong and as enduring as you are, because I know all too well the difficulties of being a single working mother. 

Much love to you and a big hug for Anthony. 

T Sent from my iPad

Teaching points:
  • just like in the doctor-patient relationship, there is TRUST in this teaching relationship. On both sides. This is very normal, very natural, and very healthy.
  • there is loss--soul-shaking loss. I had Ross' infant son taken away at birth (I was told it died) when it was actually passed to someone else to raise due to the political risk to the family. Ross decided this with others, not with me. Apparently the first baby had been a girl, the plan had been in effect, but since it wasn't a firstborn male I was allowed to raise her. It is a hard lesson to heal. It's taken me many lifetimes to be able to heal it. 
  • Notice the 'but's which are underlined. These are the essence of resistance to change, which is very normal and common and we see this all the time. At least it's out in the open, and gives us something to work with. Now watch Ross do his thing...he is AMAZING...

TENERIFE, SPAIN-JULY 17, 2017: Aircraft-Boeing 757-330 of Condor Taking off from Tenerife South Airport on July 17, 2017

On 22 Jul 2018, at 9:29 PM, Carla <> wrote:

Beloved Friend T,

Ross agrees with you to write the lesson more in full. Anything that causes a reaction such as this is indicative that a delicate region of healing has been reached. There is no reason to plow through it and trudge further. He says to back off and adjust and that spirit will take care of the rest.

In our lifetimes, sometimes we write into our Life Scripts experiences which are totally unpleasant. This is to experience the effect our actions have had on others, outside of this precious lifetime. Take your husband for example. He has no clue of the discomfort and pain his 'joy' and 'win' against you has caused to both you and to his daughters. The feminine role model is extremely important to the little women when they are growing up, and all their life. He has perhaps 'replaced it' with a 'substitute' and 'moved on' with his new 'model family'.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

He cannot see it, and is blocked as a soul because of his level of Consciousness and possible mental illness. 

Upon death, the totality of this will become INSTANTLY and PERFECTLY clear to him, much to his humiliation and regret. Regret in the Higher Realms is nothing like the regret which we experience while incarnate upon earth. It is lasting, it is embarrassing, and there is impetus to 'resolve it correctly' and 'at once'.

For souls such as this, we encourage them to take on the exact same experiences they imposed upon those who have suffered at their fate because of their actions. This isn't to 'undo' or 'pay reparation' but for the soul to truly KNOW what it is like to experience these experiences, so that they will never do them again.

Since most souls, once incarnate, struggle, they remember not the vow, and tend to fight it. They also do not make much progress with 'the lesson' that appeared to be so straightforward as it was before they came to earth.

This is why some lessons require multiple, multiple incarnations.

And angels who are incarnate, much as yourself, this is not to say that you are or you are not definitively an angel incarnate for that according to Ross is not in your life script to discover so--incarnate to these special roles as 'teachers' for the 'students' such as your ex. 

Ross encourages you to 'rise above' and to get ready for when the pendulum swings the opposite direction with your daughters. When motherhood or tragedy strikes, or when their own Consciousness expands (and with Ascension right around the corner it may be as sudden and clear as at death)--they are going to run to you begging for your forgiveness.

Can you forgive them for what they have done? (listen to their father's lies?) Will you still guide them here and in the hereafter with a mother's love that only you can give?

Ross wants you to be prepared for this. To work through all your challenges, to be healthy, and of extremely high vibration.

He also says it is a matter of looking outward across the perspective. He says you are Divine Creation, and you are ultimately cherished and loved. He wants you to experience this healing each and every day in gentle meditation, walking meditation if you can't sit, and he wants you to experience this love which is eternal and will never leave you or be taken away.

In joy,
Ross and Carla 

Here are the teaching points :

  • love! Pure unconditional respect, love, understanding, patience, nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. It leaps from the page.
  • adjusting the perspective--the scope--of the vision
  • giving real examples from Home of 'how things work'
  • we offer support and take the side of the reader
  • we engage the reader in agreement and preparation for the next likely steps (something to do, and give hope--this helps to manifest a positive outcome to the conflict too)
  • we point back to Divine Creator, and encourage reconnecting strengthening on a daily basis to raise the Consciousness further.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 23, 2017: Harrods , luxury department store on Brompton Road. 7-storey building built in 1905, has 330 departments covering 90,000 m2 of retail space

Hello there Carla and Ross,

Firstly let me say, that your email felt like a warm and cozy blanket, what a relief and I'm so grateful to you both for taking the time to write that to me.

It really does help to know the why's and wherefores of this world, why souls do what they do and their motivations, even when terrible things happen, if I can understand the why, then it enables me to move on quicker.

Knowing that my ex-husband will one day know the consequences of interfering with innocent souls life paths does help, and what if one day my girls come running back? 

Well as their mother, I know I will be ready and willing to help them heal the damage done by my ex, how could I not? I still love them and always will. 

...My galactic family have been there through all the traumas and have kept me sane however, there have been times when I've begged them to bring me home, I can identify with you when you have said on occasion how frustrated you are and want things to change for the better now. I too want to be with my soul family, wanted so much to be within that realm of love and total compassion. I have no earthly family left now, they all turned away from me frightened of my belief in the afterlife and because both my partner and I talk to our soul families openly. They are scared because they are worried we see the truth of their lives and the choices they have made......which we do but we have never judged! Funny how people think! Sad though because they miss out on all the healing and love we had to offer.

Anyway , I've rambled on enough and I'm again very grateful for your time and energy, I'm glad to hear you and your son had such a great time at your picnic with friends, how cool and perfect 👌🏼 

The meat thing at the fair...I'm glad Anthony is giving up beef, the hormones are really bad for all of us but especially growing young people. He's a great kid and I love reading about him and hearing how he's doing.

Well time to make lunch, take care Carla and thanks again to you both.

Hugs 😄

Here are the teaching points:
  • The heart opens. It takes skill and practice to be able to address a soul in this manner, and Ross makes it look easy. Our advice to you is to keep YOUR heart open whenever you are in a teaching/guiding role. This helps to smooth out any of the 'rough edges' and ask your guides to help you find the right words to say to the person who is asking you questions, too.
  • This reader needed to understand. Ross was able to realize this, and to connect with this need as effectively as possible. Now she has this need met and is able to fully absorb the lesson.
  • This reader further shares her discomfort at vibrational mismatch in Consciousness. This is very common in Ground Crew incarnate Lightworkers/Angels. The longing for Home is great and it is real. When there is greater than a one level of Consciousness dimension between people it is uncomfortable for both. And incarnate angels never really are happy in love due to this vibrational mismatch. That's why the ex was so awful. And that's why the new partner is a blessing to be of compatible frequency. Many people are afraid of those who can read their minds! This mention of the reaction of the family to the 'truth of their lives' is classic!! It makes us both smile.

Small island off the coast of Taveuni, Fiji. Fiji is an archipelago of more than 330 islands


We are here to help one another find our way back home.

Anthony and I recycled today. We got three dollars and forty cents. It's our own CRV (California Redemption Value) money.

There was a young woman yelling at her mom in front of us. I could tell by the mother's reaction the daughter picks on her a lot.

Most people in these lines don't have much money. They depend on this source of income.

What I have learned is that when people are mean and rude, you compliment them. I learned it from a brave woman on FB, who gets trolls who make horrible comments to fat-shame her.  They hurt. So what works is she compliments them. Your lipstick is so beautiful! I see you have a wonderful dog I bet you take the best care of them! Genuine, kindness.  She said people apologize. And they stop harassing her.

So to the daughter, I said, 'Wow! you are so organized! We are new to this. We are learning tips just by watching you. Thank you!'

The whole dynamic shifted. She also helped us to get the trash barrel you fill for them to weigh it. She gave us advice. And both her mom and her responded to our kindness.

Ah! For my lesson!

I forgot. I didn't try to weasel out. But weasel is a good word.

There is a Snake-man who gives lots of updates and organizes meditations. I know from inside sources and intel that he's not what he seems. He plays for the other team. There's some shills out there on YT. He's a little more than that. Why he does it, I don't know.

I don't like it.

Not one bit.

How could anyone hurt Sky Crew and our Team? Right?  Why would he do 'anything to win?' Isn't it ridiculous?

Not really.

I like to win too.

I like to win a lot.

And after what happened to Ross?

I have a score to settle.

Is that very good vibration of me to be like that? No. That's why it's called a shadow self. That's why I have to love EVERY PART OF ME, even the 'sneaky parts' who would do anything for my Galactic Family and Ross. I remember how he suffered. I remember the waste of his best years. I remember arguing with Divine Father, over and over, WHY on EARTH did you come up with this hare-brained, cockamamie (ed--slang for ridiculous and stupid and prone to failure) PLAN? WHY??

I've had to let that go.

I've had to learn there's some things I'll NEVER understand as long as I am incarnate.

And I have to trust in the Divine Plan.

Do I love that Snake-man? Yes, like Divine Mother and Divine Father love him, as a soul, as one of their many many many children.

Do I love the choices he makes? Not on your life. I know he can do better. And one day, if not now, he will answer to Ross and that will be enough for me.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P. S.

This is from Ross. it's about the human condition. And to those in the Higher Realms, it's beautiful--like a growing phase you will one day outgrow. The drama in the Illusion seems real once you are in it.




Ascend with both feet on the ground, like Jeff Brown says.

You are going to make it.

Everyone has been there.

Even me (that's Ross talking--ed).