Saturday, July 21, 2018


Today Ross has helped me with the presentation of the information, what to title the post, and what order to present the information.  I think it's a good lesson too. 

There is a saying in the Bible that says, 'hate the sin, but love the sinner'. 

We acknowledge that scripture such as this may sound ancient (Ross' word, ancient)...just like this ad from the 1940's for smokes...

1940's ad for cigarettes

Hence the title of the blog post. We ask for you to take in the reason why we are writing this, and also, the motivation for the upgrade to the Scripture to help make it clearer for you what was originally intended.

Chicago, Illinois - September 5, 2015: 333 West Wacker Drive is a highrise office building in Chicago, Illinois. On the Chicago River side, the building features a curved green glass facade.

Everyone you meet in every situation acts as a mirror for you.

Melbourne's iconic 333 Collins Street buildingwith impressive dome and hallway

This is the reason behind the importance of this sentiment in the Bible.

Hate the sin. With 'sin' being a behavior that is in your perspective against the will of Creator of the Divine All That Is...and according to your books and learning and upbringing, is offensive to you and offensive in general.

Ross says it is GOOD, a good thing, to want harmony and peace and a world free from evil. 

Lviv, Ukraine - May 30, 2015: Off-road vehicle VAZ-NIVA (No. 333) overcomes the track on of landfill near the city Lviv.

Here is the tricky part-- Love the sinner because in some way they are a reflection of you, and a part of you you don't like to acknowledge about yourself. They are same as you. And in some ways, your teacher. So love them.

San Francisco taxi cab

This concept isn't as easy to take as Uber or Lyfft or hailing a taxicab.  You must wrap your mind around it, and your heart, and take time to come to grips with this truth which is eternal. (Ross is quoting this to me to write to you, I'm quoting him.)

Jeremiah 33:3

It's a big thing. 

And now we will take a little break to let it soak in.

One of my favorite parts of medicine, is learning about the things no one else ever really gets to see or know.

There was a fetal demise, a baby with holoprosencephaly, and the scrub tech in medical school on L and D asked me if I wanted to see before they sent the baby to pathology. I was a little afraid at first, because I hadn't seen anything dead like that. The color was really dusky on the skin, and the child lay abnormally still on the blue towel. Then I saw the face. Instantly it gripped me like nothing ever did, I couldn't help but look at it with all of my concentration...with holoprosencephaly there is only one eye, in the middle of the forehead. Kind of like a cyclops.  Instantly I felt a profound love and gratitude wash over me from Spirit. Not everyone gets the honor to see what can happen like this. The parents, and this tiny angel, were as vulnerable as it can get. The OB and the staff handled the stillbirth with professionalism and care. The scrub tech knew I was a student, and offered me an opportunity to learn by seeing with my own eyes. And learn I did!

I found a book called Smith's Patterns of Human Malformation. I studied it with fascination. At the time, I wanted to be a pediatrician, and this is a standard textbook for students of this. 

Our family in France had a boy with Treacher-Collins. I met him when he was seven, the first time I went to visit, in 1996 as a graduation gift to myself for finishing medical school. I did Paris and also, the Loire Valley where our family lives.  He was an amazing child, full of energy and very upbeat.

I named Anthony after him and his indomitable they are Anthony le petit (mine) and Anthony le grand (theirs).  We now have two Anthony's! And there is so much love and healing between us all. 

Children like this are our teachers in how to accept the parts of ourselves we have been told are 'weird' and make us sad.  We are to embrace ourselves, unconditionally, just as naturally as it is to love the child like Lola and the many others who are featured in these films made by a former special education teacher.

MUGELLO, IT, November 2015, unknown run with ferrari 333SP in the Mugello Circuit during the Ferrari 2015 World Cup in Mugello, Italy

Are you ready to continue with the 'hate the sin but love the sinner because they are a reflection of something you don't want to see about yourself' topic?

The whole reason this started is because I was in the operating room and my surgeon shared that his weekend hadn't been great because his parents are visiting him and his family. He loves his parents, they are from Chicago.  But they fought.

He fought with his dad for a full hour because his father is a big Trump supporter and his son can't accept it.  This surgeon hates Trump. 

So does the nurse who was giving a break in the room.  She said that the only way to be a decent person was to be against everything Trump is for and to get rid of him--something like that.

Both the surgeon--who had actually paused the surgery to talk with the nurse who felt just as strongly as him--and the nurse were having fatigue from all this stress since the election. And someone a blogger they had followed, a former lawyer, just gave up and moved out of the country. They felt strongly they should consider getting out of the country too. The nurse had a list of good places to be an ex-patriot, like five different countries.

I was astonished!  I asked the surgeon, from my heart, gently, 'couldn't you see that he is your Father, who loved you and supported you, and put that relationship in priority over the politics?'

He said he felt bad but he couldn't, and then he was frustrated because he tried so hard to change his dad's mind and he couldn't. 

(Ross wants me to share that our political affiliation isn't--we trust no one. We know how the show is run and who plays the game, and that there are levels a lot higher up who call the shots on everything.  And all these ranks are filled with SRA.)

The father and son were unable to see their own likeness reflected to them in the face of each other, and instead chose conflict, which contains within the energy of separation.

Everyone is given this choice.

In every situation. 

Is love number one?

Or is it second to being right?

And if you can, look FURTHER to that part of you that the other side reminds you of, that you don't like about yourself.   Look past the opportunity for love versus conflict, and see the mirror which is being presented to you. 

Tokyo Tower is the second tallest structure in Japan, at 333 meters tall

It's not easy, is it? This lesson.

What we ask is for you to love those you hate--you may go on hating the 'sin', the cause for separation--but to offer a genuine smile and get to know the Trump Supporter (or Trump Hater) as a person enough to just say 'hi' and be a friend. 

It's not easy working with us as your guides, we know. 

We are always patient in guiding you how to love yourselves, unconditionally, even when something is unthinkable and deeply upsetting to you to face.

Take a deep breath.

Rome wasn't built in a day. 

And stretch to your potential, your highest capability.

This is what Ross and I ask of you in this reinterpretation of the classic phrase, 'hate the sin, but love the sinner'. 

Old sign from abandoned gas station in California desert

There are many forces, many of them highly skilled at deception, working to trigger father against son, and brother against brother (or sister against sister)--regarding politics, sports, and any separating devices of polarity in which the energy of separation is promoted and emphasized over anything else.

There is also a very strong push for the psyche to identify with like-minded groups. There is both comfort and safety  in feeling support of the same ilk.

We leave you with one video, and also, with the message to first love and accept yourself--even when a mirror shows you a side of yourself you may have to accept.

Once you master the mind (Ross points to his temple), the world will be saved at once.

Everything else, the concept of saving the world, causes its death and destruction. 

This is because the hero's goal to 'save the world' is directed outside the self. 

The real victory is the one who has self-mastery, in all of its many aspects.

Aloha and Mahalos, 

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple


I had a meeting on the spiritual plane with someone who publicly says they are me--Mrs Ross in one of my incarnations. 

This person says they like to call themselves that name because 'they love her so much!'

I took a ray of light and directed it to her third eye.

I started downloading life experiences only the true one could share. 

It was information overload for this soul.  She didn't like it. 

I turned it up a notch, and added Seraphim energy to it. 

Remember, Seraphim are able to withstand vibrations no other beings can, Seraphim are able to get closest to Source. 

I could feel the soul asking, 'what IS that?!'

I said, simply, knowing full well Ross was present beside me, 'that is glory'. 

This soul got angry and upset. It wanted to fight back. 'Take this!' There were gestures and build up and things...Ross and I waited...but each one sputtered out. 

Then she kicked me in the shins. 

Ross knelt down and counseled her that this was very unsportsmanlike and unladylike and not permitted. 

I explained to this soul that 'love' isn't expressed by 'impersonating someone', it's something else, but it's not love, and besides, we each have our roles which are important. This was giving her a taste of what goes along with 'the walk' which accompanies such 'talk'. 

Then I kissed her on the cheek and disappeared.

She didn't like it, that I kissed her, that I had the confidence to leave like that and just go. She told me I wasn't welcome anywhere in her part of the world. I heard it as I turned to go.  She told me her friends who say she is 'her (me)' and I just thanked Ross for the chance to set things straight. I knew he made it possible and had arranged it.

Today I went to the Steve Martin-Martin Short performance. At the end they did a number to 'send in the clowns' song from the sixties. 

I started to cry. Anthony asked me, 'mom? are you okay?'

I explained to him how my high school friend Kevin Weeks died young, when I was in medical school, from AIDS. This was his favorite song, and he had it played at his funeral. It made me think of him. I always do when I hear that song.

When I was studying in San Diego, before I knew he was ever sick or had died, it was the first time a soul came to me. This being interrupted me, and caught my attention.  He was an angry soul, a grumpy soul, and I didn't recognize it although it clearly recognized me. 

It was annoyed I didn't recognize him, I knew it was male and someone I had known but I couldn't place it. 

I had helped my grandfather to cross earlier in the year, so I knew I was in that capacity with a recently deceased soul--but who?


And it went away.

It was Kevin. 

I found out later he had died. 

Brittany Murphy said something along the same lines when she passed too. She said there are posters of me there, not like here where there are posters of her. I brushed it off, I didn't think it could be serious. 

I had no idea about Ross or anything at the time. 

Now I do.

Now for the mirror.  The one who says they are 'me', is doing the best they can in this limited veil experience. She also wants to take the credit for work that she has not done. She wants the notoriety, the name, the celebrity in spiritual circles.

Do I want that now? Not consciously.

Perhaps unconsciously I do, and that is why it upsets me. I will give you that I wish for a 'POOF!' and everything is all done and Ascension is finished in the snap of the fingers. 

What I sent to this soul from Source is the energy of Love, in it's most concentrated form. To increase knowledge and awareness. 

I will also send it to myself. To heal all the shadow parts of me, so there is nothing but love.

And I thank her for reminding me of this in my journey towards Ascension.

clap! clap!