Wednesday, July 4, 2018

This or Something Better!

Greetings and Happy Independence Day to those of you who are celebrating it in the United States!

Carla has the day off and if most delighted to have a break from the operating room, where she was until late last night. 

Everything is working out, and we are very happy together in our relationship.

One of the things Carla learned was that it takes seeing 'eye to eye' in the level of Consciousness for a relationship to succeed on the earth plane--Carla's sister Vanessa called her attention to this concept and shared it with her about her China trip and what happened there:

It really helped Carla to understand why Jared (and now Alexa who 'hates her' according to Anthony) did what they did...because the level of Consciousness was not on par.

And to the contrary, why with Ross as her beloved partner and twin, it is highly unlikely for anyone on the social media dating websites such as spiritual dating are going to be an appropriate match for her. 

Who else does the work, walks the walk, and talks the talk in our unending quest for the liberation of Mother Earth and all her Creation which is alive? And for the Galactic ways to overcome the seedy corruption which envelops the Earth in all it's governance?


I want to share with you at this time what Carla made for another coworker, a nurse, one who has never asked for the free bracelet that Carla makes for all those who ask. Carla had been feeling that Spirit nudged her that this woman needs fluorite. She has sensed this woman early on has belief systems and wasn't exactly as 'open' to Spiritual things such as crystals (because she hadn't asked). Carla asked her last week if she would be interested in jewelry? And actually, the nurse said, 'I had coveted some of those bracelets you make for the others'.

There you have it, a biblical statement.

Carla made a necklace and matching earrings out of designer grade fluorite and sterling silver, all of which to give for free.

The length was not even measured, the pattern was set by Spirit, and Carla followed it to the letter exactly. Please note that the smaller beads are lava, and they are there to decrease the weight of the necklace. 

Please notice the tiny heart punched out on the hand in the middle of the red. This is a tag used in surgery to help tie the gown on the surgeon or scrub tech. You hold it and the person turns and grabs the sterile part of the tie which is threaded through the holes. Carla is experimenting with 'recycled' shipping items which are clean and reduce waste. She looked all over for a card, a normal one for the earrings, and then inspiration struck. Plums were previously in the plastic.

Spirit said to add a bow, a 'big bow'.
You can not believe the delight in the nurses' face to see this packaging. She actually took a photo of it before opening. Furthermore, Carla knew that the message was 'soothing' to describe the energy of the stones. And for this individual, there were to be no visible reminders of the crystals on the arm, like a bracelet, but to have it be where she can sense it and feel the energy.

Here is the happy result!

I woke Carla up to this song this morning. She heard it, and thought perhaps it was the Beatles. She started her day at seven a.m. searching for it:

She also found it in this -- warning--Explicit!--form from Tupac Shakur:

Our message to you is about changes which are manifesting around you, perhaps not as rapidly as some of our Lightworkers who are on Ground Crew would prefer. I would like to call your attention we are on the downslope of number 350, and working our way down to the final countdown as the days pass on down...I want you to have faith in me and my teams, and now I will pass the baton to my loving partner and twin, Carla herself, for writing the rest of today's blog post.

I want you to remember, I am counting down for YOU, just as you are counting down for us--I and my teams up in the skies--because we want to reunite just as much as you do, for all your relief of the suffering you experience while you are incarnate upon the earth realm.

 I am not the same person I was two days ago when I last wrote! OMG! So much I have learned and experienced! Both in working with Spirit, and following its lead, and in living my life script/life lessons!

The title is because of a meeting I have with my work.

Yesterday morning, I was call seven, and I thought perhaps I had a shot at making a Tuesday evening pilates class.

I also, had mentioned to Anthony, just in case, to find a ride home, if I'm late. At the time I mentioned this, it was a ten percent chance in my mind.

Fortunately, Anthony coordinated it, and notified me.

At the surgery center, I was thrilled to share the gift with Stephanie the RN. What I had picked up on her soul/aura, I won't share, but let's say I was able to get a good read on it. And the need for soothing and spirit's addressing it, and the timing of NOW! That's why I stayed up late until eleven making it. My work really needs improvement. This was my first necklace. And I had short pins for the earrings, so the loops weren't exactly 'right'--I was practicing and learning too. The surge of energy I had with the packaging matches what I had last week when I did a little 'art project' combining materials like that too. (will share more later). I feel alive!

I noticed in my patient care I had more direction from Spirit. And things flowed well. I ate, things were good.

I also had a HUGE case nobody tried to steal. I did invasive monitoring, something I did once routinely in the heart room. I hadn't done a central line in a while, and even though I had a tech scrubbed in and helping me, like in the heart room, the kit has gone to the ridiculous overkill--more 'rules' to make it idiot-proof and stick yourself proof and infection (CLEBSI) proof. I've done this a million times. I used ultrasound. And my glasses fogged with all the safety equipment. My gloves are a newer, cheaper latex, and they are either slippery when wet of sticky when dry. I felt both the thrill of line placement, and the frustration with the new ways. Fortunately, the patient did well, and we helped a lot with the case. I want you to understand how medicine's almost like a factory line with management cutting corners to save money, autonomy being lost by the making it like a Kaiser model, and the increasing risks posed to us by patient acuity (disease load).

I can't leave the O.R. to pee unless there is another anesthesiologist in the room.

I asked two who were between cases to relieve me. Two hours later, I simply couldn't hold it any more. So I asked the charge nurse again to find someone.

She came. I ran and was back in two minutes.

Then the person who I asked invited me to break an hour later. I didn't know he wanted to relieve me so I could go home.

Anthony by that time was already home, and had dinner. The father asked if I can keep his son overnight Thursday for a work shift, I said sure.

Another person came, who should have relieved me, so I could go home. She said, 'you have thirty minutes for the next one to come, can you wait? I'm on call tomorrow...'


The last one came and by then it was thirty minutes till the end of the long case. I asked if I could pee, he said, 'yes, go get coffee too, take a break'.

I ran downstairs to the cafeteria. The cook was very chit-chatty. Slow with the woman ahead of me. I ordered the only thing available, grilled spicy chicken guacamole sandwich. She was on slow mode. I lost my patience. I mentioned to her, that I have a patient asleep on the operating room table, and a colleague who wants to go home is giving me a break. I would like to chit chat but I kind of have to rush, would she mind? Well they didn't have the guacamole. She said they have bacon. I was getting chocolate milk, and I said no. Well she already put it on the grill. I said okay don't waste it I will eat it.  I drank the chocolate milk in line, waiting, hungry, greedy for food since lunch had been eight hours before.

I ate quickly my sandwich, and I returned to my room, only to find no anesthesiologist there!

This was a case where the blood pressure could change suddenly.

I was astonished! I had done a good job, and everything going on with the surgery was more controlled and stable, but still? Walking out on a case while giving a break?

I reassessed and took everything into consideration with care...About five minutes later my friend walked back. He had gone to the recovery room, as there had been a problem with his patient, Yes, that's a reason I suppose. And I had left my phone in the room for the music, so he could have tried to call me back in.

It all turned out well.

But he mentioned a meeting in the morning on Friday.


I looked at my email. Yes, after finding out I'm hosting an extra kid, there's trouble upstairs in management, and there are goals for all of the sister hospitals for 'on time starts' and 'turnover'.

You know, in the past I would have gotten nervous.

But with the energies, I'm like, 'okay'. I've felt the writing on the wall for my work, and the fear.

I refused the fear.

I said, 'Ross, just like with the house, with my work, thank you for this or something better!'

I've been at this gig for nine years now. Exactly. That's a long time.

I've been at my home in the general area, for twenty years--when I married my second husband.

I thanked Ross and my team for letting me experience 'roots'--I've lived at my current home longer than even any of my childhood ones. I know we are to move on and not get stuck, but it's been incredibly healing to experience stability...

This or something better! it's one of the best prayers and attitudes there is.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - FEBRUARY 14, 2015: Sun Odyssey 349 Sailboat in 8. CNR Eurasia Boat Show, CNR Expo

In addition to my CHEEKY, I've discovered something new, from ayurveda:
  • first thing in the morning, rinse the eyes with cold water
  • scrape the tongue
  • brush the teeth--toothpaste is optional
  • say out loud one thing you are thankful for
It works!

I know some of you are tired of me sounding like a broke record. On exposing this, and that. But others who are newly awakening, would like to have some stability, some guidance, and reassurance that all is well.

Clearly, all IS well, we are in the hands of Divine Creator.

An event happened recently--where new energies are overwhelming and flooding the earth. The new Gaia Portal reflected this. 

We are heading in the right direction.

That being said, there are some videos I would like to offer to those who like to learn, and I will give comments and insights to help you get a little 'more' out of the learning process. 

I ask for you to put on your 'education' hat, and to look past anything you may find offensive without it on, because what I am going for is the lesson--not the whole video's 'lesson'--but using what is in the video to make a point.

And there are many videos:

  • The Walk Away is the name given to a movement of democrats who are walking away from their party to join the republicans because of the 'narrative'--the way the mainstream media is forcing a viewpoint on viewers and members of the democratic party. I had never heard of it. The lesson is that this 'movement' is being censored as there is no coverage of it all, and this 'movement' is growing, if you know where to look.  The second learning point is that both parties are controlled by the same hierarchy--and there is a goal we can't really appreciate--being masterminded by those who control the puppet strings.
  • Thank you for being open-minded and not blowing your fuse with that one.
  • This Christian Video exposes a Maroon 5 song for cannibalism and stalking. What I like about this video is that it shows connections between music and behavior, how Lucy-fer beliefs are pretty rampant in the music industry. And how historical killers are influenced by music. Things to add--like Bey-Yond-Say's 'Crazy in Love' video where she 'died' in a car explosion and walked out as Sasha Fierce--Adam Levine and his wife, are coming out as being totally into 'The Winning Team'. There is a ceremony where the old you 'dies' and the new you 'The Winning Team you' is announced to the world. I've seen the image before of them embracing while covered in blood. This is a marriage of the Beast ceremony. I just knew it by seeing it. The rest of the video is disturbing. The Christian video dude hasn't researched deep enough into the rabbit hole to call it what it is. He also doesn't know that Jeffry Daumer and his dad are wearing the color of Say-Tan in the interview, and I believe it's a damage control. There is no 'angelic vibe' in their beliefs. And like the other movie yesterday, from Call For An Uprising--it's confusing because these believers in darkness wear crosses and call themselves to worship demons who have the same names as our true lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
  • That was sure heavy wasn't it? I congratulate you on your hard work. BTW, speaking of censorship, the Kindle version of The Hacking of the American Mind by Robert H. Lustig MD is no longer available in New Zealand. I just was notified of this. I'm not sure how long we will be able to buy the book too.
  • Pete Zah Gay-te 'all you need to know video' shows lots of data. This is educational. The other part at the end, saying 'I don't believe it' is an advanced lesson. On what a 'shill' is. This is controlled opposition designed to A)weaken the opposition, to make it doubt  and B) take the 'heat' of the video guy.  In my opinion, only the victims can really tell you what happened, because all the perpetrators are going to lie. For the truth on this topic, please look up everything you can by Carolyn Limaco. She is on BitChute now. 
  • Shill O Rama  someone puts another YouTuber in bad light, especially the ones who ask for money. Wow. Mind-bending. I think that the controlled opposition is having a field day now. Who is there to trust? Yes, it makes sense for some people to question people who are in it for money. MY question is always, 'why aren't they killed yet?' when there's people who make videos every day and support themselves--when I know others have had their stations shut down and they've had to move elsewhere or just plain stop. (I haven't seen a Black Child video in months). My other question is, is this 'Deb' the one mentioned in Kerth's books? I don't know. The most important point here, is the lesson mentioned in the last blog post--Discernment. And for practice, read the comments to this video. Apparently RFB is one of them (I think it's Jesus Saves is him).  The other lesson, which isn't new to those of you who have been in Twelve Step programs like Al-Anon or Alcoholics Anonymous--'Take the Best and Leave the Rest'.  If it helps you wake up, good. If it resonates with you--and helps you grow--stay with it. If you feel agitated or feel dependent on a source, it's probably not good. Remember it's confusing to me--and if I were smarter I'd just go straight to my Twin and ask him about it, oh man, duh on my part! (Ross says we are each here to learn discernment in our hearts, it's a useful Galactic skill, and he's not talking! Not until we learn our lesson!  ; )   )
  • Redemption Through Sin is a LONG video by the same guy who did Shill O Rama above. Would I recommend watching it? I don't know, it's up to you and if it meets your needs. There's excellent historical research. I like how it expands it from Lucy-Fer and other 'denominations' to more of a central unifying thing. I also likes how it mentions how one group would hurt it's own people on purpose to the 'snake eating itself' metaphor. Also the part in the end with all the people and their real names. If you have the time, it can't hurt. The tone of it, doesn't resonate with me though. If feels more 'mental'. The heart center is really where it is at, especially with the mind and the heart working together.  This movie in itself is a lesson in Discernment. To be honest, it didn't hold my attention, I played Smurfs at the same time. For me, when I can't read or watch, that's my own natural discernment against what it is. I'm glad I watched it, and got the little tidbits I did. But by and large, from the Pizza one to the Shill to this, there are lots of videos out there that give much information, but don't really SAY anything. (I also have not heard from'Deb' telepathically, Kerth's 'Deb'. I invited her to talk to me any time with the permission of Ross and my team. She's been quiet. I did this so that I would know any communication was of the right vibration for me--and was okay with Ross. I don't accept any imposters who pop into my consciousness and say they are so-and-so without having a energy signature that resonates with me as okay. And hers didn't.)

I am so glad to be here for you right now.

I'm glad that I'm able to digest all of this stuff and distill it, to help you grow. 

The sun is bright today. I think a street fair opened up now. Anthony is still playing his video games to meet his goal.

I didn't plan to work on this all day, but I did. Five hours. Again.

A good blog post is worth it.

I liked how Ross started things up. I love it when he shares with us, from his perspective.

When it comes right down to it, I've done a good job learning the basics on our situation. I like the one commenter on Shill who said, 'get self sufficient before it all comes down on us'--it was practical.

No matter what, this is YOUR life. And as long as you are aware enough to understand 'things are not what they seem' it is best for you to find your inner purpose and your calling.

For a while, mine was medicine. Then Reiki. It changed to Teaching, blogging, and getting to know my Twin.  

I'm learning that the old ways aren't really cutting it for me any more.  Just as I no longer roller-skate down the block with my friends, or do what I used to do at the start of my career in medicine--all-nighters with so much resilience!...I have infinite trust I am being guided to the right place, exactly where I need to be, at any given moment. 

You are too.

This is both pleasant and enjoyable once you accept that it is what it is, and What Is, is in fact, for the highest good for both ourselves and others.

This world needs to clean up.

I pray for it.

And I'm super excited in my jewelry work to follow my heart.

My mom couldn't believe I gave away the necklace for free. 

Then on second thought, she said, it means more, because it came from the heart. It was for the purest purpose, the highest vibration, and therefore, the most effective gift.

Yes, I need to eat, and pay my bills. 

I trust in This or Something Better. 

In my ability to manifest. 

I'll finish with this comment to Shill O Rama by Edvards Voofs:

CFAU shits me to tears. He's an obvious bully who pretends to be nice, totally cynical con-man. His real nature often jumps out in unjustified vitriol, just like one of the "Demons" he always yaps about. Reminds me of Mr E (Mystery, get it..) both are shill e-carpet baggers with their wooly armies. Lift the Veil, Russian Vids, Hans, Mark Dice - Race baiters Paul Joseph Watson , Lauren Southern - Stefan Molyneux, Tommy..Alex of course. YouTube is co-intel Hell. At least with MSN most people know its all bull-shit. I swear, populism and the cult of personality will be the death of us.

I wonder if Hans is the Hans Wilhelm. He just came out with a Law of Attraction video. I don't like that group of people, their vibe is too 'money' oriented. 

With all this confusion, the way 'out' is to grow, to connect with your guides, to take care of yourself, and to meditate.

And if you have extra time, read the comments. It's fun. And the last uncensored part of the internet. 


SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 30, 2017: View of Downtown buildings on a beautiful sunny day. San Diego hosts more than 34.9 million visitors each year

I used to hate San Diego.  Stupid, huh? When I was little, I thought they tried to copy the Southern California attractions. 

I ended up there for medical school.

Best thing that ever happened to me.

Let Creator guide you to grow.

You'll be glad you did.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki