Sunday, July 1, 2018

Rebuild With Love

VARNA, BULGARIA - APR 08: Crew members stand on board the Turkish submarine DOLUNAY (S-352) on April 08, 2011 in Varna, Bulgaria. The vessel is taking part in Starfish 2011 Naval exercise.

We are at count day number 352. This is the countdown to what the Council said, à la Ron Head the channeler, that You Can Mark It On Your Calendar that 'things will be much better/improved in our quality of life on surface Gaia'.

To me, 352 is 'too long'. It is for a great many people.

That's why I write.

It is what it is. This is a firm date. And our Sky Crew are being held accountable to it.

I want you to rethink your strategy in this phase of Ascension.

Some people are jumping at the bit, others are hitting the snooze alarm...the only thing we can truly control is our reaction to our perception of what is going on around us. This is in our day-to-day (loving responses are highly recommended) our hopes-dreams-goals-desires...and in our Purpose for who we are and why we are alive at this very blessed and unique time in the history of all Creation. 

We simply can't see the big picture.  Not from where we are.

And we would feel much more reassured if we could in fact, SEE--where we are, where we are from, why we are here, where we are going. 

I want you to understand that the end result of all the programming and conditioning (read 'school') is to trust MORE in your five senses than what you pick up with your emotions, your intuition, and your heart.

Now is the time to accept.

Let me share with you a story.

I like stories.

Especially when they are about me and Anthony.

We are close.

Somehow, during my call last weekend, he discovered Smurfs again. The video game we both played together. I had downloaded it new, and he somehow magically found his old iPad, with our level forty shared game on it. 

We were both thrilled and delighted our work was not lost!

But I also, sort of, was looking forward to starting anew.  I reached level seventeen or eighteen, very little 'acreage'...but I finally set one up the way I wanted. I had little dragons and dragon eggs and other things that were more meaningful to me now after a four year break, than what we had before.

However, that game was from the time we both shared the same Apple ID.

I realized at some point, with a backup, either his or mine would disappear.

I had to delete it.

My copy.

In the big picture, it's just not worth it to say goodbye to our joint project. Better to trash what I had started now--for just one weekend really--and not look back.

I had no qualms.

I didn't look back.

It just is.

I can rebuild with love all my dragon things, it's no biggie, because in the long run, it's a stupid game and it's just designed to get me hooked and take my money. 

I'm bigger than that.

Our relationship is bigger than that. 

It wasn't a sacrifice at all.

LINZ, AUSTRIA - FEBRUARY 6, 2015: Beate Schrott (#352 Austria) competes in the women's 60m hurdles event in an indoor track and field event

Anthony is downstairs shouting with delight, 'potato! potato! potato!' as he plays Fortnite with his friends.

A 'potato' in their vocabulary is even worse than a 'newbie'--it's someone who doesn't know what they are doing. Anthony loves them. He was once one himself. He started the game in October of last year. 

He thinks he can make money as a streamer. I strongly encourage him to look for another future. 

He told me, 'mom, those streamers make just a little bit MORE than a doctor!'

Yeah. Right. 

Look what happened to the YouTubers who got a little, um, censored.

All that monetization went right out the window. 

Anyhow, I'm rebuilding my own life with love.

The important part with with Ross. 

He's so patient. He knows all the shit that went on in my head in that brief life as a pediatric prostitute that got snuffed. 

He actually lets me talk with him about what I've seen, and experienced then. It's not the kind of thing you can talk about, without someone being truly invested in you, who CARES about you, and wants you to heal in every way.

I've learned there was a 'trainer' who made things seem like a 'game'--he was my teacher of sorts.

I've learned that I was with like, one person a night, not one after the other.

I've learned I was taught how to 'handle the situation' and always be on the lookout for the unexpected, kind of to be in control.

I've learned what I did for the women who were my 'clients' (I never got paid, I knew though it was my job).

I learned just last night I had access to lots of drugs, pills mostly, and I would give them to my clients. I knew what they did and when to use them.

I learned what I would do, my technique so to say, for people I didn't really want to be with but I had to--I built things up slow, always in control, and since they were men (I didn't really want to be with anybody to be honest but there were some men who were extremely crude and awful) I would dig in my fingernails right at the point of climax just right under the--well--you can figure it out. It was that combination of pleasure and pain that made them feel satisfied, I would get my reward and praise and they would go away.

I remember these things because Ross with his gentle line of questioning, leads me through these situations and asks things like 'what did you do next?' and 'how did you feel about it?'.  I didn't think I had feelings when I remembered at first, but over time and developing trust I realize on some level I did not like it at all, and I was powerless to change it. 

Ross calls me 'my angel'.

Today in the car as I was driving he called me something else, 'my woman!'

I love that feeling of being his. Warmth just goes all over me. It's joy!

And the nanosecond after he said it, this song came on the radio:

I feel so loved.

I really do.

I'm also making a little progress around the house, Ross is guiding me. In the kitchen he said, 'put the cocoa, coffee and tea here in this order'...we have a LOT of cocoa, coffee, and tea--it takes up almost a whole counter! But it's good.

Also, I've got the laundry done. I cleaned Harry's room (good lord I don't know why but I finally NOTICED how much little pieces of fruit he's flicked up onto the wall by his cage! I just scrubbed it.)

I'm also changing the sheets, Ross' orders too.  

I realized even though I've cut corners and asked the cleaning team to change them, they didn't change other things. How would they read my mind, right? The pillowcases were dirty. They only changed the sheets. So now his bed is good, and mine, well, almost.

I stopped to write this.

Ross and I are going to give you an exercise, to 'mind your P's and Q's' on this new approach--using the data of the heart, the intuition, and the emotions--and giving them equal weight to 'scientific evidence of proof'.

Let's watch this whole thing, from start to finish, and see how things resonate with us in our heart center. Each of the people in this series.

Thank you. We know it wasn't easy.

Diane Sawyer:  she will do anything to advance her career, and being on 'the winning team' (à la Jay Parker's mom) isn't going to hurt her career. 

Interviewer:  slimy. Something about the hair. Something about having 'ideas'--and apparently, he too is in the 'party line'--which is pretty obvious at the end. Sets people up then gives them a story to make the viewer feel like 'everything is okay again'.

Victims:  their stories match just about every one I've ever heard on this subject. The Mc Martin preschool case. Kerth. Jay. The Aussie girl who's gram made  her eat baby. The horror on the face and the emotions are REAL, whether they show the face of not. (The Bombard's body language lady did the Aussie girl and said, yes, she's telling the truth--that's another YT but her channel was taken down)

Counselor:  He's genuine. He's uncovered something real. He's helping. He doesn't know what he's up against. If you read Fritz Springmueller, you will grasp how complex these 'computers' programmed into someone who is SRA/MK Ultra/Monarch are. The counselor stumbled across some code words. He's also in Utah, where there's a high incidence of SRA (see the woman singer in the ITFJ video I posted a while back).  He doesn't know what he is up against, how sinister and how in cahoots the whole stinking system actually is.   And the one at the door with the news man, and the jiggly camera--it's just trying to discredit him. And for him, the shit is going to go down, if they didn't kill him, they made him humiliated and suffer. 

The minister and his wife:  If you've studied enough, you would know they are bald-faced liars. They are charged with damage control. They have hidden behind the sweet 'front' for long enough. Do the research, and you will know that these are CLASSIC perpetrator roles in the community for SRA. And it's true, the morticians are in it, the physicians...the news. With Kerth even his school nurse at his elementary school was in it--her name was 'Freddy'.

The victim daughter who cut out her parents: Although the TV tries to make her seem crazy, she's absolutely correct. And the comments the parents are making are to trigger her. We miss her. That's the kind of thing that is said to set off another personality deep in the system, to come home. The light in the window, etc.

The 'expert' who says everything is 'made up':  This is evil with a capital E. No guilt. No shame. No decency. This person isn't just doing this alone. He's enjoying his role in the brainwashing/deflecting the masses. It's the party line. He will be tortured or killed if he doesn't do what is asked of him. But you can 'sense' with your heart he has no conscience anyway. He raises doubt--proof? Where's the proof?  

It's an unpleasant truth.

It's not the end of the world if this truth comes out.

When the victim says how she knows, and she says, 'I was there, I was reliving it' --this is technically correct. And nobody could bury a story that deep into them, with so many details. The part about Christmas?  You bet. It's all here in the official government document to aid investigators in detecting SRA

It's only a marker for the times.

It's time to heal.

Time to protect the innocent.

And time to rebuilt with love.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki