Sunday, July 22, 2018

On How It Feels To Have Fun

Jungfraujoch, Swiss AlpsJungfraujoch railway station, which at an elevation of 3,454 meters (11,332 ft) is the highest railway station in Europe

This morning when I woke up Divine Creator invited me to write about how it feels to have fun.  There is both humor and fun in the Higher Realms, and what goes with it is a sense of well-being that is permanent.  It is a combination of both self-love and self-respect that is honored everywhere you go, and with everyone you meet. 

So look for that as I share the following stories. 

March, 11st 2012, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport N1602 Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-332 take off from Polderbaan Runway

The last few days have been spent this summer, having fun. Ever since July 4, we have enjoyed new friendships, parties, swimming in the pool, and fireworks. 

It has been a blessing as our social circle expanded. 

I even look forward to Taco Tuesdays. If you are not from Southern California, it is a tradition for local Mexican eateries to offer special low prices on both tacos and margaritas to boost business on this typically slow day. 

Going to one of these places on a Tuesday feels like a fiesta--there is music, there is a wait because the place is packed, and the workers and managers and owners are delighted to be making money.

The best part is how they make the guacamole at the table so it's fresh. (in the photo below at the top right you can see the avocados)...

At the market 332 - Spending among the stalls of a market hall

These social activities give a whole new dimension of well-being to our lives. First we have 'someplace to go' and 'something to do'.  Anthony can enjoy his peers and I can enjoy mine.  With our work/life balance, it has been drastically imbalanced for a long time. My work IS my life, and there is precious little free time to enjoy life around it. That's why we go on vacation so much. To take back our family time, even if it means flying or driving far enough away so work can't call me back in.

Do these friends know anything about Reiki or my being a certified medium and psychic, or about Ross?


But their vibration is suitable, their education and background to be compatible with us and it makes for pleasant company and friendship.

DUBAI, UAE - SEP 1 Beach Hotel Apartment shown on Sep 1, 2010 in Dubai Offering 332 comfortable rooms, this small, in tradition style, hotel is just a short 5-minute drive from the Dubai Exhibition Convention Centre

On Friday we went to the local County Fair. We went after Anthony's summer camp. The parking cost ten dollars--I don't like to pay for parking but at least their price hasn't gone up for the past few years. 

Inside the County Fair, it was like a ghost town. Soon we discovered why. The turkey leg was smaller, and a souvenir cup and one leg cost twenty dollars!   I tried my first Pink's hot dog (I know, strange, I grew up here and never ate there once)--that and plain fries and a cup of free water were twenty dollars too!

I spent fifty dollars on tickets for amusements--and Anthony was shocked to see how fast the money disappeared. He had asked me why we haven't been to the fair in two years, and I told him it's because of the money, the fair is too expensive.

We went on two rides together, and he played three or four games, and all our tickets were gone. To ride on the gondola chairs across the venue, we needed to pay ten more dollars. 

County Fairs hark back to the agricultural days, when farm animals were cleaned up to look their best, put into a competition to see who was the first prize, second prize etc. for each category, and then they are sold at auction.

For meat.

I know someone who bought a side of beef, another who bought half a pig, up at a county fair in Northern California. They said the meat was good. You had to be a little creative because of all the different cuts of meat. And you had to find and pay a butcher. 

Anthony realized this for the first time, again, much to his horror. 

I enjoy seeing the animals, and a beautiful black steer with big brown eyes was tied to a corner on a short lead, and couldn't even stand up. 

It was suffering.

I went up to it, and comforted it. I also asked for Ross to help it when it's time. And I kissed the steer on the head. 

Yes, there were signs everywhere saying animals kick but it was still permitted to walk up to this one, there was no fence.

When I saw it suffering, I knew I couldn't eat beef any more. There was a sign above it that said, 'steer for market'.  It was the first place one but it had fly strike and was sad. It responded to my kindness and reassurance they were in good hands with Ross. It was going to be okay.

What I hadn't expected, and was a miracle, was that the same feeling had been felt by Anthony too. He said, 'mom, I can't eat beef any more, I just can't.'

I knew Ross had arranged it. 

I'd tried everything with our son, to be an example by being vegetarian, by talking about the health risks of beef (they are huge--colon cancer doesn't happen to non beef eaters, practically, and the meat itself had lots of hidden fat that's not good for you, and also the environment does better with chickens than beef.) Nothing worked. Nothing was going to take away any meat for him. Especially his favorite, beef.

He finally understood.

Ross told me to tell Anthony to always think about his choices when he eats. He had me tell him that back in the day, we were vegetarians who ate dairy and eggs but not meat.  Ross wanted Anthony to know that by making that decision he was doing a good thing, and if he needed to switch out to chicken and fish it is still a move in the right direction, and he was proud of him.

It's the consciousness that helps to awaken. It's like a seed or a flower, it's not going to open until it's ready. 

I'm so grateful it did and we have been beef-free now for two days!

LEIDEN, NETHERLANDS - AUGUST 28: People visit old town on August 28, 2008 in Den Bosch, Netherlands. Leiden is the 6th largest agglomeration in the Netherlands (332,000 people).

We don't want to go back to the fair any more. It wasn't fun for us. There's too much vibrational mismatch, and in both of our opinions, the rides don't seem safe. 

Dis-knee is a much better deal because you don't have to pay for every ride. 

The concert with Martin Short and Steve Martin was very professional. We liked that they banned video and cell phone use at the concert to film them. We could actually see and enjoy the show without all those cameras being held up.

I would like to say that the professional was just that, however, it was also very --um--'in the network' or 'brotherhood' of SRA.

Look at this poster--I can't get the image to come up. But if you can research on the web, you will find lightening bolts in the top two corners, as well as strange blueprint like designs in each corner. 

Some of the jokes were also very, um, not funny because they were meant to shock by talking about 'silly things Hollywood Celebrities do' for example, not to go to a beach party at a certain actors house because then YOU will be hunted.

Those statements were all real. They were all true, and from an insider's sense of humor. The audience laughed because they didn't know that's what really happens in Hollyweird and SRA. 

There was also a violin solo in a number that was reminiscent of the battle of the fiddles with the devil from the seventies song. 

Some parts were funny. It was nice to see a homecoming for Steve because he grew up in Garden Grove and Buena Park. 

Some parts were horrible. Martin Short's skit on Jesus' stepbrother. He was in an off off Broadway play about that and he had to play the part naked (he was in a body suit). 

There was a man who was drunk who said something to Anthony--'move your knee son'. He has super duper low vibration. I offered to exchange seats so I would sit next to the man, but at first Anthony said no. The one on my side was nice. Later he asked me to switch and we did.  I sat with my legs crossed and my arms crossed so as not to bother the old guy with the wine. I didn't mind. 

I was just glad not to be at work. LOL

Long story short--in regards to the fair--what was once fun for us, now, simply wasn't. We would rather save our money.

Vintage UK General Post Office 332 Director Telephone (Handset Micro Telephone) circa 1946

Yesterday we had the classic, 'what do you want to do today?' conversation after breakfast.  We had options. We could go to the concert at the lake by our house. It meant going early to place a blanket on the lawn for a spot.  We could go to a baseball game (we have vouchers). We could go to Die-Knee. 

We had the 'I don't know, what do YOU want to do' back and forth. 

I mentioned I like to swim and I haven't been all year. 

That went over Anthony's head, but not Ross'.

Ross said to pick the last, which, out of our three options, meant Dis-nee. 

Right when we decided, our friends asked if we were still going to the lake? And there's no magic, Carla went and put down a blanket only big enough for them, right?

Well, I drove with a blanket at eleven a.m. and looked for a spot. I found one. So I told them yes there is magic.

They lived in the area eighteen years and never once had been. But they used to go to classical concerts at another amphitheater that has since been torn down. They enjoyed picnic there.

They said they would come at six. So to get parking Anthony and I went earlier.

We had fun, me and him. We had chicken at Del Taco and Ross had me get a salad. 

Then we went to Trader Joe, and again, at the sample, was chicken pulled BBQ in a quesadilla. Not beef! We got some cheeses and bread and juices for the concert. 

Once at the lake, we went straight to the water. We didn't even take time for sunscreen. It was like three p.m.

We stayed in the water for two hours! I loved it. And we talked. Anthony and I had the best talk about everything then. We could hear the bands warming up and the music was excellent.  The sun, the breeze, the lack of rush, and the chance to relax was just what was needed.

We even went and got a little cone of soft serve chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream, while we waited for our friends to arrive at the gate. 

They brought sushi and cheese and crackers. And wine. I brought red, they had white. So we feasted together (I brought a cutting board, knife and serving plates and made it look pretty). The husband didn't like the music later (doesn't like Motown) but the wife and I and the two boys had fun. 

It felt wonderful, it felt free, and it felt 'right' to be out in nature, with all these people from the greater community, to listen to Gladys Knight and enjoy a beautiful summer day/evening.

Novi Sad, Serbia - September 6, 2013 River minesweeper RML-332 Motajica of the Serbian Armed Forces River Flotilla at Danube river in Novi Sad, Serbia

Anthony showed me on his phone the score from the ballgame. Angels lost 7 to 0. 

He said we made the right choice.

Ross had said to take the last option.

Ross had foreseen the family deciding to go to the concert with us. 

When you can spend time with other people--who care about you--face to face, it's wonderful. 

It's really good to get out of the house, and to enjoy spending time with friends in Nature. 

Group Harmony Concept Photo - Teamwork and Friendship Togetherness Happiness Concept. 332

There has been a gradual shift in our style of having fun. We used to go to the amusement parks, just us two, and it was like the rest of the guests at the park didn't exist.

We would go to baseball games where we were with fans who enjoyed the game like us. Perhaps a little small talk, but no interaction. Since we were regulars the ticket takers knew us. But that was about it.

And now we are spending time with a social circle, who helps to drive the kids to the shared summer camp. The moms understand my schedule and have helped Anthony with overnights. And they offer support for the situation with Anthony's father Jared and that teacher Alexa. 

I didn't know it could be like this.

Life is better.

And I feel glad. 

I also feel glad because I'm accepted for me, and all that 'other stuff' I do here online and to help--takes a little breather.

I did do 'work' at the county fair to protect others. The deluxe ferris wheel was actually doing something for the 'other team'. I didn't understand it and I still don't, but like the London Eye, there's something 'funny' about them. So this one is shielded and can't affect it's riders or the local energy flow.

That's fun too, but a different kind of fun, and will talk about it later.

21 April 2018: Arturo Merzario drive Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 Daytona Coupe during Motor Legend Festival 2018 at Imola Circuit in Italy.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S.   In case you are wondering about that woman who I had the interaction with on the spiritual/mental's the follow up.

I was driving to the lake, and she popped in.

Contrite. Said she's sorry.

I accepted her apology.

This song was playing on the radio at the time. So I shared it with her. I started to sing it as if to Ross (he was there too, he's always there). Then for the next chorus, I pointed at her, and invited her to sing.

With songs like this, they are fun, and you don't get all hung up on apologies and reasons for apologies and shit.

You just dance and enjoy!

We were on Ross' arms, both of us, singing and dancing, and Ross did a solo dance too, it was fun.

Heavenly fun.

Not really taking things seriously--because we know all the serious important things are already taken care of and in perfect order. It's simply aligning yourself with these wonderful perfect things.

After the song, she went away. But I could feel her vibration. And it's healed.

I had mentioned to her about the time she had wasted pretending she was me...and it was taking away from her opportunity to be totally HER--why waste time being someone else when you can be the best YOU that you can possibly be? YOU have a purpose too! Enjoy it!