Saturday, July 14, 2018

First Take Your Own Pulse--part 3 of 3 today

What is true?

This article/lesson is going to test it.

That's why, when as a physician we encounter something serious, urgent, or tragic, we are taught to take our own pulse first.

This is simply three videos. They won't be easy to watch. The reason is that they are based in Spiritual Truth which implied Awareness.

And society has conditioned us for so long to be asleep.

This one calls out 'the Narrative'. The story that the mainstream media tells us is 'true'. 

Remember there are sophisticated psychological operatives made by people who are the legacy of Mengele--and have learned to mind control the masses in addition to the victims of MK Ultra/Monarch.

So, this video--which I will give you is a little slow, and also, annoying with the light reflection in the irises of the speaker--teaches us the valuable question:  what is the end result that this news/information is wanting to achieve in my being shown it in this way?

( Here is an extra video from a rapper who turned muslim. I am surprised there is no mention of SRA in it. Anyhow, many big hitters in the music industry are working for the same 'boss' as Bob Dylan--you can check out that interview in Italy if you haven't seen it.)

Are you ready to put on your strongest goggles--to keep you from getting sucked in to the emotions for what you are going to see--and to watch this whole unbiased video?

It's not easy.

Thank you for watching. 

Were you able to appreciate the part with Podesta? 

I hope you were able to set aside your strong political beliefs to get the information out of the video. First the link to the pete-zah gay t.

And also, the fact that these are billionaires, and both billionaires are likely members of the same 'club'. 

Can you see how the news sways the viewer for each opponent?

That is enough.

Here's the last video. I like her, just found her recently, and of course I like her name too.

She has valid points. She doesn't know the science full well, about the receptors and the circuits like Robert H. Lustig, MD his book I recommended on the Hijacking  of the American Mind. 

But she's right on. Totally right on.

So take your time, check in with us when you are able. There's lots of information as well as a countdown which is very exciting. But don't feel like this needs to take precedence over your loved ones, your time with Spirit, and your enjoyment of being alive while you are here.

Even if you are suffering, there are little special moments your angels and guides are sending you, to give you hope and lead you to your birthright which is eternal joy and love, nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Founders of Doctors With Reiki