Thursday, July 12, 2018

Anticipating Chaos

LAKE ATITLAN , GUATEMALA - JULY 28 : Fisherman on a boat in lake Atitlan in Guatemala on July 28 2015. Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in Central America with a maximum depth of 340 metres.

The Council spoke the other day about Chaos.

Humans, earth humans, still suffer from what you call Stockholm syndrome. Too many of you defend your captors. Many will actually miss the comfort of their captivity when it ends. When there are no walls, no bars, no fences, real or imagined, it will seem to be chaos for many. But, as chaos always is, it will be unrestricted opportunity. What will you choose to make of that?

They also said, basically, that whether you welcome the changes and watch for the truth to come out like a sporting match, or whether you choose to stick your head in the sand and live your life, both options are fair and for one group not to judge the other.

Levitated Mass made of big boulder weighing 340 tons at LACMA

I am annoyed. 

I am annoyed at those who are asleep and when I am asked my opinion I freely give it. I don't barge in. But I stand my ground.

My first boyfriend Tom -- who is married to a rich woman who has ties to Spain-- filmed the town getting all loud over the soccer match. He thought it was exciting, historical, something that's the best about humanity.

His brother said, 'this is a big business, and it's corrupt' basically.

So I joined in and said, 'It's rigged, it's all rigged, it's bread and circus, and since there's not much else to do you might as well go enjoy it, but with your eyes wide awake.'

Tom jumped on the bandwagon saying his son plays soccer, his son and others are inspired by the professional athletes, they work and train hard, and so it's a good thing about mankind to be aiming for a goal in sports.

John jumped down my throat with I disagree, yada, yada, yada.

So I let them have it.

I agreed with the lower levels of the sport being more or less wholesome. And the top are filled with victims of Monarch/MK Ultra, and it's run to make money by some pretty big players in SRA. Further, SRA rules not just sports, but government, entertainment, the media, everything.   I named names of survivors for sources, and provided a link to INFJ with Ronald Bernard. 

It's like a two by four.

Medicine is just as corrupt as the rest of them. And it hurt me to know that although I sacrificed time and money to work in this field, from the purest space in my heart and soul, the tip top is as corrupt as possible--with people making millions and millions as CEO's and the patients and providers suffering hardship the whole time in the name of 'healthcare'.

Greece. Ancient Theatre in Epidaurus (also Epidauros, Epidavros) built in 340 BC.

No one in their right mind wants to go into medicine. Many medical students are seeking 'non clinical' jobs because they want their nights, weekends, and holidays off.

Smart students grasp that tech companies have better working conditions--snacks all day, nap places, child care, flexible work hours and they can achieve a better work-life balance.

In residency we are expected to go without sleep and food and exercise and time with our family just because Osler lived in the hospital two hundred years ago, and he designed the whole system for how it works.

I was confiding to a surgeon about how ridiculous it is for the new thing where my note has to be written by seven ten a.m., and it's purely for administrative purposes not patient care (they want the anesthesia part out of the equation why first cases don't start on time), and how we risk being fined.

She gets the fines too.

She says, 'they treat you like you are five. what ever happened to the respect of the profession?'

Extra store. Extra is a Norwegian discount supermarket chain of around 340 stores. It is part of the Coop Norge cooperative.

There's a new twist to the new 'why we have to do OB' thing. Samaan, an Egyptian female OB specialist, did the math. Money is missing in the pooled OB account, and according to the records only four thousand dollars was made in the first half of November. So everyone wanted to go back to fee for service. There was a petition, everyone who did OB signed. 

The boss refused.

He states that nobody will come from the outside to work for 'whatever you get', they want guaranteed money, and the stipend for a shift will make it possible. 

She said that she isn't allowed to work first call either, in the Main OR, but she'd like to.

She also said one person (MM) hasn't ever done OB except for two months before we were excused, and EK isn't trusted--the nurses just don't like her and still don't. She doesn't see why we are being put back into that environment.

SL says that Sidhom threw them under the bus at that meeting. That we are like a little family. And that we (the four) have pride and don't want to go into that situation again, it makes sense.

This is what goes on behind the scenes in any group in any department in Medicine/Healthcare.

Lake Atitlan, Guatamala is the deepest lake in Central America

All of the people who lost weight on the weird diet where you ate tiny food packets have regained it, and then some.

That's why I didn't do it.

CM, the OB doc, who started the whole trend two years ago, is back to his former size.

He was a water polo player at Berkeley. I think when your body is used to high energy sports, it expects to stay that way.

But back to the chaos...

When you are alone in a float tank, there is no escaping YOU.  There's nothing else to think about. You're either comfortable with yourself, or you're not. And those who are not freak out, jump out of the Yin/darkness/warmth, and never come back again.

This is good practice to be ready for when there's no escaping YOU, or TRUTH, on a larger scale.  It is easy for me to see corruption in entertainment, a little less easy for sports (I like baseball), and really hard when it hits close to home (medicine). But I'm okay with all of it now. It felt like a punch to the stomach on the medicine one--emotionally distraught--for about six months.

This is the chaos.

Everyone has some activity or interest that makes like 'meaningful' to them.

Most of these interests are an industry-driven 'thing' that at the tippy top has corruption.

Why not take yourself for a test drive in Chaos?

Take all of the things you really love and bring you joy--and like Byron Katie, ask yourself 'what if this was corrupt?' and practice loving What Is, not 'what is generally assumed to be what is, and what you are told what is' but the actual thing that is corrupt, with all it's flaws?

This will help you to weather the Chaos when it hits globally.

The world is run by pedovores and pedophiles who are pathologic liars, who think we are useless eaters, and who are on what Jay Parker's mom would describe as 'the winning team'.

It totally sucks.

Once people 'get' that, and once a stop is put to it, we can rebuild.

Kharkiv, Ukraine - May 19, 2018: Retro car black BMW 340 manufactured in 1949 is presented at the festival of vintage cars Kharkiv Retro Rally - 2018 in Kharkiv, Ukraine on May 19, 2018

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