Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I Was There Too

a 16 point red deer stag of 379 SCI, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

I was asleep for most of my life. I had psychic experiences, sure, but it wasn't until a personal crisis around 2009 that I decided to pursue this gift seriously, and develop it.

Even then, things were very 'terrestrial'--learning Reiki, learning Karuna Reiki, learning Divine Peace Healing, going to classes and workshops with Anne, who was steadfast and consistently holding the 'space' for us to grow.

Once Spirit cut me off from 'the comfort zone', and got me on my own two feet, THAT is when I started to awaken.

KP was a standby--I hung on every word and every blog post he wrote, and KP introduced me to Cobra when he wrote about the conferences and the Red Pill. Even at my first Cobra conference, during a meditation, I saw with my mind's eye, a scout ship nine miles up, and two smiling men in it--one blonde without a beard, and another with brown hair and a beard. They wore identical flight suits, and were very chipper and waved and smiled hello.

Another person present at the conference saw them too. 

Aristoteles was an ancient Greek philosopher, His works refer to multiple kinds of sciences, such as physics, biology , zoology, metaphysics. He classified among the top global celebrity of all time. (384 -322 BC)

This was close to 2012. I had listened to Drake (the military guy from the positive military). I had waited for Something Big. 

And I was awakening.

I can't tell you how many times I barged in up on the bridge of the NJ to give Ashtar and Ross a piece of my mind.

We are miserable here! We are suffering! Come help us!!!

CHELYABINSK REGION, RUSSIA - JULY 11, 2016: Sports truck MAN M2000 of the Team Sodicars No. 322 competes in the annual Rally Silkway - Dakar Series.

They didn't DO anything.

I was almost like in the movie Young Frankenstein where Gene Wilder said, 'no matter how much I scream and beg, do not let me out' and he goes in with the monster. Then almost immediately, he starts screaming and begging to be let out. His assistants hold him to his promise, which he actually wants to break.

My Ground Crew assignment must have been just like that. 

Years passed, seemingly for nothing. Sure I got some new Reiki systems in, and taught them. Sure I got Reiki into the Operating Rooms, and aromatherapy into the surgery center... I had the honor to be the keeper of the Divine Healing Codes, due to my medical background.

What I never in a million year expected was that in this slow, steady gradual awakening, one day I would be in the role of Ashtar and Ross...facing people who are new to awaken, too.

I must have hurt their feelings with my rants as I was storming the bridge.

I must have really tested their limits on patience.

I know the two always had the ability to let me 'zap' in and 'zap' out, so while being cheerful and polite, they watched their boundaries 24/7, and never let me step over the line.

I think the only time I accidentally did was when I went over Ross' head for something, and I was told because he was in charge, my actions had made him look bad.  Instantly I felt sadness for my actions, and I never did it again. I didn't understand the roles, the ranks...and they gave me the benefit of the doubt.

322 sq. Ft. RNLAF F-16 landing after Frisian Flag mission

When people awaken from anesthesia, it's not always a pretty sight. Some young people, especially men in their early twenties or late teens, will wake up and take a swing at me. The urge to fight is right there while they are coming conscious.

I've learned to anticipate this, and I always call extra help into the room to restrain the patient, and I'm quick to duck. 

It never fazes me now.

I know from the writings of Kerth Barker, that working to 'deprogram' people who have been initiated/exposed to SRA, is dangerous work. The boundaries and rules must be clear. And the stuff that comes up, the buried memories, are handled professionally by both the counselor and the patient. There is a protocol. It is followed carefully. It's called the Fabian technique.

We don't have the luxury of an established 'technique' for assisting the newly awakened.

We have to invent it as we go.

Love and respect are important.

Self care and boundaries are important too.

People identify themselves with their belief systems. This is very delicate work. Because as asleep people awaken, they will learn that many of their belief systems are built upon lies. Remember the diagram from the video--both ends of the spectrum are controlled by TWDNHOBIAH.

Just know that as Ground Crew, who are more along the 'awake' spectrum than the ones you are sent to serve--self care and boundaries are important. 

You are less responsible for 'waking people up' and more responsible for being a 'resource' to those who need answers and also for you to 'hold the space' energetically for the newly awakened.

Evil collapses upon itself. You can stand by and watch it. It's not natural, it's against nature, and evil things always trip evil people up in the end.

Fighting evil only prolongs its presence, because the energy of 'fight' harnesses the Law of Attraction in the wrong direction.

Being able to recognize it, and to avoid supporting  evil, is highly important for a Ground Crew worker. Like Ross said, 'don't fall for it'--the tricks, the schemes, the smoke and mirrors, the lies. 

Live your life as best as you can, fully realizing that we are here on the surface of the planet, but awake enough to assume roles like Ashtar and Ross did with us, the Ground Crew, when we were first awakening.

Always ask for Divine Support, you are never cut off from it.

But there is a job to do, and we have been sent to do it.

For the past two weeks, I have been hearing odd noises in the trees behind us. I've looked up to see small hawks perched in the branches.

It doesn't have the confident scream of a fully grown hawk.

These are three baby, fledgeling hawks.

Today I was deciding what to do with my day, I was on the couch, and I heard the noises very loud, louder than usual. I got up to look out the sliding glass door onto the balcony.

Not one but two juvenile hawks were sitting on the rail! One flew away, and the other and I gazed upon one another. I could see the peculiar ridge over the eye. Beautiful golden feathers, a sharp hooked yellow beak. 

It lifted its tail and pooped. 

Then it looked at me again, and flew away.

Hawk is messenger.

Three baby hawks is magical.

I enjoyed it. 

Here's my message from yesterday:

I don't know what it means. 

However, if there was any ET type contact in the near future, I would be skeptical. Just to be cautious. Please note that 'Salem' is short for 'Jerusalem' and Ross and Ashtar are aboard the New Jerusalem.

You can never be too careful these days.

Ross doesn't have anything to say.

We wish you good night. I'm writing this early for tomorrow.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Founders