Saturday, July 7, 2018

In Case Of Spiritual Attack

A reader asked me a question, and for me to blog an answer. She asked us, really, both Ross and me.

Her question arose out of concern about harm to Lightworkers. She had three near misses on the road. This was highly unusual. Others have been having this too.

Would I please address it?

Of course. Of course. 

In the tradition of Master Usui Sensei, who answered his question, 'how did Jesus physically heal people?' by learning three ancient languages and studying the texts directly across the world--he came to his answer for his students too.

We live in a world which is both seen and unseen.

It is possible for someone who is an expert in the unseen to direct negative spiritual energy across space and time. 

From what I understand from the teachings of Kerth Barker, daily spiritual hygiene is our protection. He recommends you ask your guides to remove attachments/negative imprints from you twice a day, and also, to breathe in the white light through the top of your head, and to breathe it out to reinforce the inside of your aura. 

He says this is enough. His premise is negativity can't go IN to a healthy aura.

Your body is in your aura.

This is our first answer to the question.

The second answer is what Carla's family recommends from both the old country and the new country. Remember that Sicilians are smart enough to know that priests eat babies, and that twelve people somewhere meet in a council and rule the world--they don't believe what they see, the political system, or the church as it appears. And this was seventy-five years ago. So they know a little more about the 'unseen' and their intuition was right on--even then.   Carry a 'toe' a small piece of garlic with you. Put it also on the windowsill of the room where you sleep. This protects. Keep a bowl of salt water on your dresser at night. Wear a cross. And pray to Jesus every night.  Aunt Ellie said to put the white light of protection around yourself, your car, your home and your family every morning. 

The third answer is to have a daily spiritual practice. Carla's included 'CHEEKY'--chanting, ease, exercise, and kundalini well as the ayurvedic morning practice of washing the eyes with water, scraping the tongue, brushing the teeth, and saying out loud one thing you are thankful for. 

The fourth and last answer, has to do with the energies of the times. Thoughts are things and the power to manifest them is super high 'octane' for lack of a better word.  Practice daily self-awareness of your thoughts, and edit them. Anything negative or low vibration is like taking a match to gasoline. It's not safe, it's not good for you. Byron Katie has good exercises to 'turn it around'--excellent mental practice. So does St. Germain with the garbage bag following you around to catch the weeds you pull from the garden of your mind. Simply toss them in. Recognize the thought as soon as it occurs. Do not give it emotional energy.

Esther and I are trusting in Jesus.

Work did not go well yesterday. I went to the six a.m. meeting, leaving Anthony and his friend still in their beds sound asleep. 

I had a smile in my heart.

I was crushed.

The jealous people in the group decided the part-timers schedule 'was not fair' and insist that after three years absence (from being kicked out of the labor deck by the even meaner nurses)--we must take OB call again. They didn't say this about the partners, who don't take call. They didn't give us chance to speak in private. They just sprung it on us in front of the group at the meeting. The two of the four who were there, me and Esther.  Mike and Adam were not even present in the room.

(I had asked for time to move my business forward. There's lots of downtime on OB. Personally, I don't enjoy it. I thought I did before, until as Esther said, the nurses are nice to your face and talk bad about you behind your back.)

I told Esther sometimes I argue with God.  Sometimes I think Jesus has bone headed plans--because I don't enjoy what happens in my life most of the time. 

I also, deep in my bones, feel that it's time to leave my 'arena' of 'helping people/raising the vibration' and like the days at UCI before I was let go, Spirit is orchestrating something bigger than me. I can't fight it. It's energetically like being sucked out of the kayak and into the rapids. I hope I have on a helmet.

I have PTSD, and my experience as an anesthesiologist working in departments of anesthesia has given me a mild case of Complex PTSD. You can't escape it.

Last night, I cried myself to sleep. 

My angels told me Jesus will have a miracle.

I pointed to the dictionary at the definition of miracle, and I asked, 'is THIS the definition he's using because it sure doesn't look like that from here'.

I cried and cried for Home.  

I wanted to go back to the room where the Seraphim sing, my true Home, and I felt so dirty I needed to be cleaned before I could go in.

I cried up there too, and next thing I knew, I was in Divine Father's office.  I hadn't seen him in forever. He was concerned. Smiling like a father does over a daughter who is crying over a broken toy...but he did something new. He put a big red dragon puppet on his right hand. And the puppet talked to me. For some reason I was able to talk about the terror, the hardship, the pressure, the disappointment in others, and the agony of my situation to the puppet. 

Next I knew, after a couple toss and turns, I was fast asleep.

I am hanging on by a thread, and the countdown of the days is all I have going for me.

Two people spoke up:
My Le Truong said, 'when they take OB call will the part timers be full-time?'--Dr. Sidhom said yes.

Ryan Jamison asked, 'will the partners be taking OB call too, since they don't'. The partners are Ahntu La, Son Tran, Xiaodong Li, Ben Ho, and Magdi Sidhom. The last two work exclusively in the surgery center. Dr. Sidhom said that Ryan and Son take heart call, so they do take extra call. But for the other two--X. Li and A. La--he would speak to the partners and get back to you.

I've been there nine years. There is no partnership track. This is highly irregular for any department of medicine.

Those two are probably not going to take the OB call. Dr. La, maybe, because he used to. Dr. Li, he doesn't like it.

I feel like I'm being thrown into the Lion's den.

At least Adam, Esther, Michael and I are being thrown in together. 

The people who are jealous of us, and always bullying us, are Shamila Leathers, Karim Hanna, Nahid Nasr, Nagi Zaki, Ramez Ghali, and Khanh Le. Please join me in sending their souls unconditional love of highest vibration, as clearly, there is belief in the philosophy of Lack...and also...while knowing my wishes to not take OB any more (the skills need to be practiced once a week to be maintained), are pushing forward for their interests.

In the meantime, I am counting down the days, and holding on for dear life, for this 'miracle' being promised.

And doing my best to heal my aura, and raise my vibration.

Jaimie told me that April is asking her for donations of diffusers and aromatherapy oils for the main OR, pre-op and PACU.

Spirit is working to turn even the heart of the one who ratted me out to Dr. Sidhom. Jamie is a dough tear RA distributor. I am going to send a letter to April and give her three gifts spirit says to make, to also give a better quality aromatherapy oil spirit says to give, and remind her of the diffuser I gave PreOp last December. 

Perhaps here my work is done?

There's not much else to say, I need to get going.

We have plans for today.

I got texts from Catherine and Marc. They mean so much.

I'm not much in the birthday mood to be honest. 

I do know that when I was desperate yesterday, I asked spirit for guidance. What I got was this:  MAKE YOUR LIFE WORK FOR YOU.

I went to sleep last night feeling like the stupidest person on the face of the earth -- because my life was a total waste--I CAN'T figure out the most basic steps to MAKE MY LIFE WORK FOR ME and if I could, it would have been a much easier fifty-four years incarnate.   I don't know what to do, I don't know where to turn, I have this responsibility of supporting ourselves in this horrible economic environment, and I can't figure out how to run a business being Reiki Doc to save my life! 

Ross sent lots of energy squeezes and hugs, I could feel it, and I know it's him.

But today, at Disneyland, where I always go to celebrate, my heart feels like Eeyore. Not like Piglet or Pooh.

I'm looking forward to a day away from work and with Anthony.

I forgot to mention the other painful parts of the meeting. Note must be written about anesthesia plan for patient by 7:10 a.m. Or else. Or else expensive fines. Or else 'losing the privilege of working with the OCM Anesthesia Department'. 

I also got dinged--Magdi mentioned it in general but I know it's me--for not leaving a patient who made me promise to stay with her for the case (Nagi Zaki ran straight to Magdi with that one. Nagi ABANDONED a patient of Dr. Aflatoon's to go do lucrative GI cases, I notified Magdi, who said nothing, not a peep. Dr. Aflatoon was rightfully angered over the three hour delay, and yelled at Nagi in front of me, who is now apparently 'blameless').

And I got dinged for saying I had a right to two GI cases because I came in to work from home. (Ramez Ghali went to Magdi over that one, and GI nurses said he was openly angry I would even bring it up).

So...unless my miracle from Jesus is turning into an Egyptian male anesthesiologist overnight, things don't look good for me with my work. 

I'm naming names because Spirit says to.

I know it's a risk. 

I'm not allowed to confront in 3D--but I am direct by Spirit to use 5D skills of telepathy whenever I am in the presence of anyone hostile. It's fair game. You simply think a thought and add emotion to it. They will pick it up. You don't need to say a word. I think I will start with 'Carla is lovable'  and 'Carla is your friend'. 

There's no other way to crack these souls from their negative mental states.

Look for the number on the motocross rider's bike.


I was driving and Ross wished me a happy birthday. Then immediately after, I saw a license plate  7SEVN7.

Spirit is real.

Telepathic as I am, I can't read their minds. Not him or my Council.

So let's wait and see.

I have a year.

But not two.

I've been at this for eight years.

I'm kind of tired of the routine...being blind by the Veil, being here with an assignment that's hard to do, and not being really appreciated for it. Our readers, yes. But in general, when you flip on the TV? The work my teams in our community are doing (yes, that's you) are worthy of the nightly news up in Heaven. As good things. 

At my work even the nurse director of the OR, Carol, is sending lists of all the incidents (UOR's) the anesthesia doctors have done. 

It's so sad.

I'm glad I have Esther, Mike, Adam...and Kelly.   My friend is the new Chief of Surgery. And she has three boys, and she's ALWAYS late to work. 

It is my understanding the work of administration in medicine is to support the workers, and the workers are empowered to take care of the patients by doing their jobs. What we have here are not the same dynamics. It's numbers-driven (HCAPS scores and metrics on OR efficiency) top-down direction of patient care, with the caregivers having to meet management's goals.   They don't teach you this in medical school. 

Drina river, a 346 km long river, which forms most of the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Organized medicine is a war zone between payors, hospitals, 'health care providers', and patients.

That's the truth.

M-346 jet on the air

Let's roll!

Ross has a surprise for me, he's saying to let you know, and he's not saying it because it's a surprise. He says 'more on that later'.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The founders of Doctors With Reiki