Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Reach For The Best

Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge ( before 1917 - Peter the Great Bridge, from 1917 to 1956 - olsheokhtensky Bridge, also known as Okhtinsky Bridge) is a bridge across the Neva River in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The bridge's length is 334 meters, the width is 23 meters

For those of you who are following with the countdown, and need no explanation, we most graciously thank you. 

For those of you who are wondering what the heck it is, it's simply this--there was a post by the Council by Ron Head, a while ago, which stated that the future looks so great that one year from now things will be so much better you can mark your calendars. 

So we are counting down. 

For those of you who are seeking the lessons, I will share a little more about them. Some come through so strongly, I know in my heart, it is a lesson to be 'stand alone'.

For other lessons, some are from my experience, it's like I'm the person leading the trail, and I share to help you watch for the signs and symbols in your own spiritual awakening. 

Today's lesson is one like this.

There are several quotes to get us ready for the lesson:
  • Listen to your inner voice. Watch the signs around you and you will always find your right path.  -- SaEnya McBean
  • When you question the upgrade to your life, relationship or career, you're saying you're not worthy of the vibration it requires to maintain it. If you raised your vibration to receive it, you can maintain the vibration to keep it, it's all about alignment and energy. -- Victoria Leanna
  • When I entered into sacred partnership, I removed ALL energetic cords with ALL sexual partners I had in the past.  -- @theinnertrainer
  • Stop waiting to be ready. Just get started and course-correct as you go. -- Cheryl Richardson
Let's begin!

The Empire of Alexander the Great an his conquest course from Greece to India to Babylon in 334-323 B C with towns, provinces and year dates Isolated vector illustration o black background

I was doing anesthesia in my fellowship, during a heart case. My surgeon was Dr. Stuart Jamieson, president of the international society of cardiovascular surgeons. Some surgeons, especially those trained under Norman Shumway at Stanford, maintain a very open and engaging conversation during cardiothoracic surgery, with minimal distractions of anger, music, or drama in the heart room.

I don't recall how it came up, but the topic of Alexander the Great was in the conversation, and something made me challenge Dr. Jamieson on how did he know about the personal details of a long-since dead historical figure?  I was polite, and direct.

He said, simply, 'I am him. I was him in another life, and I remember.'

It resonated in my heart center as true.

It also helped me to piece some of my own story together, as I had not yet started awakening.

Years earlier, when I was a second year medical student, surgeons would come give us the lectures on anatomy. 

I will never forget the time I first laid eyes on Dr. Jamieson. He was drawing the aortic and tricuspid valves on the board, in cross section. On looked like a peace sign or a car emblem, the other just the same but upside down. 

It was the very first time I read an energy signature. I didn't realize it at the time, but it's what happened.

I needed to know this man, to work with him, I just knew it in my bones and I couldn't explain it--there was something uncanny, something oddly familiar...and I'd never met anyone like that before.

I did my third year clerkship, and enjoyed it very much being on his heart team. He also liked me, and apparently, my letter of recommendation for surgery program from him was the longest one he'd ever written--barely two paragraphs!  My fourth year when there was spare time I would come into his room and volunteer to close the leg incision from where the veins were taken for the bypass. 

Surgery didn't end up my career, I switched to anesthesia because the lifestyle and personality were a better 'fit'. But I came back to the heart room again, some of the happiest days I've ever had, to be part of such an incredibly well-run team. 

That's how I knew I had known him before. I didn't know how, but my soul recognized him. 

And he is the one who remembered his own past life.

I tried reaching for the best.

I kind of self-corrected.

And I am okay with it.

There is a photo in the alumni magazine saying of a place to stay by my college. I had a super longing to go. I have a little time off in August coming up. 

I made reservations at Chez Panisse, and I booked the flight and hotel this morning. I was thrilled to go to my old stomping grounds and see them one last time while Anthony still had time and interest to go travel with me. I wanted to inspire him.

But there was a glitch. The special place only alumni could go won't take anyone under seventeen. 

It was in the fine print and I didn't see it.

So my heart wasn't in it. The only reason I wanted to go was to that one special place. It called to me!

I had to make a decision. I used my pendulum. It was SO hard! I could see Ross watching me, intently. 

I cancelled everything since it was less than twenty-four hours. And also, I got most of my money back. There was a huge relief, disappointment, but relief.

I realized you can't go back. 

Berkeley isn't the same as it was in the eighties. 

I've traveled enough to know that places change, some aren't so safe any more. 

I've lived enough to know sometimes things we reach for and think are the best, aren't the best, and Divine Protection is always working in our favor. 

I also realized that lately, I've been aligning more with home--here where I grew up--and deciding to stay in the area. I love the seasons, the weather patterns, the birds, and in Southern California they are pretty much the same wherever you go. 

My energy ties to the past were intensified, and then cut.

I realize it's time to co-create my future. And perhaps a 'stay-cation' is just what I need? 

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - OCTOBER 08, 2016: Turkish Airlines Airbus A320-232 (CN 3341) takes off from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. THY is the flag carrier of Turkey with 334 fleet size and 292 destinations

Kindness is the currency of the Higher Realms.

I'm literally observing and benefitting from the transformation. At work, I was hungry. A scrub tech asked me if she could get me anything? I said no, except perhaps orange juice, because I saw SO hungry! (I hadn't eaten in over eight hours). 

The nurse first assist who is a little grumpy sometimes overheard.

After the case he offered me some of his lasagna he made the other night at home. The piece wasn't very big, but he shared it with me. I had some baguette, the lasagna heated up on the lid of his tupperware, cantaloupe, and press pot coffee Michelle P had brought in--a whole new press pot just like I drink at home! My surgeon let me eat between his cases. 

Life will be amazing when people drop their masks/protections, and are just as nice to others as they are to those who are closer to them. 

I've also had some amazing cute adorable patients, who make my heart melt, and our teams would just do anything for them. One old gentleman was so proud to get his surgery, to get his problem fixed! He went to sleep with a glowing smile of peace and trust. It was amazing.

Bust of Stoic philosopher Zeno of Citium (334-262 BC)

Zeno has a good story. You might like to read it. It's about life and how to be happy.  His four bad things are fascinating too. Two of them are considered normal now. 

The last thing I will briefly address is my energy. 

Panda talked about the change in the energy in the department of anesthesia at UCI after I left. Everyone felt it. She said it's like I have this--energy--around me. And it left with me.

I had patients and their families tell me just this week, there is something about my face...kindness, something hard to explain, but it touches them deeply. I smile and say, 'I love what I do.'  

This morning the PACU nurse for the most recent one told me how the family was so thankful for my care, and how nice I was, and how I 'explained everything'.

People are starting to pick up on my presence, and my very hard-worked-for vibration. I've done lots to raise it. By watching my thoughts. By changing my behaviors. By learning Reiki. By avoiding things that lower the vibe. 

It's exciting to see these changes, the kindness, the absolute adorableness of people I work with and treat, and the awareness of my consciousness/Energy.

As we reach the next phase, don't be afraid to reach out.

Spirit will guide you.

As I picked up Anthony from a classmate's house, I saw they have a new baby grand piano.

I haven't played in years, even though I have a piano, it's not a baby grand. I've a deep love for the piano. I used to have my best behavior all year in the hopes of waking up to a Bosendorfer concert grand on Christmas day. 

Paul was playing a Polonaise by Chopin like a pro, and I was like, what is that?!

I got to play, just a little, not much, but Linus and Lucy by Vince Garaldi, and Clair de Lune. I was overcome with such joy to play on such a fine instrument again, I had tears in my eyes! I couldn't believe my good fortune! I woke up that day and this was the furthest thing from my mind! But WOW. That part of me I had thought was dead was coming back to life. And I was grateful. 

I have to go back to OB. I spoke with one of the physicians I know and work with at the surgery center. I told her I love working with the docs, they are super nice. I'd scrub toilets with her, just to hang out with her. But the nurses--they talk behind your back and are so mean it caused me to make mistakes, I was sensitive to it. I am not good with these girl clique dynamics, I can't read them. So I asked her to have my back. She said yes.  

I get three months to readapt to that working environment by going to spend free time there with my colleagues. 

Today a pregnant woman and her husband were lost, and I took them in to the front dest by using my card to get in the special doors. 

It is a start. Sometimes we need to mend fences. Sometimes that's the right thing to do. There was a time the nurses at the surgery center loved me, then they hated me, and now they love me again. They hated me because I was a stickler on patient safety, and always insisted on oxygen tank for transport from the OR to the PACU, same as in the hospital. My colleagues cut corners. But I didn't. Now they understand, and they like the Reiki too. It's cool! So maybe a transformation like that will take place on the labor deck. And if it's hostile, I will do my best and ask to be removed from that work environment, if my efforts aren't successful. Either way, it will self-correct.

Think good thoughts.

Don't be surprised if some of your dreams you thought were dead come back to you.

Take it in stride if you get all excited about something like me with my trip and it doesn't work out--smile and tell yourself 'this or something better'. (for me, saving money and staying home is better lol)

That's all for today.

Ross is around, he's been helping, but not really in a position to talk--he helps me write, the main topics we discuss. He's always helping. Just a little more behind the scenes as of late.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple