Tuesday, July 10, 2018

On The Unexpected

On the way home from work, I had a memory of a time with Charles Newton. I had driven all the way up to Alta Dena to have dinner with his grandparents and him. He lived with them. It was pleasant.

I went in the kitchen to do the dishes. There were a lot of dishes. His grandparents Al (short for Aloysius) and Joan Sieverding needed to go to choir practice.

I washed and I washed.

I was a little annoyed because he was not helping and it was taking so long. Did he think it's women's work? Does he even know good manners?

Something deep inside me said to keep my words gentle and kind, and to keep my anxiety to myself.

When I finished the dishes, I went to the dining room, and noticed the lights were dim.

In the living room Charles had lit at least fifty tea light candles, and he was on the couch with open arms and a smile--fully clothed as we were newly dating--and invited me to enjoy some intimacy with him.

My whole concept of the situation instantly turned around for the better, to wonderment and joy I could never imagine!

The whole time I was working, he was making a wonderful surprise for me, and for our mutual enjoyment and pleasure.

It was about an hour before his grandparents returned home. When it was time, we put away the candles together. And I needed to go home, because the next day I had work. 

Charles and I had met at a Renaissance Faire. I wore a princess outfit I had made--a blue grey simple dress, with a cloak made of blue velvet. It was lovely and showed my best features.

I had never felt like a princess, until that night, when Charles lit the candles for me.  

It is one of the happiest memories I have ever had. One of the tenderest of experiences. 

Ross wanted me to share this with you. Because many of us are in the 'washing the dishes mode' and thinking thoughts like I had thought about Charles, as we are waiting, enduring, working as Ground Crew, and hearing 'soon'.

So I share.

The City of St. Petersburg has 342 bridges.

They spoke.  Yup. the council.  

I had been thinking about the Stockholm syndrome for a few days, and seen how it applies quite clearly in our society in general. 

I'm glad they mentioned it.

I have been getting floaty tingles lately. Where I feel like I'm going to float right up. The last was about a month ago, when I was getting sick with the giardiasis. It happened again today.  I don't know if Ascension has feelings like this or not. But they are strong. It's not like I'm going to pass out. It's downloads like I've grown accustomed to, very strong, and then that lifting sensation.

This Five Star hotel in Turkey has 342 rooms. That's the Mediterranean Sea too.

Ross says I can have a 'key questions' section:
  • Why is art so important to SRA? One would think it's all about the debauchery and the rituals. There appears to be a disproportionate focus on singing, movies, dancing, and the arts. I just was wondering why this is so. It appears it's more than just skill at manipulating the masses.
  • Walt Disney designed the Moments With Mr. Lincoln attraction himself. There was a lot of research. And I noticed columns everywhere in the display and the show. Why Lincoln, of all people? I looked it up. He wasn't May-Sun. His best friend was, he spoke at their gatherings, but his application was never completed. His Gettysburg Address is right out of some of their literature--the main points, the concepts. There is a 1914 book online, Anthony read the pamphlet. There is a connection there, there has to be, and a strong one. My guess is the killing of the king ritual. But who really knows?
  • Obama was a very predictable person. Trump isn't. In times of great change (read--G-A-L-A-C-T-I-C changes, yes?)--if Obama started to deviate from his routines/predictability and people would freak out. With Trump, nobody knows what to expect. So if some changes are big--people are more likely to accept 'things Galactic' because who knows what the man is going to do in the first place?  Anything can happen. So, perhaps, in a way, he is the right man for the job of helping us to get from point A to point B with as much normalcy as possible--for example, with his Star or Space Military program he announced. Just what is that, anyway, right?

This is photographer friends and sunset concept 342.

Good night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins