Saturday, June 2, 2018

Family Ties Are Stronger Than Lies

See the little boy in the corner? He is in the far right, his face lit up by the glow of a screen ob his electronic device.

Such is the situation with many families today.

So too is my own affected by the video game/social interaction with my boy and his friends. Yesterday he wanted to play, and I felt isolated and alone in my own house. He loses track of the time. Three hours slipped away without his knowing it. Fortunately the sun set and he heard me running up the stairs for something and thought I was mad.

I wasn't.

I was going upstairs to take a picture of a toilet paper roll for my new Chinese friend, our tour guide who kept in touch with me through this app where people chat online.  (our rolls are HUGE compared to those in China). I had already shared about paper towels and napkins. You see in China everything looks like toilet paper or tissues for blowing your nose. There are no 'napkins' like here in the states. There's a tissue box on every table, and THAT is your 'napkin' when you eat at a restaurant...

From what I have been reading in the book Medical Heretic, the FAMILY is the fundamental unit for life for humans. It is an ASSET, not a liability as society would have you think.  For example, if you have an extended family (he doesn't like the term, 'nuclear'--there's ONE family, everyone related by blood, who lives in the same area, who celebrate life's events and get through life's challenges together)...suppose you were in an employment that was toxic for you. The family would support you so you could leave the toxic situation, and seek other work. Once you found it then they wouldn't need to support you any more. It's like insurance that always helps you. Even now, studies show that people with a strong support system live longer and have higher quality of life.

I am always talking with my heart to my Twin.  I wasn't worried about the video games last night.

Actually, Anthony had gotten bored of the game--this happens now--and switched away from his friends to a different one by himself.

I told him TV time was over, we were having dinner in the kitchen, so please come.

Our dinner has never been as enjoyable and simple! Warmed up leftover pizza, and conversation from the heart. About life, you know, we just are able to talk and be close.

(When Anthony was recovering from the diarrhea, it was his father's night. Usually when he's sick Anthony stays here. But this time Jared insisted. We were both curious why his father didn't let him stay to recover? Well, he didn't take Anthony directly home. He took Anthony to the local mall/entertainment district. And guess who 'just showed up?'--the girlfriend with her two boys to 'hang out'. The amount of time the father spent on the son was in Anthony's estimate, 'ten percent'.   Sad, isn't it?)

We are both back to work and school, but the gas from the giardiasis is still coming down below.

We watched a movie together after dinner, and it was just one loud fart after another from each of us--sadly--the whole show.

Anthony and I are family. We are blood-related. But we are also 'soul-related' or 'Star Family'.

I know his soul. It's the reincarnation of my grandfather. I know his soul lessons which are left over from his last incarnation (this is very common, many lessons take lifetimes to master). He picked up right where he left off.

I also know his father's soul (they were father and son in that incarnation too, in this one they are trying to 'patch things up' from that one, and apparently they aren't making much in the way of progress).

Today I realized the name and facial similarities between my Uncle Frank (my grandfather's brother from whom he was estranged) and Jackson, Alexa's son who is Anthony's classmate. The personalities and nose/facial structures are really close from one lifetime to the next. Uncle Frank's been dead for long enough to have recycled into Jackson. It's possible. Let's not talk about them any more, and take the conversation back to Anthony and to me 'this time around'.

As an awakened soul, I tell myself 'this is a new life' and position myself to support Anthony in the accomplishment and success of his lessons. The best I can do is to be patient, loving and supporting--consistent--and to help him explore his feelings and options when he approaches me to talk about them.

I have no ties to the outcome. His grades aren't as important as a soul--in this lesson, not the academics at school--and I know as a soul he is doing the best he can to make progress in this very difficult area of 'soul study'.

I will always be grandpa's little girl.

Just in passing, and not as an update about me (the point of this post)--remember those who practice 'magic' in all of its forms have their own form of 'family' too. Perhaps some not so much related by 'blood' as by 'blood drinking'...and even when absolute horror and torture are involved such as that experienced by Kerth Barker, there are also good memories too. Kerth talks about the times he just relaxed with his 'other family', and the kindnesses that were shown to him. For example, the wiser, older one sharing information on history with him. The real history in the real history books. Not the stuff that is told to you now. The what went on behind the scenes with the secret deals before historic events could happen.

My concern is that the darker forms of magic attack the healthy human family social structure. It's been a long assault. The medical arm of this war on the family has been described perfectly in Medical Heretic.  That's one of the reasons I recommend it.

And do know that instead of taking 'evil' head-on, keep raising your vibration every day, and doing what you were sent here to do, all the while keeping a mindful eye on what's happening in your family, in your community, and in the world.  Evil is a non-sustainable state. It takes lots of money to fuel it as it is here on earth at this time. And also, it tends to collapse upon itself. There can be lots of infighting as people who live in this always want to be on the top. Sometimes when our star family says to 'watch the fireworks' I suspect it is this very implosion they are referring to.

My stance is that if these same people who control everything would make superstars lip synch at the Super Bowl halftime 'show', then the dark ones wouldn't take any chances of failure with their plans against us. So in the news--and I as a rule avoid the news but everyone pretty much knows of the key players in the world stage--I figure both ends are firmly controlled by whoever runs the world in which the dark ones operate.  So in the news there's always a 'hero' and a 'bad guy'. Just like in wrestling. But look for the possibility that, like in wrestling, both of them split the cash prize given to the winner and have a beer at the end of the day.

Don't open your heart to one party or the other.

Pay attention to your family instead. Your earth one. And your Star One.

Avoid the drama that wants you to get sucked into it here in mainstream and alternative media.

Ross and I are good at the moment. Before I woke up I felt his presence and love, so strong now as the veil thins (technically it's in tatters but the separation I don't have another word for so I still use it).

I wear rings on my wedding finger. It's from my Star Family, especially Ross. Most people ignore them.

But someone at work, a male, looked at them last week and for the first time I really got the feeling that my tie to Ross up in Heaven is starting to show itself energetically on Earth.

I'm taken!

And I love that feeling very much.

Please be sure to notice/pay attention to/not ignore any approaches your loved ones on Spirit Side may have been making towards you recently. The energies have shifted and this is getting to be more possible.

Your Star Family, for those of you who are new to the concept, are the support system of beings who are related to your Soul.  

Just like here, back Home, everyone has connections. And although many times groups of family members go through the life experience together, it's not a 'must'. They like to do this.  Know that there are others who are not incarnate (like Ross) who are assisting you in your journey from where they are, and loving you every minute of every day.

I'd just like to briefly mention that I sense more 'downloads' coming from a different perspective. I used to get downloads of information/energy from 'the sky' (my souls who support me) to my physical incarnate body.

Now I 'sense' that there are transmissions going 'out' from me, through these words, into this blog as posts--to help those who are just ready to wake up. It's like I'm on a trail and hammering in the trail marker signs for those who follow. The last two posts have had more of this flavor and I'm sure you've noticed. It's not so much for you but for you and those who are on this journey a little behind you. I'll be sure to cover the basics either way so that the maximum benefit is given to those who seek this information.

Uh oh, now Ross gets to pick a picture!


There are happy things just like this little puppy right around the bend.

There are no more bad more bad more bad dogs.

Everyone on Earth who is incarnate will have a 'win'...which is much to the joy and to the delight of everyone where I am, in the Higher Realms.

All of us are coming to you as we speak. Right this moment. Look for a tingle you may feel as you read these words to course through your body. That is our way of saying, 'hello!' , 'here I am!' and more importantly, 'I LOVE YOU!'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple