Monday, June 17, 2013

Pleiadians Rock!

This image is Ashtar and 'borrowed' from the Internet

Spirit is requesting very nicely that I share with you 'how to tell a Pleiadian'. I know of three times I have 'interacted' with incarnated Pleiadian Lightworkers. In medicine we have a saying, 'once is a case report, twice is a case study, and three times is a case series!' So here is my case series on Pleiadians I know, and how you will know 'what to expect' too.

I am Sirian.

This is one way how I can pick up on Pleiadians. They love me but sometimes they just don't 'get me'.  One of the surest ways to tell is when I am playful and invite them 'to Play'.

There is this blank look.

They go through the motions. 

They don't 'jump in and let go'.

This is what makes them amazing: their hearts are so focused on 'helping a cause', and their intelligence so great, that the whole 'play' thing is hard to 'factor in' for them.

On the other hand, the cetacean Sirians--the dolphins and whales--are experts in the joy of life through play!

Let me describe the Pleiadians I know:

  • 777Alaje on YouTube. An amazing, brave soul who rocked my world with each and every one of the posts on that channel. It turned my beliefs on ET's all the way around. I have gotten to know this one, personally. I mean, in 3D like I know my coworkers at work. The sincerity of the dedication to helping Gaia is palpable. There is not one iota of ego in the mix. And this vibration is dazzling. When you look deeply in their eyes, you know it is Truth, and Heaven is on Earth for just that time you gaze in, and you sigh a great big spiritual sigh of relief! They are the Real Deal.
  • The traveling chefs from 'mendocino'. This couple I identified by claircognizance. These are Galactics! I wonder if they KNOW? Very factual. Hardly any jokes. Pleasant. Kind. Not able to 'connect'. Highly intellectual. Even the clothing resembled this in the photo above. Not much on the 'warm and fuzzy' scale to write home about, but instead I have an example, a book, and motivation to truly change my life, which I have. I even have a Vitamix and I clean it every day just like 'instructed' by them.
  • The sleeper. Doesn't say much of anything. But also was flustered by the 'just Play!' scenario. I never would have suspected. All I knew was 'not human exactly' and I couldn't put my finger on it. I STILL might be wrong, this one is that 'street smart'. But if you look at this one there is a well-established record of assignment given, assignment accepted, super successful achievement, and not much 'ego' in comparison with the amount of Light work accomplished. 
Remember, Pleiadians take interest in those 'lesser off'. They work hard and extend their life force and energy to 'make it fair' and 'make it right' by educating and 'lifting up' those who have experienced hardship on a Galactic dimension. They are very close to Source and highly committed to the Highest Good for Everyone. 

One made a gesture I saw second hand: 'I need to focus' with the hands working like blinders on a horse and then moving forward into space. That gesture is about as Pleiadian as it gets. They are smart, funny, grounded, personable, and very nice to be around. You will like them. They look very much like me and you.

Pleiadians DO have fun, however! When the assignment is complete they celebrate like everybody else. 

I even did the hula with one (and possibly more) of them.  That's right, in 3D, face-to-face at conference by Hilo the first weekend of June!

Open your heart to our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, from the Pleiades and elsewhere. Why not? They have already opened their hearts to me and you. <3


Reiki Doc