Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Return Of The Goddess On The Labor Deck

This morning I sent the Goddess Energy out in my daily free healing with Reiki. (I can do this by using a Reiki list and the distance symbol, all learned at Reiki Two. You can do this too if you have Reiki Two and higher.)

I also did not wear makeup. When I am in charge of anesthesia for this part of the hospital, I want the mothers to look their best and feel comfortable with my 'natural look' instead of 'paint' that I enjoy wearing otherwise.

I saw this on a computer, and it spoke to my heart, and article in the Huffington Post about photographer  Jade Beall. She speaks of how women in our culture do not feel beautiful. They have been compared their whole lives to Barbie and photoshopped models. Add to that the changes in the body due to motherhood, and self-image is really tough.

Mine changed. Before I got pregnant I was dancing ballet two hours a day five times a week and dancing with a company. I danced until I was seven months pregnant. And then, it hit me--my body was never going to be the same because I wanted to spend the time with my boy instead of 'on me' in those short times where I was not working.

After seven years (eight if you include the pregnancy), my self-worth was at an all-time low.

As you may or may not be aware, a lot of my Life Lessons involve failed relationships, and not matters of finance like most people. Imagine if you have money troubles, and how they are always on your mind, and 'you just can't win'? That is what it feels like to be me in the heart department. Part of me feels like this is a giant carrot Spirit gets me to jump through hoops. Part of me just accepts it--I am totally fine when I don't think about it--and I trust that in my past lives I must have done something horrendous to deserve all of this karma back. As a result of the rejection I have experienced, I thought of myself as 'pretty' but not 'beautiful' in any way. And with horror I saw my body getting in worse shape and I was powerless to change back to how it was before I became a mother.

This article about Jade Beall accentuates yet another way that society is oppressing women.

The Goddess Energy is being held down.

Last November I got my first look at Lady Isis. I felt her energy and thought, 'I want what she has!'.
Indeed, I got it! I went through an initiation into the Goddess Energy. Now everywhere I go, there it is!
(here is a link to a CD you can get to do the same meditations I do--they really help and I highly recommend them. And no it is not my voice! One day you will hear it but not now. I have a beautiful voice and my patients remark on how soothing it is for them... http://medwyngoodall.net/2013/03/the-goddess-spirial-meditations-cd/)

Next, in January,  after a particularly awful call where I felt half-dead and had to go do some MORE cases in the O.R. the next morning...I went for some soup.  Next thing I knew, someone was looking at me in the eye and pointing to a card that said, 'Aphrodite' on it. He doesn't speak, which is good because it was the only way I would listen to that message! I got 'Aphrodite', 'Pheromone' and keep coming back message--loud and clear so there was no mistaking it, finger tapping loudly on the flyer on the counter in front of me.

I was saved.

Saved by the Raw Vegan diet. Saved by yoga. Saved by Dr. Shulze's green powder in the juice every day. Saved by Kirtan. Saved by like-minded souls at a place with vibration that is right for me. I have lost weight, I feel better, and a curve is back where it used to be on my waist. My stomach is gone!

I am empowered to be my best that I can be, in every way.

Most important, I have the energy I need to work for the Light in the capacity I am currently at.

I am healing the scariest part of me, the part that gives me nightmares. I have two big ones. I don't want to dwell on it, but the healing is a huge weight off my emotional body. I have two inspirational examples to follow, both amazing gifted people. One has lived one of my nightmares three times! And still has a smile. The other, through his silent support and acceptance, encourages me to be myself again in spite of abuse I have survived in this lifetime.

So what about the Goddess? I want you to know that although I have my dream career, it is not a cake walk. And I have my own baggage just like you. We are working on our 'past' together on this page, right?

Everyone is welcome. Everyone is blessed. Everyone is BEAUTIFUL...and supported by the Goddess and the God, both : )))

Here is the article. Be sure to look for the pictures in the slide show at the bottom of the page:


Reiki Doc

P.S. if you think my entire life is on this page, think again. There is so much more in my heart that I keep to myself. I share about, the thirty percent I think is going to help on your path. I share by example to you on 'how this works'. There is so much more to get to know! I promise that is will always be 'Fresh'. Where is the Reiki in all of this? EVERYWHERE! I would never have gone for soup if I hadn't been 'plugged in' to Source.

Aloha and Mahalo <3