Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Competitor Product

"Do You Want To Know A Secret" is the first Beatles song featuring George Harrison on vocals

I have had the privilege of experiencing contrasting 'types of energy'. As we get closer to The Event, both Light and Dark sides of 'energy' are going 'at it' with no 'holding back'.

Your trusty 'guides' may or may not be able to 'talk to you'. You may be 'on your own'.

Your resources are:
  • your intuition:  that 'little voice' that makes you go 'hmmmmm' when something 'seems wrong'. 
  • your free will:  if anything is in question, ask yourself and just in case, speak out loud to whatever is 'talking' to you--if you are from the Light make yourself LOUD so I can hear you; if you are from the Dark go away now!
  • this page:  use the Search function or inner guidance to look things up in this blog

Why is this important? Because:
  • There is one TRUTH and both Light and Dark can 'see' it telepathically and communicate it to you. They just put a different 'spin' on it.
  • Just because you 'see ET's' or 'Have contact' doesn't mean they are 'friendly' even if they act like they are.
  • One of the favorite ways of the Dark to work is to make you convinced what you are doing is for the Light (example: very extreme forms of Religion make people do some crazy things!)

Enough for the 'lesson'. Now for Talk Story...

Darkness Is A Vibration, Not A Personality Type:
Yesterday I went to visit Nana Angelina, my ninety-year old grandmother in the nursing home. 
'I think I am going to cry' she said when she saw it was me come to visit her. (It's been since May)

I just wanted to kiss her and hug her and touch her the entire visit. She's not really verbal, so we just sat. I took her on a walk in the wheelchair.
'There is nothing to see' she said, having a little reprieve from her terrible Alzheimer's.
I explained there are some pretty flowers by the entrance she might like to see. When we got there she said, 'That's nice!'

A fellow resident, one for rehab who has been there for ten days, spoke with us. She has never seen Nana react or smile until I was with her. 'You are hers.' the lady named Jeannette wisely commented. Nana started speaking back in really fast Italian. I explained how I used to speak it, but have been out of practice, and I can only understand a little now.

'It's like the Tower of Babel in the Bible'  Jeannette said, 'Before that everyone understood each other perfectly.'

I thought to myself, 'Of course because they were all Telepathic!' 

It is a pretty fair guess to say that because Nana lives in a state of 'looking at the positive', 'expecting little' and 'gratitude for what she has' means that her thoughts and consequently her Vibration are of the Light. 

My mother is in the hospital again. Mother loves the news, loves to worry, and is very anxious. So much so that her physician had to prescribe Xanax.

Before I walked in the door, the nurse and discharge pharmacist were trying to get me to take mom home. Apparently the doctor had discharged her, and mother refused. (With good reason--yesterday she had diarrhea seventeen times, today, nine. Mother says, 'fix it'.)

I hadn't even put on my contact isolation protection (gown, mask, gloves) before the stress hit.

Mother is a good person with a good heart. But her mind and therefore her Vibration are not so much 'of the Light'. Everyone says she is 'sweet' and she is. But she also is demanding. I did about forty 'favors' for her during a one hour visit as opposed to Nana not even asking for one.  Call this person, write this down, open this package, get me water, help me to the bathroom, help me to the bed, call the nurse, yada, yada, yada.

Nana lives in the Now moment. She is Content.

Mother lives in the Past (Why did this happen to me?) and the Future (I need this next) but not so much in The Present. Mother is Not Content.

Not All Energy Healing Is Created Equal:

Do you know the difference between and M.D. and a D.O.?
Do you know the significance of 'Board Certification' in a doctor?

All I am going to say here, and it is NOT a judgement, is that there are two basic types of healers 'out there':

  • Have the vibration of Mom (see above)
  • Do healing for their employment
  • In the worst case, heal first as a friend and then charge a fee (not transparent)
  • Wants to be a healer--so much so that they take certain classes to become healers.
  • Makes you 'tired' after the healing, and 'drained', not 'energized'--you want to leave the healer!
  • The healing is SLOW

  • Have the vibration of Nana (see above)
  • Believe Light-work is a gift from Spirit, and support themselves by other means
  • Fees cover materials and room rental but not profit + can always negotiate rate in cases of 'hardship'. Often heal for free. 
  • Has had deep connection to Spirit and Source for whole life (myself and another prayed rosaries every day for over ten years before we each 'woke up', and then adjusted our 'beliefs' as our Spirituality 'grew') We are 'born healers'.
  • Healing is gentle, Light, energizing and you want to stay in that 'warmth' FOREVER! But the energy transfer itself is pretty fast.

You have choices in the Healing Department! And if, by chance, you discover 'a lemon'? No harm, no foul--everything is for Learning and for Growth and for Highest Good. Once you 'figure you have been tricked'--again, by Dark Forces who might be tricking the healer themselves--vote with your feet and get out. You might want to see a 'reputable healer' to repair the damage that was done by the 'not so light'. That's what I did.

You have to take the Light with the Dark. You have to have an Open Heart and love everything and everybody. Even the Dark ones have a speck of The Divine in them. They just can't see it. Always 'kick it upstairs' to your angels. Ask your pendulum for advice. And go with your 'gut instinct'. It might be quiet, but it is always right. Trying to be 'polite' can get you into situations you might later have to 'back out' of. That's okay. Always give thanks for the opportunity to 'learn and grow'.

Everything Happens For the Best!

And Love Is The Solution For Everything!

(George Harrison is giving a smile and a big thumbs up now. He is helping me with this too. He says, 'assistance. when you are 'stuck' ask for ME' and points with both hands to himself. 'I will help you. I worked on it my whole life, because I could. Let me steer your when the water is getting to rough for you. Just ask for my help and Let Go. You will see the difference once you are out of the 'thick' of it. At the time it might not seem like much and you might not even feel it. Just know with your heart that I will be there as your guide and companion until it is all set loose and you are free to walk on your own two feet again. Spirit is like that. As we learn we fall and we get right back up. I will help you honestly, clearly, and from my own heart (points to his chest with one hand, his right. He tousles my hair right now and says) This one here will steer you pretty handily. She does some mighty fine work and all of us up here are very pleased with her efforts on the behalf of the light. There is no gentler guide and companion on your path than Reiki Doc.' (I have tears in my eyes. George and I look at each other. He gives me an approving nod, turns to walk, looks over his shoulder and says), 'These times are truly special with all the changes; try your best to enjoy it and have some fun. It is not all serious up Here, and it won't be that serious down where you are for much longer. Try to take a break, relax, and be One with All That Is. Namasté.'

Wow. That one really surprised me! I heard the song when I uncovered the bird when I got up, and I 'felt' him. I didn't think I would get 'more', never mind such kind words...


Reiki Doc