Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Unicorn and The Faerie Queen

I was relaxing as I was having my hair cut this afternoon.

As I started to close my eyes, I 'saw' with my third eye, a Unicorn. It was the same one I had seen earlier and mentioned in this blog. I asked questions, but he would not let me touch him. I pestered him and he let me kiss his horn to say a quick 'hello' and look him in the eyes.  He answered the questions briefly, and said he had something to show me.

He led me to a glen in the forest, and soon I was in the realm of the Faeries.

I was very excited and happy to be amongst them! The energy is very beautiful and Light.  Then I understood I was invited to meet the Faerie Queen herself, and got a little self-conscious.

The Unicorn basically said, 'Chin up!' and I met her. I walked very very slowly to make sure I was polite.

She had a tall hat of peach and pink roses, and a beautiful ephemeral Faerie gown to match. Not tall, only as high as my knee, but definitely regal.

Apparently earlier this afternoon when I was guided to 'sit on the grass', not on a towel but right on the ground in the sunshine. I had been watering the garden, and let the hose keep going, and just sat facing west.

There was very little 'talk' as I sat. I just enjoyed the sunshine, which was quite hot, And when it was 'time' I 'knew' and got up.

I didn't think anything of it at all...but according to her, I was being 'tested' or 'evaluated' in some way, to see if I was ready for 'contact'.

Her message to me I can't recall. I asked her name, it is Shinatu (pronounced shin-not-too)**. She said it was very important that I remembered her name, and so I kept repeating it to myself over and over to make sure I would not forget it.

I do recall asking here where we were? She was in fact in charge of the faeries who are responsible for my garden.

'Does it make a difference?' I asked, surprised that my tiny patch helps in the general scheme of things.

Indeed it did, and she showed me the connections. She also showed that we were in the etheric plane, the part that sends the energy down into the physical to make it grow.

'Well then how could I be here? I am physical!' I blurted out, not understanding any of it.

She let me know by telepathy, like a really smart person almost impatient with someone who is a 'little slow', that I had risen UP to the etheric plane in my state of consciousness. (that was a big part of the 'test' in the sunshine--my Vibration was being measured).

I was sure to offer my services to help in any way possible. I felt embarrassed not to have a gift for her, since she was a Queen. I did curtsy properly though.

In return she gave me a beautiful chain of daisies! She put it over my head like a lei, and a matching one for my wrist and for my finger. I was delighted! I had always wanted my own daisy chain! In childhood all of my attempts at making them failed miserably when the stems would always split.

I was not allowed to eat, but was given a box, a about four inches wide, four inches tall, eight inches long, and covered with satiny periwinkle colored cloth. I was not allowed to open it. I was was heavy, like full of baked goods or coins.

The Unicorn showed up, I said my goodbyes to the Faeries, and then I was 'back' in the chair getting my hair cut.


Fascinating name.

I am going to have to look that one up.

And yes, I thanked her for making my garden so vibrant and wonderful!


Reiki Doc

P.S. It wasn't the only 'higher dimensional' experience: during the massage on my head during the shampoo, my friend and master stylist's hands started to send healing energy to me. I saw it--pink/white, with a little bit of lavender flecks in it. I told him and he said, 'I like those colors!'. I realized he had been concentrating so hard that he popped into 4D and it happened. (he is not Reiki trained) I told him soon everyone is going to be like this. And more, we will read each others' minds, so no one is going to be able to trick anyone! He liked that!

I also congratulated him and his partner on the Supreme Court decision. I said, 'When you two get married, I want to be the flower girl. I was promised it twice when I was little, and it never worked out! Be sure to tell Jeffrey that I want to be the world's oldest flower girl at your wedding!' They love that kind of humor, and they knew I shared their joy.  : ))) <3

** = Shin (ATU xx) means a LOT. In Gnostic texts. Like, 'The Next Aeon'. Yikes!

Here is an excerpt from this link:

The figure at the bottom, which AC considers "suggestive of a flower" [this is the Lotus of Harpocrates), is a Shin with three Yods occupied by three human figures "arising to partake in the essence of the New Aeon". ("Man reborn, o deed divine!")
The coloured bands behind the Shin are representative of Libra, "the forthshadowing of the Aeon which is to follow this one presumably in about 2000 years"."when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place" (AL III: 34).
Shin (Atu XX) is triple, thus 31 x 3 = 93 (Thelema)
T (Atu XI) = Lion; Serpent, Sun, Courage, Sexual Love
Atu XX + Atu XI = ShT & 31

The Next Aeon

The word of our Aeon is Themema...Shin  (Atu XX) is  triple, thus 31 x 3 = 93 (thelema)

It also is linked with ATU XX ('The Sun' tarot card) and shin = ATU XX = horus

I don't understand any of this. I don't know if it is from the Light, although I tested for it during the vision. It felt okay, but she felt 'serious'. There is some Crowley stuff I don't understand or like at all, plus Gnostic stuff that sounds like it is a Mystery School with White Knights or something.