Monday, June 3, 2013

Reiki For Everyone

There is an organization that is led by Pam Miles, someone I deeply respect and admire. This group is called 'Reiki In Medicine'. Much of the aim of this work is to 'make Reiki compatible with contemporary allopathic medicine'.

Doctors With Reiki is a movement in the other direction. The goal is to unite Energy Healing, and all that is associated with it, into conventional medicine by awakening the healing within the system.

Many, including some whom I have taught in the hospital, do not understand why I write so openly about everything I 'see', 'hear' and 'do' with energy healing and Spirit.

There is an expectation for the 'Doctor' to set the tone over the 'Reiki', which is the case while I am working in the O.R.

But on this page, there is the cutting edge of Reiki in Conventional medicine:

  • Reiki is a partnership between Spirit and practitioners on Earth.
  • Reiki is 'directed' by the Guides to the Healer and flows through the Healer to the 'client'.
  • Reiki is KNOWN to open up the psychic ability due to the raising of the vibration in the Healer.
  • Everything is alive and has a vibration, including our cells. As they vibrate faster, Consciousness will increase.
  • High vibration wards off coming down with Disease. (and Dis-ease--caused by 'energy imbalance')
  • Exposure to High Vibration can heal dissease.
  • Light, Sound, and Reiki can increase Vibration and 'cure' disease and dis-ease.
  • This is the Medicine of the Future.
  • All Healers will Unite.
  • We will 'take the best and leave the rest'
  • Many suppressed technologies will be released for the benefit of humanity.
  • Many illnesses are manufactured by the Cabal, and once they are disempowered, health in humankind will increase.
So why do I talk about angels, guides, mediumship, and for example, today's healing with The Buddha?

Because it's real.

Because once your Consciousness increases, YOU are going to experience this too!

Because all of us are in this together.

And no one can ever take away this right from you! Not the cabal. Not the illuminati. Not the media. Not the chemicals in your food that are poisoning you. Not the viruses that are manufactured and placed into chemtrails in an effort to 'cull' the population. 

Nothing can hold you back!

Your right is freedom, peace, Light, and connection to the stars. Your right is clean, healing Gaia with ecosystems intact and functioning. Your right is to financial freedom, to fair government, and a healthy body. 

Your right is to know who you are, where you are from, and where you are headed.

Your right is to create your Pie In The Sky dream come true, every single day of your life!

That is why I share about what I see and do with Reiki. There is no shame to make me 'hide' it.

It is truth. One day, it will 'Resonate' with you, and you will understand. Until this time, just concentrate on your own awakening. It will happen. And you will be surprised at how wonderful it is to be alive!


Reiki Doc